Kayla tells Ava her pills aren’t making her any better. She says in fact they are making her worse. Lexi reads what the side effect of this medicine is. They cause anxiety and mood swings. Ava says she took them to keep her relaxed which is why she needs one right now. They want to know why Dr. Nusbaum wouldn’t want her to get better. Ava says there is something she can’t remember. She says she and her doctor would talk about it but every time she would get close to it she couldn’t get it.

Lexi says they need to take a break and let Ava rest. Ava gets upset when Steve starts to leave. She says she is so sorry for letting him down. She screams when Lexi orders another sedative to calm her down. When they step out of the room Abe says that lady really has some problems. Kayla says well no matter what she has done to them she is a doctor and still wants her to get well. Steve tells her it isn’t because she is a doctor, it is because she cares about people.

Lexi speaks to Kayla privately and tells her she needs to tell Steve what she found out about Ava. She says he needs to hear this from her and not from someone else. Steve walks up and asks what is it that she needs to tell him. Kayla tells him she didn’t know how to tell him because she knew he would blame himself but Ava had tried to kill herself. He wants to know if this was recently or what. Kayla says no, it was right after he left her on their wedding day. Steve takes this hard. He asks Lexi if he can go back in the room with Ava. Lexi says yes but not to upset her. He says ok and then he asks Kayla to go in with him.

Martio Vitali, Ava’s father comes back to town and he isn’t happy with Bo’s police informant, Earl. Earl tells him the cops forced him to talk, it wasn’t his fault. They end up killing Earl and Martio tells them that he never liked that guy anyway. When he walks away he calls his old friend Kate Roberts. She is surprised to hear from him. She tells him she isn’t in that line of work anymore. He says he is glad to hear that. He asks her to meet with him for a drink later. When he gets her to agree he tells her when he figures out a good time to meet he will call her.

Steve and Kayla go in and Ava tells Steve she can’t feel her hands. He tells her these people are going to help her get better. She asks him to please not leave her. Ava begs Steve to remove the straps on her and get her out of there. She starts screaming again when suddenly she gets quiet as she stares at the door. Steve and Kayla turn around and Steve says, “Well, look who is here.” Kayla asks who he is. He introduces himself as Ava’s father Martio Vitali.
Kate is in makeup getting ready for the shoot of her commercial Anna comes in and Kate wonders why she is there. Anna says she was invited. Tony tells Kate he invited her there thinking they could use some of her expertise. Kate wants Tony to get rid of Anna. She says this is her commercial after all. The producer needs an extra when he spots Anna reading a script and he says she should work just fine. He sends her over to makeup and Kate isn’t so happy.

When they start shooting, Kate and Anna start fighting with each other til they call cut. Anna picks up a frying pan and threatens Kate with it. The director stops her and they say get ready for shoot 2. Kate storms off after the last shoot claiming that Anna ruined her commercial. Tony says fine, let her go. Anna says what if Kate decides to pulls his account. He says well she isn’t the only one in the world to do business with. They laugh and he asks Anna to have dinner with him tonight. He says he will take her to Chez Rouge and she agrees.

Sami and EJ walk in just as John grabs Marlena and kisses her. An antique chair is messed up and Rolf says they will need to have it cleaned. John says just get rid of it. EJ tells him it is an antique so John says fine get it cleaned then. John says there is one antique in this museum he wants to get rid of. John walks over to Stefano’s portrait on the wall. He tells Rolf to remove the painting and everyone waits for him to do it but he hesitates. Sami and Marlena ask him how come he won’t and he claims that it would make him feel as though he was betraying Stefano’s memory if he removed it.

John sees that Rolf won’t remove the painting so he says fine then he will do it and as soon as he pulls on it he realizes there is something behind the picture. He pulls the painting over and finds a safe behind it. Rolf claims not to have the combination to the safe but John says he will crack it. He gets Marlena’s stethoscope and walks back to the safe. John gets the safe open and when he opens it Rolf says he thinks they should respect Stefano’s privacy. John says he thinks he should respect his. He finds some real estate papers and that is all. EJ finds it odd that that is all his father would keep in a safe. Rolf tries rushing them out to eat some cake but John says not so fast. He looks in the papers and finds a CD. He says well, well what do we have here?

He sets the CD down and says he will check it later. He turns to Sami and EJ and says well they walked in earlier wanting something. They said they needed to ask him a favor. John says oh well living in his house isn’t enough huh. Sami asks him if he will support them at the Immigration hearing. After Sami talks Marlena into going to help them they go to the hearing and just as they are about to enter, Nicole shows up saying she is so sorry she is late. Sami wants to know what the hell she is doing there.

Jan Barrett

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