John walks in and finds Rolf with a headset on his ears trying to practice changing his accent. John tells him that if he can bring people back from the dead so he knows he can bury that accent. Rolf can’t stop Belle and Shawn from going in to see John. He says that is ok and wants to know what they are doing there. Belle tells him she just wanted to come by and tell him that she and Shawn and Claire were leaving town. He tells her she didn’t have to come by to tell him that, she could have just dropped him a postcard from where ever she is going.

Belle is upset at John’s attitude. John tries to make up for it when she tells him she is not leaving to go on vacation. They are leaving for good. John offers to buy them a boat for them to make this trip to sail around the world. Shawn doesn’t want to accept it but Belle tells Shawn that she thinks this is John’s way of telling her that he loves her without being able to admit it so she wants to accept it. Shawn says he understands and agrees to accept the offer to. When they tell John he is happy they are accepting. He tells them to pick out what they want and send him the bill. When they start to leave Claire tells John good bye. When he hugs her he tells her she is the only one in town that got to him, and he is going to miss her. She tells him she will miss him too.

Max finds out some news and he calls Phillip to tell him about some shipments of cargo that were just placed under quarantine. Phillip says damn it, he will be down there right away. Max watches as Morgan shows up down at the docks and he finds out that Paul is Morgan’s Daddy.

Victor goes to see Marlena for his first session with her. She tries to make him more comfortable by telling him there are no tape recordings and no cameras, just two friends talking. The visit is interrupted by a phone call from Phillip. He tells Marlena he has to go and take care of some business. He goes down to the docks and runs into Max. He tells Max that he heard that he called Phillip and wants to thank him for the tip. He also offers Max a job to continue doing that for him. Max asks if he wants him to spy for him. Victor says not really he is just asking him to keep his eyes open. Max says well he isn’t going to be working down there forever so Victor says well just keep his eyes open while he is.

Phillip pays John a visit and they argue over John changing the deal that was made between Stefano and Victor. John tells him Stefano made that deal and he is not there any more, he is. While Phillip is still there Marlena comes in and John says his conscience is here. Marlena is mad and asks him if he bribed them down at the docks to put quarantine on that shipment for Victor. John denies it but Marlena doesn’t believe him. She tells him he is a great disappointment to her and she walks out forgetting her gloves behind. Phillip leaves after she does. John asked Rolf if he thinks he was too hard on Blondie. Then he tells him to send the gloves back to her along with a dozen roses. He smells the gloves as though the scent is familiar to him.

Victor goes to talk to Paul and offers him double of what John is paying him to stop what is going on down at the docks. Paul is offended and tells Victor that his son was there with a similar offer and he turned that down too. He threatens to call the law on Victor if he ever offers anything like that again and walks away. Victor whispers to himself that John must be paying Paul an awful lot of money.

Steve and Kayla talk and he tells her he has something very important. He says it is serious. She gets called away for an emergency but when she returns he tells her that her doctor was upset that she was there and not at home resting. He said the doctor thinks she is endangering the baby by not getting enough rest. Kayla asks him if her doctor actually told him that. He says well maybe not in those exact words but it means the same thing. She promises to take it easy. She asks what was it he wanted to tell her before. He says he only wanted to tell her he really loves and cares for her and all he wants to do is protect her and Stephanie. Kayla tells him to take her home please so they leave.

Shawn and Belle head to the hospital to see Bo and Hope. They tell them since it looks like Bo is going to be fine then he thinks it is about time for them to say good bye. Bo asks if this means they are going off sailing. Bo wishes them the best but he asks them what they are going to use for a boat. They tell them that John is buying them a new boat. Shawn said he didn’t want to take it at first but for Belle’s sake he decided to. Shawn said he called about a boat and used the same people Bo deals with and they said they can have him one ready for tomorrow morning.

Hope isn’t ready for them to go so soon but Bo tells her they need to get started now. She realizes he is right but the mother instinct in her wants to stop them. They all say their good byes with tears in everyone’s eyes. Bo tells Shawn there is a lot of equipment he has still in his garage. He says to take what he needs. He says he will and then he and Belle and Claire leave. Hope starts crying and lays her head on Bo’s shoulder.

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