Lexi brings Bo back to his room after a load of tests are done on him. She asks him how he feels but says to drop the bravery act since no one else is around. She wants the truth. He tells her his stomach has been hurting a lot. She tells him she will try giving him some more medication without it making him sicker on the stomach.

Sami and EJ go into the Brady Pub and when Caroline offers to take the babies into the back they sit at the table and order some food. They talk about how they each discuss the word tomato and then Sami says they need to discuss his problem. She says if they don’t come up with a solution the US government will be sending him out of the country. As they are talking a man in a black coat walks up and tells EJ he is from Immigration and needs to talk to him. EJ tries joking around with the man but he is not in the joking mood. He asks Sami if she will excuse them because he needs to talk to EJ. Once they start talking EJ tells the man that being married to Sami and the fact that they have a child should take care of his Visa problem, shouldn’t it?

The man tells him not so fast, his problems are just beginning. He ends up telling EJ that the US Government would like to get all of the DiMera’s out of the country. EJ tells him well he is really no longer a DiMera since his father disowned him. The man doubts his word so Sami walks up and says it is true. He says still it is only their word. He says now it is Sami’s turn to be questioned. He asks EJ to leave them alone.

He asks Sami if the marriage was for love, then he asks if she and EJ were in love with each other. He has reports of where EJ forced sex on her then forced her to marry him so it wants to know how their marriage came about. Sami gets offended by the man’s questions concerning her being married to Lucas when she got pregnant with her twins and tells the man off. She tells him as far as love is concerned no man can love her as much as EJ does and then tells him this is her family’s restaurant and she wants him to leave. He picks up his papers and says ok but he will be back but next time with papers to deport EJ.

Steve goes to Abe and asks if he has found out anything about where he can find Ava. Abe says not yet but they are waiting on a fax right now hoping to help. Steve asks about the report on the plane going down. Abe says no sufficient evidence that anyone done anything to it. Steve says he knows it is his word against hers but he knows Ava is responsible for it crashing. He says he needs to find her so he can get his proof against her.

While Steve and Abe discuss finding Ava Kayla walks in unexpectedly. She tells Steve she was looking for him to tell him she just can’t sit around their apartment anymore, it is driving her crazy. She says she keeps thinking about her brother in the hospital knowing he is so sick. She says she is a doctor and she would like to be there and see if she can help in any way to get him well. Steve is worried about her being out in the public in fear of Ava catching up with her but he doesn’t want her to know it.

Hope finds Chelsea down at the docks. They talk and Chelsea tells Hope she doesn’t know what she will do if she loses her Dad. She says its funny how you don’t think about the things you do to someone until you either lose them or there is a threat to lose them. She says she is so sorry about all she put her Dad through. She then tells Hope she is so sorry for all she done to her too. Hope tells her that is all in the past now. Chelsea asks her does she think this new doctor will help Bo. Hope says she isn’t comfortable putting Bo’s life into a strangers hands though. About that time the new doctor walks up and says he believes that they were introduced to each other yesterday so now technically they are no longer strangers. Hope apologizes to Dr Jonas. He says his name is Daniel but he understands how she feels so there is no need for an apology needed.

Ava is locked up in her room when her guard brings her dinner in. She begs him to let her out but he says no chance. She says then couldn’t he at least sneak a computer for her in the room. He tells her no way. He has his orders from her father. She throws some of her food at him as he goes out the door and yells that they can’t keep her locked in there forever. She starts thinking back of a day with Steve. She remembers telling him if he ever left her she didn’t know what she would do and she remembers him telling her it won’t ever happen because he is crazy about her. When she is back to reality she looks at Hope’s picture still thinking she is Kayla. Later when the guard comes back in to see if she is done with her meal, she starts crying and makes him feel sorry for her. She asks him to help her out just a little bit. He tells her if it really means that much to her he thinks he might be able to find a way.

Bo asks Lexi to get Abe to bring him some paperwork that he can do in the hospital at least because just sitting around there is driving him crazy with nothing to do. When Abe comes in Lexi and all the others think this is a bad idea but Bo says he needs something to do. Victor walks in and asks what Bo is doing. Bo says it is just some paperwork from work. Victor takes it away from him and says he doesn’t need this. When Bo tries to fight him off he has pain in his stomach.

Lexi and Dr Jonas rush everyone out of the room so they can get Bo some help for the pain. Later Lexi asks Daniel what he thinks. He says it definitely is not good and if they don’t stop it. She stops him suddenly by saying they have to stop it. Out in the hall Chelsea asks Daniel how her father is doing. He tells her he got kind of worn out a little. Chelsea asks him if her father is going to die. Daniel says not on his watch. Meanwhile Hope is talking to Lexi and she asks her to be honest with her, what are Bo’s chances. Lexi just says it doesn’t look good.

Jan Barrett

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