Belle meets Shawn at the Pub and they are both dressed up. She asks him where are they going and he just tells her she will see soon and they leave. As they go out the door they barely notice Phillip and Cloe walking in and Phillip shows a sign of jealousy but he assures Cloe he has made peace with them. She tells him she sure wishes she could have done that with Brady. She says she misses him.

Phillip says he thinks he may know something about Brady. He tells her about what he heard her say in German on the phone that day. He asks her point blank did she kill Brady. She says she thought he trusted her. She says sometimes you say things you don’t mean out of frustration. She says she is sure he has said similar things to Shawn even. Phillip tells her no more phone calls like the one he heard her making or he will find out about it. She tells him to bug off and then leaves. Phillip gets Cloe to come back and apologizes to her and says he will back off. But only under one condition and that being that she is totally honest with him and no more phone calls without telling him about it. He leaves her at the table after saying that and she whispers to herself that he wouldn’t be her friend if he knew what really happened between her and Brady before he disappeared.

Shawn takes Belle to a place making her keep her eyes closed til they are there. She opens her eyes and asks where the surprise is. He says he never said it would be a surprise. He tells her he wants them to be able to move on and not look back. He wants a new beginning for them. He says to have a new beginning he wants to do it completely. She says she doesn’t think she can follow that. He gets on his knees and asks her, “Belle Black, Will you marry me?” Shawn removes Belle’s wedding ring and says he has to repeat his vows to her. He tells her what she means to him. When he is done Belle repeats her vows to him. They place their rings on each others fingers and then kiss. They vow to leave the past in the past from this day forward.

While sitting there cuddling on the park bench Shawn and Belle talk about how he use to go out in the sailboat with his Mom and Dad. They decide that once Bo gets better they are all going to have to get together and do that again.

Max takes on working at the docks as his community service work. Stephanie is feeling guilty about him getting involved in all their problems causing him to have to do this. She offers to take his shifts at the Pub to give him a break. She says his Mom needs the help so this will give her a chance to help out. Stephanie goes to the Pub and tells Caroline that she wants to help her out in the Pub for Max. She tells Caroline about getting the job as her internship with Anna DiMera. Caroline asks her if she told Max yet. Stephanie says no, because he was sort of down and she didn’t want to brag about how well things were going for her right now. Caroline says that’s nonsense, he would want to know so he can be happy for her.

Stephanie says she thought he would be there by now. Caroline says he will be there soon, he makes a stop every afternoon on his way in, meaning he goes to the cemetery to visit Shawn Sr.’s grave. At the cemetery Max talks to his Pop. He says he misses him so much. He says he is not taking his dying too good. He tells his Pop that he is the one man in the world that he has always looked up to. He tells Shawn he is in trouble again and he thinks he would be proud of him for how he is handling it this time. He says he did something for someone he loves and if he had it to do all over again he would. Stephanie walks up and hears him talking but he doesn’t know she is there. Stephanie walks up and lets Max know she is there.

Kate and Chelsea are talking about Kate’s assets not being frozen any more and she tells Chelsea that she is going to make her proud of her grandmother. Chelsea tells her she already is proud of her. Dr. Jonas walks in and Chelsea tells Kate there is someone she would like for her to meet. Kate is really taken by the doctor. He recognizes her as once being married to Victor. He compliments her for looking so good to be a grandmother. Chelsea is really amazed by the man. She translates everything he says to Kate and then he tells her Chelsea is good. When he leaves the table, Kate remarks that he doesn’t talk like a doctor. Chelsea has a smile on her face and she asks Kate did she hear what he just said, he said he thinks she is good.

While they are talking the waitress walks up with two glasses of wine for Kate and Chelsea compliments of the handsome gentleman over there, meaning the good doctor. Chelsea looks over at him and smiles and when Kate looks at him he raises his glass as in a toast. Kate tells Chelsea he looks like he could be interested in her. She smiles and says yeah well she is with Nick. Kate says with that smile on her face she could have fooled her. Chelsea says well they don’t even know if he has a girlfriend or if he is even married. Kate says well there is only one way to find out and she gets up and walks towards the table where Daniel is sitting before Chelsea can stop her. Kate tells Daniel thanks for the drinks and then asks if he is sure his wife wouldn’t be upset about him buying two women drinks. He says she might be if he were married and shows her his finger with no wedding band on it.  Chelsea is shocked that she would go up to him and ask that.

Jan Barrett

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