Hope admits to Kayla that little girls are more of a handful than little boys. She talks about Shawn and Belle leaving tomorrow morning to go sailing around the world and how she doesn’t want them to leave. Suddenly the buzzer goes off for Bo and Kayla says this can’t be happening. Bo has spiked a fever and his heart rate has risen. The doctor on call is prescribing new medications for Bo and Kayla is refusing it. She says she won’t allow them to give it to her brother. She tells the doctor to get out and when he doesn’t understand it she shows him the records where the medicine he wanted to give Bo is not on the list of possible medicines.

Ava is looking in the mirror telling herself she is so much prettier than Kayla. She is holding a picture of Hope, thinking she is Kayla, as she says that. Her cousin, Angelo comes in and talks to her. He tries to tell her that Patch was no good for her. He says Patch dumped her and is no good. Ava tells him to never talk about Patch that way again.

Ava tells Angelo to get the good old days back that was fun he needs to get Patch back. She asks him for something to eat but before he leaves the room for it she talks him into letting her out the room to go for a walk. She promises she won’t leave the grounds and will be gone for only 15 minutes. He tells her that’s all, and he says he just knows he is going to regret this. She puts her jacket on and asks him how she looks. He tells her she looks great but then again she always looks great. When Angelo comes back to the room he finds Ava gone. Another guard comes in and tells him she disabled all the alarm systems and escaped. She even took Angelo’s car.

Belle and Shawn meet with Marlena at The Brady Pub to tell her they are leaving. Marlena is needless to say less than happy to hear about this. She asks them how are they going to be going and Belle tells her that her Dad bought them a new boat, and they named it Fancy Face Four. Marlena is really upset now knowing she is taking this gift from John. Marlena tells her that she knows John is not himself right now so she is surprised she would take such a gift for him. Marlena is worried that Belle is taking this as a sign that her Father is coming back and she is afraid Belle is in for a huge disappointment. Belle tells Marlena she thinks that this trip will help her grow up and she is looking forward to it and she wants her blessing. Marlena smiles and wishes her the best.

Sami and the twins show up and she is surprised to hear that Shawn and Belle are leaving. She asks Shawn if he is sure that this is really what he wants Shawn tells her this feels right to him so Sami wishes them the best. Shawn and Belle say their final good byes to Marlena and Sami but Marlena doesn’t want to say good bye. They all cry but Belle says this is the fresh start that they really need together.

Steve comes to the hospital to check on Kayla but when Hope comes out he asks her how Bo is doing. Hope tells him about the set back and about the other doctor coming in. She tells him if it weren’t for Kayla she doesn’t know what they would have done. He hugs her and tells her Bo is going to be fine. When they hug Ava is watching him from around the corner. Hope looks at Steve and tells him she sees that look on his face. She can tell he is really worried about something and she wants him to tell her what it is.

Finally he tells her someone has got it in for Kayla and it is because of him. Hope asks him what the hell is he talking about and Steve says it is a long story. He starts telling her the story about a long time ago after Stefano got hold of him and how he met Ava.. He tells her how suddenly she has appeared to him again and how he spotted her in Ireland and he admits she was behind the sabotage of John’s plane. When Hope realizes he is serious she says this woman has got to be put away. He tells her he has to handle this quietly.

She thinks back about the day of Shawn Sr.’s funeral when Steve hugged her. She tells him about the woman that went up to her and asked her if she loved Steve, she says she told her yes then the woman took off. She says he has got to go to the police, but he refuses. He tells her he is going to go contact Abe and see if he has come up with anything new. He says he is going to get this whole thing under control. She says he better as he walks off.

Steve goes in Bo’s room to check on him and asks where Hope is. Kayla tells him that she is getting some much needed rest. She tells him she is glad he is there and that she loves him. He tells her he really loves her too. Meanwhile Hope is getting ready to leave but tells the nurse to please call her on her cell phone if there is any change with her husband. When she goes out the door, Ava follows her out.

Jan Barrett

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