Kate goes to check on Chelsea and she tells her that she told her mother there was no need to come because Chelsea is doing fine. Chelsea says good because if she did show up she would be scared that she was dying or something. Kate tells her it’s funny because that is just what Billie said she would think. She then asks where Dr. Jonas is. Chelsea says she hasn’t seen him yet.

Kate gets upset that he isn’t monitoring Chelsea closer and when he walks in she and he bicker back and forth leaving Chelsea in the middle to translate everything they say to each other. Dr. Jonas tells Chelsea she might be able to go home tomorrow if everything goes well. When he leaves Kate tells her she doesn’t seem too excited about going home and she wonders why. She says she wonders if it is because of Dr. Jonas. Chelsea tells her she does not have a crush on him, they are just friends.

Kayla is with Bo and he tells her thanks for all she has done. He tells her she is a great doctor but he is worried about her with the baby. He thinks she needs to get some rest but she tells him she is fine. Kayla tells him his vitals all look great so it seems he is doing good. He tells her he regrets not being able to check out Shawn’s new boat. He talks about how much fun it was when he and Hope took off in his boat, The Fancy Face, and how they went to a lot of places.

Hope is heading towards her car while talking on her phone. She is looking for her keys when suddenly Ava shows up behind her and grabs her placing a cloth over her face to knock her out. Ava puts Hope in the back seat of the car, and then takes her jacket and purse. She takes the keys out of her purse and throws the purse and jacket in the garbage can nearby.

Ava brings Hope home with her and has her cousin Angelo carry her in for her. He sets Hope on the bed and Ava tells him she brought her there for a slumber party. He tells her this is kidnapping and her father is not going to like it. She says she will make him understand.

About then Hope wakes up and Ava looks at her and calls her Kayla telling her that they have lots to talk about. Hope asks her if she just called her Kayla. Angelo says so she is Patches wife. Ava tells him that Patch goes by Steve now. Hope tells her that she knows all about her. Ava seems surprised that Steve told her about her. Ava tells Hope she knows all about her being pregnant with Steve’s baby. Hope holds her stomach and pretends to be pregnant.

When she says she is leaving Angelo stops her when Ava tells him to. Hope asks her what she wants from her. Ava says she wants Patch back. Hope thinks back to what Steve told her about Kayla not needing the extra stress if she knew about Ava. So she tells Ava then she guesses they do need to talk since she is Steve’s wife, pretending to be Kayla.

Angelo takes Ava out in the hallway and tells her this is not going to work. He tells her that her father is going to be so mad when he finds this out. She begs him to let her talk to Kayla. She starts crying telling him she has got to get this closure by settling this. Angelo hugs her as she cries on his shoulder. He feels sorry for her so he promises to help her with this. They lock Hope in the room while they go to get her some food. Hope finds the pictures Ava has of her and Bo and all the Brady’s. She kisses Bo’s picture and whispers not to worry Brady. She will find a way out of this.

Dr. Jonas comes in to see Bo and Kayla and Steve tell him about the other doctor on duty trying to switch Bo’s medicine. He assures him that won’t happen again. He tells Kayla he will take over now so she can go home. When they leave Bo tells Daniel that maybe now he can sleep while waiting for Hope to come back. Daniel tells Bo his daughter is an extraordinary person for doing what she did for him. He tells the doctor that he didn’t want Chelsea to do it. He said had he have been conscious she wouldn’t have. Dr. Jonas tells him then he would be dead.

Steve gets Kayla home and they talk. Steve is worried about her getting some rest. She calls the hospital to make sure everything is OK with Bo when Steve comes in with some hot cocoa for her. They talk about names for the baby. He brings up the name Benjamin after Benji. Speaking of Benji Kayla says she is so happy now that her family doesn’t have to worry about being threatened anymore. Steve thinks back to when Ava was kicking him around. He thinks about what Ava told him about wanting him back. When Kayla goes to sleep Steve calls the guard that he hired to watch her and tells him to take a break because he is going to stay in.

Jan Barrett

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