Marlena gets a call to go to Chez Rouge but she has no idea who it was that called her. She tells Maggie about it and Maggie turns towards a table where John happens to be. Marlena goes over to John and asks him why he lured her over there. Then she asks him why he suddenly cares what she thinks of him. He tells her that sometimes he really feels bad for disappointing her, and then he says this is his way of apologizing to her.

He hands her a box and she wants to know what it is. He tells her to just open the damn thing. He gives her a diamond necklace and says this is his way of making things better but it backfires on him. He asks her if she doesn’t like it. She tells him if he were remembering her he would know diamonds don’t matter to her. She says she won’t let them be used as a bribe for her. He says he always heard that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. She says her best friend is her husband and about right now she is really missing him. When Marlena leaves the table she hands the box with the necklace in it to Maggie. When Maggie says she can’t accept it, Marlena tells her to sell it and give the money to charity. Maggie in turn goes to John and tells him if he really wants to impress Marlena he should sell the necklace and give the money to a charity.

Steve calls Bo and tells him that he knows he is worried about Hope but he can’t let the cops in on this. He asks Bo if he trusts him. Bo says yes then Steve says he will come to talk to him. When Bo hangs up Abe asks him if everything is ok. Bo tells him it was just Steve worried about him. Bo then tells Abe he thinks they can just call off the search for Hope. He says he is sure everything will be ok.

Steve gets Stephanie to stay with Kayla while he goes out. She wants to know what is going on. He says he has to go talk to Bo. She wants to know if this has anything to do with Ava. When he doesn’t respond she tells him to tell her what is going on or she is going to wake her Mom right now. He tells her about Kayla’s doctor having to come to check her. He said she needs to be stress free. He says he doesn’t have time to get into this with her right now because he is in a hurry but he wants her to keep Kayla calm and he will be back later. Kayla wakes up and Stephanie talks her into going to the bedroom and lay down in there to rest.

When Kayla is out of the living room, Max knocks on the door. He wants to know what is going on. She tells him if she tells him this he can not tell anyone else. She tells him everything and he offers her his shoulder if she needs it. Max tries to tell Stephanie how he feels about her but is having a hard time getting the words out. She laughs at him and then she tells him he is scared to say the word. He says he isn’t afraid to say it. She says she isn’t afraid to say it. He says ok then say, it so she says love. Then he leans towards her and kisses her.

Ava tells Hope that her Daddy is out of town right now so he won’t find out about her doing any of this. Hope says but her guards would tell him. She says they are all family. For instance Angelo, she says they grew up together. He works for her Daddy but he looks after her and takes good care of her. She says the truth of the matter is that they all blame Patch for what happened to her and they would all like to see him dead.

Ava asks Hope how she and Patch met. Hope, pretending to be Kayla, tells her they met over 20 years ago. She gives her details about how she and Steve were separated not by choice. She tells her they all thought he was dead. She tells her everything about Stefano. She says Steve had amnesia and when he got his memory back he went back to her because he loves her. Ava doesn’t want to hear what Hope is telling her. Hope reminds Ava that she was supposed to call Steve back. She says she doesn’t want to upset her, she just wants to get back to her life. She tells Ava til she makes the call that isn’t going to happen.

Lexi tells Bo she doesn’t understand why he told Abe to call off the search. Bo convinces her to trust him. She says ok, but if no one has heard from Hope by morning then they needs to have Abe look for her. Bo agrees and just then Steve walks in. When Lexi leaves Bo asks Steve what the hell is going on. Steve tells him about Ava and her involvement in sabotaging the plane.

Bo wants to know what any of this has to do with Hope. Steve says Ava has threatened Kayla and their unborn child and now for some odd reason Ava has got Hope thinking she is Kayla. Steve tells Bo he is handling this. He says he is waiting on Ava to call him back. Bo wants to know what the hell is wrong with him. Steve tells Bo that nothing will happen to Hope, he will take care of it. Bo says it better not or he will kick his butt. Steve’s phone rings and he says this could be her. When he answers it she tells him it is her. He asks to talk to Kayla but she says no. She tells him where she wants to meet her.

Jan Barrett

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