Caroline is getting the Pub ready to open when Victor comes in asking if she would sell him a cup of coffee. Caroline asks Victor what really brings him there so early. He says he needed someone to talk to and the first person he thought of was her. With Bo sick like this is making him think more about his daughter, Isabella that died.

Max tells Nick that the grant he is after is for a worthy cause and it is obviously important to him. Nick asks him then why is he trying to screw things up for him with it. Max asks him what is he talking about and how could he have messed it up when he hasn’t even seen it yet. Nick says he thought he was his friend and then he admits to him that Morgan told him that she saw Max rip a page out of his notebook. He asks why he would do that to him. Max tells him he needed a piece of paper so he tore one out of his notebook, he didn’t think there would be any harm done there. Nick says that piece of paper he tore out had a very important formula on it that was the main formula he needs for this project.

John and Marlena discuss him staying at the mansion and going through all of Stefano’s papers. The doorbell rings and John asks Marlena if she will get it for her. Surprised at his request she says sure and goes to the door. When she opens it, Rolf is standing there. She calls for John and when he walks up Rolf tells him good morning Mr. Black. John tells Rolf he is glad he could make it and Marlena questions what is this all about. John tells her that he decided not to press charges on Rolf. She says this man deserves to be in prison. He tells her he just can’t win with her. He thought she would be happy that he has done something nice for someone.

John asks Marlena what she is doing there anyway. She says she came to invite him to a family dinner. She said it would just be him and her and Belle and Shawn and Claire. HE asks what about all the other nieces and nephews that she says he is related to now. She says she thought they could start out small. He says he has a lot on his plate right now so he will have to get back to her on that. She says fine and then leaves.

John tells Rolf that Marlena invited him to a family dinner. He wants to know what he thinks about that. Rolf tells him she loves him very much. John says he wonders if she can cook, Rolf laughs and says he doesn’t think so. John asks how he would know that. He admits while he was being sedated he did hear him mumbling certain things about her. John asks him if he went to this dinner what would he wear. Rolf says how he should know he is just a scientist. John corrects him by telling him that he no longer has a job or a place to go. He says he is hiring him but as his butler and nothing else. John also tells him to lose the accent he has because it is really bugging him. Rolf says but this is the way he talks, John says well find another way to talk.

Chelsea, Stephanie and Morgan are all out on a morning run when Chelsea tells them she can’t believe she let them talk her into it. She says she should be at the hospital with her Dad. Morgan tells them they are all sisters, and in a couple of days they could all be at each other’s throats.

Morgan goes to talk to Tony about her internship with his company. She tells him that one day she would like to own her own advertising company. She tells him she really wants the job and she admits that she has 5 other interviews but she will cancel them right now if he tells her she has the job. After asking her questions Tony decides to give Morgan the job.

Stephanie goes to talk to Anna about her internship. Anna starts out telling her excuses for her secretary not being there but then admits she doesn’t even have a secretary and that if the truth be known she doesn’t think this company will last much longer. Stephanie tells her she should be trying to prove to herself that she can do this and not worry about proving it to Tony. Anna says she is right. Stephanie says great, just tell her what she can do to help.

Anna says she appreciates her enthusiasm but she doesn’t think anyone can do anything to turn the company around. She tells Stephanie about a company that could help them if only they could get their attention with a great sales pitch and slogans. Stephanie comes up with an idea that Anna likes. Stephanie tells her she has a few other appointments for some interviews but she would be happy to cancel them if she will give her the job for her internship. Anna tells her she is hired.

Chelsea is down at the docks when Morgan finds her looking so sad. She says her Dad is still the same but they took him down for tests so she came there to wait for him. Morgan asks her if she would mind if she hangs out and Chelsea says she would like that. She says she just has to make a call first. Morgan calls Anna to cancel her appointment saying she got the job with another firm. Stephanie walks up and her phone rings and it is Tony saying he has hired someone already for the job with his firm. Stephanie tells him that is fine because she actually got a job herself with another firm. When she gets off the phone she looks at Morgan and Morgan looks at her making Chelsea wonder what is going hon. They both realize they are going to be working with different firms that are rivals to each other competing against each other now. 

Marlena goes to the pub for a cup of tea and tells Caroline she is considering going back to work seeing her patients and maybe even taking on some new ones. Caroline looks over at Victor thinking that could be the answer for him. Marlena joins Victor at his table and they start talking. He tells her how worried about Bo is. He says his daughter Isabella died of pancreatic cancer and he is worried it could be related. He tells her that he doesn’t think he has ever come to terms with his daughter’s death. She offers to help him and tells him to make an appointment and see if she can help him find some closure with it.

Jan Barrett

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