Max talks to Phillip about what is going on down at the docks. He tells Phillip he really doesn’t want to get in the middle of The Kiriakis’s and Stefano DiMera’s half brother. He asks Max about Morgan saying he thinks she is cute. Max tells him she is his friend and he wants him to leave her alone. Phillip wants to know more about Paul Hollingsworth’s daughter.

Lexi wakes Bo and he wants to know where Hope is. She says she went home to spend some time with their daughter. She asks him if it would make him feel better if he talks to her on the phone after he tells her about a dream he had about her feeling like she was at a distance from him. He tells her yes so she dials Hope’s number and hands him the phone. He says she isn’t picking up, it’s going to her voice mail. He calls the babysitter and they tell him the baby is still with them and they haven’t seen hope. Bo says that just isn’t like her to do that.

Morgan and Stephanie bring Chelsea gifts and they are excited that they heard she might be going home this afternoon. When they leave the nurse comes to get Chelsea to take her to see Bo. He tells her he could beat her with a stick for doing what she did but then he thanks her for saving his life. She tells him she loves him. Bo seems a bit worried about Hope so he calls Steve and asks if he has talked to Hope but Steve tells him no. Chelsea asks him if everything is alright. He says he is sure Hope is just home resting.

Ava brings a tray of food in for Hope telling her that she needs to eat so she can keep her strength up since she is having a baby. Hope still pretends to be Kayla and tries to find out more about Ava. She tells Ava they are going to have a little talk about her and Steve and her unborn baby and then she is going to let her go. Ava says she doesn’t recall telling her anything about letting her go. Hope asks her exactly what is it that she wants from her. She tells Hope that she is going to hold her there until Patch comes there. Hope asks and then what. Ava says then he will come to his senses and dump her and her unborn brat and come back to her.

Hope snaps her fingers saying just like that huh. Ava snaps her fingers back saying just like that. Hope asks her if she actually thinks that Steve will forget about her and the baby the minute he sees her. Ava says eventually he will once he is with her. She gets Ava to admit she was behind the sabotage of John’s plane but she says she only wanted to keep the plane grounded so she could get Patch back. Hope asks her just how she plans to get Steve there then. Ava says for her not to worry her pretty little head off, she has her ways. Ava tells Hope she isn’t going to get Patch there, she is. She says she is going to call him and tell him what she tells her to tell him.

Stephanie and Morgan go for coffee. When they start to order Phillip walks up and offers to buy it for them. Stephanie asks to what they owe this honor to. Phillip finally admits it is his way of apologizing to her for how he treated Morgan’s father. Stephanie goes to work and her camera man is following her and it surprises Anna as they come in. Anna tells the cameraman that she better not see any of the film cast all over the internet. Just about then Max walks in with a bouquet of flowers for Stephanie for her first day at work.

Kate goes to see Tony and tells him she has decided to use his company for advertising with her new company. He promises her she won’t regret it and will get together something to show her soon. Her phone rings and it is Anna asking her if she has decided yet on what advertising company she is going to use. Later on Tony opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate and when he hands her the glass he accidentally spills it on her. When he tries to help her clean it off of her Morgan walks in with her camera man. Phillip walks in to talk to Tony and find Kate and Morgan there. Phillip is surprised to see Morgan there and asks her if this is where she works. Kate is surprised that they know each other. Phillip explains that they met each other down by the docks.

Lexi and Abe realize they have very little time to spend together with their different shift changes. They talk it over and both agree that they need to find a way to spend more time together.

Jan Barrett

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