Steve meets with EJ at the Pub. EJ tells him he is surprised he wants to meet with him there and be seen. Steve says he has nothing to hide as long as he gets what he came there for. EJ hands Steve some papers and then offers a handshake to put their past behind them now. Steve feels someone looking through the window but doesn’t see anyone. EJ offers to buy him some coffee but Steve is sure someone is following him.

Ava is at the hospital for her check up and she tells Angelo the doctor told her that all the drugs she was taking that her doctor gave her seems to be out of her system now. She wants to know if Angelo knows if her Father had anything to do with the doctor giving her all that medicine.

Hope tells Kayla she promised Steve to keep an eye on her. Kayla is tired of being watched all the time. Hope tells her it is because of Vitali being back in town. She says he is a dangerous man. When they get to the hospital, Kayla and Hope run into Ava and Angelo. Kayla tells her she hopes she is doing better and then goes off to see her doctor. Ava tells her thank you. Angelo tells Ava she doesn’t have to thank her. She says Kayla is the one that saved her life. He asks if she is kidding him. He says Patch is the reason she got sick to begin with. She says she doesn’t want to argue with him. Ava asks him if he knows if her Father is going after Patch and his family for what happened to her. Angelo tells her as far as he knows he isn’t. Ava tells him she hopes he would tell her about it if he did.

Sami goes to see Roman and tells him she needs help to get in and see Lucas. She says she went to the prison and he refuses to see her. Roman tells her she knew that before. She says it is important that she sees him before she does something she will be sorry for later. Roman wants to know what she is afraid she might do. Sami thinks back to her kissing EJ and she tells Roman she just misses Lucas so much. Roman promises to talk to Lucas for her.

She comes back later and asks if he talked to Lucas. He tells her yes but he still refuses to see her. He did say he will call her soon. An officer walks in and tells Roman he has an email for Sami from Lucas. Roman and Bo give Sami a minute alone to read it. The email from Lucas tells her he is setting her free. He wants her to live her life without him now.

She goes home and finds EJ there. He asks her if she is ok. She says no, and he says he can see something is wrong. She pours some water and she asks if she didn’t tell him she has a headache. He offers to get Rolf to bring her a cold compress or something to help her. She asks him would he drop Nicole as his client and he says he can’t do that. He offers to give her a great big hug instead. She breaks down and starts crying.

Stephanie goes down to the docks and asks Max what is the deal with him and Nick’s proposal. He tells her he only helped him with the proposal because he knew he had a deadline. Since she knows something else is behind this she keeps after him but he refuses to tell her anything else so she leaves mad.

Nick is at the Pub sitting at the bar when one of his students comes up to him and starts talking to him. She asks him some questions but he cuts her off right away telling her he was busy so she walks away. He starts to feel bad for being so rude so he goes to her table and apologizes to her and explains that he was working on his proposal to meet a deadline. She tells him she knows for a fact that the proposal he is talking about has been sent in already. He says that is impossible. He says he spilled coffee on the one he has so that is why he has been spending all night trying to make up another one. She says well it looks like someone got hold of it and mailed it in for him.

Stephanie goes to the Pub and sees Steve. She is surprised to see him there with EJ. She excuses herself to go talk to Nick. She asks Nick how he is doing and she can tell he isn’t doing so well. He asks her if she has heard about him and Chelsea breaking up and she says yes she knows. He asks if she knows why. When she doesn’t answer right away he says it is ok, he doesn’t know why either. She asks if Chelsea didn’t tell him. He says no, she just told him it was for the best.

Max walks up and Nick tells them he has been up all night working on the proposal that he spilled the coffee all over but only to be told that someone sent it in already and he has no idea who or why they would do it. Stephanie wants to tell Nick about Max completing the proposal for him and her mailing it in but Max stops her which doesn’t make her very happy. She says she can’t go on lying to Nick so she goes to him and tells him the truth against Max’s wishes. Nick is upset when he confronts Max about it. Max tells him he is sure it is going to be fine.

Ava and Angelo go to the Pub and when she sees Stephanie she says she wonders what is going on over there. She tells him that is Patch’s daughter. She mentions that she thinks she is pretty but Angelo tells her not as pretty as she is. When they sit down Ava asks him how he knew she was at the doctor today. She wants to know if he is keeping tabs on her. Ava can tell something is going on and she isn’t happy til she finds out what it is. She says if he won’t tell her she will go ask her Father. Angelo stops her and says her father wanted him to keep her busy today. He says something is going down today and he wanted to make sure she didn’t get caught up in it and get hurt.

Steve is down at the docks and one of Vitali’s men is following him. The man gets a rifle and hides behind some crates as he aims the gun at Steve. Steve is playing his harmonica and isn’t standing still, going in and out of the scopes view. When he finally thinks he has a shot he notices it is another man and not Steve so he can’t shoot. Steve is behind some pilings when he calls Bo and tells him he needs to talk to him but he says he doesn’t have much time.

Jan Barrett

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