Rolf is playing butler for John telling him he has stocked the kitchen for the little one, meaning Claire with juice. John says she is the only one that doesn’t ask him lots of stupid questions. He has the family dinner moved to the mansion instead and thanks everyone for agreeing to it. Belle tells him she can’t get use to him living there. He says she may as well because it all belongs to him now.

They brought over family pictures and they go through them with Marlena and Belle explaining to him who everyone in the pictures is. They come across one of him and Marlena and he seems to remember something as he looks at it. Marlena asks him if he is remembering something but he just says no and walks out the room. Belle goes out and asks John to come back in the room. John tells her he is not who she wants him to be. She says she knows but she doesn’t think he understands. She tells him they thought he was dead, she says they all cried for him and grieved for him. He says that is not his problem. She says well ok then fine.

When she goes back in the room, Claire asks her if she can stay with PopPop. Belle asks her Dad if it is ok and he says yes. She goes back in the room and tells Marlena it didn’t go to well with John. Marlena tells Belle and Shawn that they need to let up on John. She says he needs to know that they love him but they shouldn’t push him. Belle says she could kill Stefano for doing this to her father.

Rolf walks in and Belle tells him he should be in jail for what he did to her father too. Rolf tells her that John was kind enough to drop all the charges against him. Shawn tells him he bets he knows what they could do to bring the John that they know and love back but Rolf changes the subject mentioning how good the food for dinner smells.

John comes in carrying Claire and tells everyone that Rolf is coming in with appetizers. Marlena says oh good then they are still going to eat. Claire runs over to Marlena. Rolf comes in and yells at Belle and Shawn for touching Stefano’s chess game. John tells him actually it belongs to him now. Rolf serves the appetizers and leaves the room. Belle says that man is weird. John says he agrees with that too.

Belle and Shawn tell Marlena and John that they are starting a new beginning together. Marlena says that sounds like great plans. They ask John what are his plans for his future. He tells them he isn’t sure yet. Then he says as Claire would say, “That is for him to know”, and then Claire says, “And for you to find out”. She runs to him and jumps in his laps and hugs him. Rolf comes in and says dinner is served. When they get up to go to the table Belle whispers to Shawn that she wants her Dad back. Rolf looks over at Stefano’s picture and just looks at him.

Steve talks to a man names Parker about finding Ava. He tells the guy that he owes him and he really needs him to come through for him. Stephanie walks up and asks Steve what is going on and wants to know who this guy is that he is talking to. Steve explains to Stephanie that the man she saw him talking to was someone that he knew from his past.

He tells her everything about Ava and how Ava is after him now for not telling her why he left her like he did. He got his memory back and left. He says that is why he hired a guard to watch Kayla and her. Stephanie is surprised that she would need a guard on her now. She tells Steve they have got to tell Kayla. Steve explains that Kayla’s pregnancy is a high risk one so he doesn’t want to put her and the baby at risk with Kayla getting upset over it all. Finally he convinces Stephanie that this woman, Ava, means nothing to him. He tells her that his heart belongs to her Mom completely and always will.

Lexi tells Kayla she has went over all kinds of papers and still can’t find anything to help Bo. Meanwhile in Bo’s room he wakes up and feels Hope staring at him. He tells her they need to talk about this to prepare themselves for the possibility of him dying. He says he is not giving up, he is going to fight this thing with everything he has in him but he tells her that something is going on inside him and he just doesn’t know how much time he has left. Bo is in a lot of pain, and Hope tells him not to leave her now. She starts talking about the days they spent out on The Fancy Face together.

He keeps telling her that they have to talk about the possibility of him dying but Hope refuses to listen. She says she will not accept that and she says he has to fight this. He tells her he knows that but his body is shutting down on him. She gets her phone and says she is going to call his son and tell him how bull-headed he is being. Suddenly the machines go off and Bo is in trouble. Hope yells for Lexi and she and Kayla come running in. Lexi gets him back but says he isn’t exactly stable yet but she let’s Hope back in the room with him.

Kayla pulls Hope to the side asking could they talk a minute. Hope wonders if she is getting ready to give her some more bad news. Kayla says no she thinks this might be good news for Bo’s sake anyway. She tells Hope of something she found online about that might be Bo’s only chance to survive. She tells her all about a transplant. Hope asks her if Dr Jonas would be able to perform the surgery. Kayla says well he has done it before but they would have to find a donor first which could take some time. Lexi tells Hope they have paged Dr Jonas to come to the hospital but she suggests that she calls in the family. She says this might be the last time they can see him.

Jan Barrett

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