Dr. Jonas goes in to see Chelsea. She says hi while he is reading some papers. She asks him what it is. He says he was just looking over her blood test results. He tells her they are going to have to move her and she starts freaking out. He tells her he is not the one that should be telling her this. She tells him he is her doctor so he has to tell her what is wrong with her. He opens the door and Stephanie and Max come in with balloons and screaming to her that she is going home. Max and Dr Jonas step outside so Chelsea can get dressed and Max tells him he did good with the surgery. The doctor tells Max that Bo isn’t out of the woods yet so they shouldn’t be doing the high fives, at least not til he is well.

Phillip is on the phone when Cloe walks in. He looks at her and says damn you clean up nice. He asks her if she is going to tell him where she is going. She tells him she has an audition today to go to.

Lexi walks in and catches Bo trying to get out of bed. She asks him where he thinks he is going. He tells her to find Hope. She checks Bo out and tells him he has got to take it easy. She says with him trying to get out of bed he pulled a stitch. Abe walks in and Bo asks him since they won’t let him out of bed to please go look for Hope. Abe agrees. When Abe and Lexi leave Stephanie and Max bring Chelsea in to see Bo. She says she has to go somewhere that will have someone to keep an eye on her. Bo tells her that he would ask her to stay at his place but Hope has her hands full right now. Bo calls Phillip and asks him if Chelsea can go stay there til she is well. Phillip told Bo that he will hire a nurse and they will take care of her. He says it won’t be a problem that is what family is for, to look out for each other.

Kayla sees Steve sleeping on the sofa so she tries to sneak out of the apartment without waking him. As soon as she touches the door knob he asks her where she thinks she is going. She tells him she was going to go to the hospital to see Bo. He says no she isn’t, she is going to march herself back into that bedroom and rest. Before she can answer his phone rings. It is Hope. She says, “Hello darling, it is Kayla”. She tells Steve she is with his friend Ava. Hope pretends to be Kayla and tells Steve she is sorry for what happened earlier. She says Ava wants to keep her there with her til he can get his priorities straight. Ava grabs the phone from Hope and tells Steve this is not going to work. She says he better hope she doesn’t lose her temper with Kayla because he knows how she gets when that happens.

Ava asks Hope is Steve is really in love with her, and then she changes it and says she means does she think he loves her. Ava tells her it doesn’t matter. She says because if he is in love with her she feels like hurting him and if he isn’t in love with her then she still feels like hurting him for staying with her. The she tells Hope she isn’t mad at her really though. She tells Hope she needs to eat her sandwich. Hope goes along with her and eats, and then she asks Ava how she and Steve met. Ava loves to talk about it so she softens. She tells Hope about the wedding she and Steve were going to have but it never happened. She suddenly stops and says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Hope pushes her to talk more about it. Ava tells Hope she wants to know all about her life with Patch. Hope says she can’t tell her everything. Ava screams that she gave her a sandwich so now she has to tell her everything. Hope says she will tell her but she wants to make one more phone call first.

Kayla asks Steve who was that on the telephone. He decides he is going to have to tell her the truth. He tells her that he didn’t want to have to tell her this. Suddenly Kayla doubles over with stomach cramps. This time she can’t hide that she is in pain. Steve calls her doctor and the doctor tells him to tell Kayla to lie down and she would be right there. Steve can’t leave til he knows if Kayla is going to be ok or not so he calls Bo and tells him he needs to talk to him about Hope. Bo asks him if he knows where Hope is. Steve says he is not exactly sure where she is. He says he can’t tell him just yet.  He tells Bo to give him some time and the phone goes dead. The doctor comes out and Kayla is walking behind her. She tells Steve she has to stay there with her feet propped up as much as possible. When the doctor leaves Kayla falls asleep on the sofa so Steve calls Stephanie and tells her he needs her to come home right now.

Jan Barrett

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