Chelsea feeds the squirrels and tells them that the old guy that use to feed them will no longer be around since he is no longer alive. She says she will be there to feed them now. A stranger walks up and catches Chelsea talking to the squirrels. She ends up apologizing to him telling him she has just not been having a good time lately, then tells him about her grandpa dying and her Dad being sick and could possibly be dying too. He says a few things to her to make her feel a little better. His beeper goes off and he says he has to go but tells her to take it easy. She tells him she feels better now thanks to him as he walks away. She whispers to herself why did she just say that.

Ava looks at the stack of pictures she has and keeps Steve and Hope’s separate. She looks at Hope’s picture and says so you are in love with Steve. She says she just needs to find out her name now. She goes to the door and bangs on it calling for her Dad begging him to let her out of the room but she gets no response. She then calls for the guards that usually follow her around and still hears nothing. She says of all the goons you would know she would have to have to dumb ones. She says well since they won’t talk to her she asks them to please slip under the door the list of all the women’s names that was on John Black’s plane coming in from Ireland. A piece of paper is slipped under the door and she has a smile on her face. She goes down the list til she finds Kayla’s name. She says this is it. She picks up Hope’s picture and says so she is Kayla. She still is confusing Hope with Kayla

Victor tells Bo and Hope he can guarantee that Bo will get the help he needs. He says he found a specialist that works on cases such as Bo’s condition. Hope says they don’t even know what Bo’s condition is. Victor says he knows that but this guy knows how to find out what it is. Bo asks if he is having this doctor flown in with great expenses. Victor says no in fact this doctor is right here in Salem. He says the doctor is in town for a seminar and he talked to him about Bo’s case. He says the doctor has agreed to extend his stay in town and take over the case. Lexi walks in and wants to know who is taking over her case. Victor tells her to relax it is only a doctor that specializes in this field.

The new doctor walks in and Chelsea is surprised. He is the same man that she talked to while feeding the squirrels. Come to find out Victor happens to be the new doctor’s Godfather. He tells Bo let him do what he does and maybe they can work something out here to save his life. He asks Lexi about the tests results and says he would like a little one on one time with Bo and asks that everyone leave the room.

Steve is worrying about Kayla being outside in fear of her safety. She asks him why he is so worried about her being outside and instead of telling her the truth he lies and says it is because he doesn’t want her to over exert herself. They spot the place where they got married and both think back to their wedding day. Kayla insists on going for a walk but Steve won’t leave her side. She starts crying saying she is worried about Bo. They come to a bench in the park and find a bag of nuts there and start feeding the squirrels. Steve tells Kayla she makes him happy and she tells him she is happy too. He says he is going to hold onto this memory. Then he suddenly thinks about when Ava kicked him in his ribs and how she told him she wants him back.

EJ brings Sami the annulment papers. She is surprised at how fast that was to do. He says well he likes to think his experience as a lawyer was still good for something. He tells Sami that now that he has been disowned as a DiMera he no longer has the power that comes along with the name so he has to find a job. She makes a joke telling him she can see him working in a fast food restaurant. He tells her she is joking but this is really serious. He says he has a family to support now. She tells him although she has to admit it is nice to be able to go buy a new dress or something now and then but she wasn’t going to be asking him for alimony or anything. He still wants to provide for his son at least. He tells her to just sign the annulment papers and their marriage will be over.

Just as she is about to sign them he opens a letter he received and his face looks all white. Sami asks him what is wrong and then asks what the letter is for. He tells her his visa has expired. He says the thought never occurred to him that it would expire. She says they can’t really kick him out the country can they? He says yes they can. She says she can’t imagine him not being there and then says not to worry she is sure they can come up with an answer to keep him there.

She says this sucks, and he says Samantha, this more than just sucks. She turns around and tells him to hold on a second, she has an idea. She says she is proud of herself for thinking of this. She tells him can’t he just use the fact that his son is an American and the fact that he is married to her as a way to get his Visa renewed? He said he has thought of that. She says with his experience as a lawyer he should be able to come up with something to get the Visa using this information. She agrees to put off signing the annulment papers til he gets this with his Visa settled.

Jan Barrett

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