EJ comes in and tells Sami, “Honey, I’m home”. She tells him she really doesn’t like him just barging into her apartment like that. He tells her it is their apartment. She says no it is hers. He tells Sami he just came back from Immigration and they told him they are looking into his case. He says this means he has a chance to stay in the United States without being threatened to be deported, but he has to do one thing to assure that. She asks him what does that mean. He says it means that he needs to show them their marriage is more than just in name only. Sami agrees to meet with the man from immigration at Chez Rouge for the sake of the children to try and convince the man that their marriage is real.

First EJ comments on Sami not ordering a drink and then he tells her to watch her salt intake making the man wonder what is going on. The man asks them how come they don’t live together but they say they do. He asks them why are there two different addresses listed then. EJ says he has been keeping his apartment because he doesn’t want to get rid of all his things. Maggie walks up and tells EJ there is a call for him. When he goes to the phone Maggie tells him she didn’t like the way that man was staring at them and taking notes so she made up the thing about the call. She tells him she has an idea that just might help them.

Nick goes to see Chelsea and comments on how nice her new room is. He tells her he has some news for her. She says what is it but he says not til Stephanie and Max get there. Morgan comes in and Chelsea tells her Nick has some news but won’t tell it yet. Morgan asks if she can stay and hear this good news and he says of course she can. When Stephanie and Max arrive Nick tells them that he got his grant that he applied for. Max stays on the side and Stephanie notices it but Max tells her he is ok then he leaves after he congratulates Nick. Nick starts explaining to Chelsea, Stephanie and Morgan about what he is going to be doing. Morgan is acting really interested when Chelsea asks her if she really understands what he is talking about. She finally admits that she doesn’t but she finds it really exciting how he is telling them about it. Chelsea and Stephanie are a little bored with it when Max comes back in

Ava tells Hope that she is really excited. Hope says she is too but Ava wants to know why she is excited. She asks Hope if she thinks Steve will stay with her. Hope asks what if he does. Ava says if he does then that won’t be good for any of them. Hope reminds Ava that three people died on that plane and it is her fault. Hope explains to Ava how Shawn died after giving up his oxygen so they could survive. Ava starts crying and she tells Hope she is so sorry. She says none of this was suppose to have happened. She says she has to go meet Patch but she asks what her Pop’s name was. Hope tells her Shawn Brady. She gets Angelo to open the door and she tells him to keep an eye on Hope while she is gone, even though he says he thinks bringing Hope there was a big mistake.

Max goes to the cemetery with a couple of bottles of beer and sits down by Shawn’s grave to talk to him. He tells Shawn that he will never be able to go back to school. He says he knows he didn’t finish school and he didn’t turn out so bad. He says he was the greatest man he ever knew. Max tells Shawn that he misses him. Ava walks up and finds Max there. She apologizes to him for interrupting and she asks if that was Shawn Brady’s grave. He tells her yes and then he asks her who she is. She says she is nobody but a friend told her about Shawn so she was there to pay her respects. She asks Max was he related to Shawn. He tells her yes, he was his Pop and the greatest man he ever knew.

Ava places the basket of flowers at the grave and then she asks Max to tell her a little bit about him. He says sure and tells her all about Shawn being originally from Ireland and how he owned a Pub there in Salem and how many kids he had. He tells her he had a really big heart. Max says he has to get going and leaves. Ava starts crying as she kneels over Shawn’s grave and she says how sorry she is.

When she leaves the cemetery she calls her Dad and asks him for a favor. She thanks him and then tells him she loves him and hangs up smiling. Meanwhile back at Ava’s house Hope manages to break the lock on the window and when she opens it an alarm goes off. Before she can get out the window Angelo comes in and stops her. He tells her that if she got away Ava would blame him and that just isn’t going to happen. He tells her to just sit back and enjoy the ride and he starts touching her as she backs away from him.

Jan Barrett

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