Bo takes off the oxygen and all the connections to the machines and tries getting out of bed. When he stands up he falls back on the bed and passes out. Lexi and a nurse come in and find Bo on the bed. She gets him hooked back up to the machines. He mutters something about Hope being in trouble. Lexi asks him what kind of trouble is Hope in. He tries getting up again and they stop him. She tells him that she will give him something to knock him out if he doesn’t lie still. Then he claims he only said something to her about Hope because he was dreaming.

Kayla comes in and after they question her about why she isn’t at home in bed resting she tells Bo that Steve was suppose to have come seen him and she wants to know if he is still there. He said yeah Steve was there but he got tired and wanted to sleep so Steve took off. She asks if he said where he was going but he says no. He asks them if they could come back later because he was a little tired. Kayla asks Lexi what happened. She tells Kayla about him trying to get up but he fell. Bo says he slipped because there must have been something on the floor but Lexi says that is not what happened. Kayla wants to know what is going on. She asks where Hope is anyway. Suddenly she starts with cramps and Bo calls for Lexi. Lexi comes in and Kayla tells her the cramps were as bad as they were before. She says she should be in bed. Kayla says but she felt so much better. Lexi tells the nurse to get a wheel chair for Kayla. They take Kayla off and put her in bed in another room to be examined.

Sami is at the Chez Rouge talking to the man from Immigration. He is questioning her about her feeling for EJ wanting to know if she loves him. Meanwhile Maggie comes up with a plan to help Sami and EJ that EJ thinks just might work. EJ goes back to the table and tells Sami that it was Mickey Horton on the phone and he offered him a partnership at his law firm. The man tells Sami he will have to question them one more time before turning his report on EJ in and leaves. EJ and Sami bicker back and forth about what just happened when EJ asks her if she isn’t at least happy for him about getting the job. She points to her mouth and smiles. Mickey walks up and confirms to Sami that he did offer EJ the job. Sami didn’t know EJ even had a license to practice law in the States.

Ava is in the car waiting when Patch arrives. When he opens the door he sees her sitting there and then climbs into the car. He wants to see his wife. He tells her that she told him he could see her if he came to meet her. She says so what, they had a deal too a long time ago and he ran out on her. She says she knows he still loves her. He says yes but he wants her to bring him to his wife. She says she wants to get back together with him.

She swears to him that the thing with the airplane was an accident. She says she would never do that. He tells her that she just threatened to kill his wife and their unborn child. She says well that is different. Steve talks about how it was on that plane thinking they were going to die. He brings up how Pop died in front of everyone. She starts screaming telling him to shut up. She says he is giving her a headache. She says he doesn’t even want to be around her when she loses control after she gets those headaches because she doesn’t even like herself when that happens.

He asks her whose fault is it that this happened. She turns the tables and says it is his fault. She says he is responsible for Shawn Brady’s death because he left her at the altar. He tells her she has hurt enough people. She says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. He says ok but he wants her to tell him what she really wants. She says she wants to go back in time when they were together and happy. She asks him how come he can’t see that he ruined her life for running out on her like he did.

She says she knows he still loves her though. He tells her he just wants to work this out and make sure no one else gets hurt. He tells her that he can be the old Steve for her. She corrects him saying it is Patch, so he agrees he can be Patch again. He says she just has to promise not to hurt anyone else. She scoots next to him and lays her head on his shoulder and tells him she loves him.

The car stops and she smiles saying they are home then starts getting out the car. She brings Steve into her room where Hope is. Hope jumps up and says Steve. He says in turn Kayla but Ava stops him from walking over to her. Ava asks Hope if she has any idea about how happy her and Patch use to be. Hope says yes she does. Ava says of course she does because she can see she has been going through her stuff. Steve motions something to Hope and she nods her head. Meanwhile Bo gets out of bed again and whispers, Hang on Fancy face.

Jan Barrett

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