Chelsea wakes up from surgery asking if her Dad is ok. Bo is still sleeping but Lexi tells Hope that at least his vital signs are stable. Dr. Jonas tells Chelsea that her Dad’s surgery went well but he was still out like a light letting his body get acquainted with his new partial pancreas. He tells her she did surprisingly well and that she is a very special young lady. What she did took some courage and lots of guts and he is very impressed.

Steve goes in to see Bo and to check on Kayla. He tells Kayla she has been up all night, she needs to go home and get some sleep. She doesn’t want to leave til Bo wakes up. He tells Caroline she needs to go home and sleep too. Caroline tells him there will be plenty of time for sleep later. He says he doesn’t know which of them is more bull-headed. Kayla smiles and says well now he knows where she gets it from. As they talk Bo opens his eyes and is slowly waking up. Hope tells them all to shhh because he is trying to say something. Bo asks them all how can he get some sleep with all this noise.

Stephanie comes in to see Chelsea and Dr. Jonas asks her to please see to it that Chelsea gets some rest. When he leaves she tells Chelsea that Dr. Jonas is so hot. Stephanie tells Chelsea it is so cool that she did this to save her Dad’s life. Then she says she wonders if she could have Dr. Jonas take a peak at her pancreas and not remove it just to get his attention, jokingly. Just before she leaves she asks Chelsea for one more thing. She wonders if Dr. Jonas is single, making Chelsea laugh.

Chelsea tries getting out of bed to go see her Dad but Stephanie stops her. She tells her she can’t get out of bed yet. Stephanie promises to go see Bo and see how he is doing and then come back to let her know as long as she won’t try to get out of bed to go see for herself. Chelsea smiles and says she can’t help but think that part of her went inside her Dad that is helping keeping him alive. Stephanie agrees how cool that really is.

Anna goes to Tony’s office and asks for his assistant to work for her. When Tony has his assistant show her his pay check she realizes she can’t afford him. Then she asks for Morgan. Tony tells her this is an advertising agency not an advertising deli where you can come in and pick out what you want. She tells him she needs help because her assistant is at the hospital. She tells Tony about Bo having to have surgery and how Stephanie is tied in with all of them and family. So she couldn’t tell her not to go.

She shows Tony her idea for an ad for Kate that she is planning to propose. Then Tony says his company was making a bid on a campaign for Kate also and he shows her some of their ideas which are far better than hers. Tony grabs her portfolio and looks at the rest of her designs as she takes a picture off his wall and smashes it over his head. Tony tells Morgan and Ethan to excuse them and when they leave the room Tony has that look in his eyes that scares Anna. They end up kissing after he throws her to the sofa telling her he knows she wants him and she admits yes she does.

Steve gets Kayla home and opens a bottle of bubbly cider to celebrate. Once he pours a glass and makes a toast he hands her the remote control and tells her to stay right where she is and he is going to go get them something to eat. He makes her promise to stay there til he gets back. When he is going out the door he doesn’t see her grab her stomach when she starts cramping. When he comes back he tells Kayla that when he was watching Bo he realized how lucky they are to have each other. He gets up to get her some more water and Kayla grabs her stomach again with pains.

Lexi tells the family they can go in to see Bo for a little while but not to over exert him. Phillip grabs Belle’s arm as she is following Shawn and tells her he wants to know what is going on with her and Shawn. She tells him about her and Shawn’s plans of going sailing after Bo gets better. She thanks him for being there for him in the past 6 months when she really needed him. He is sad thinking he will never see Claire again but she promises him he will one day. He tells her he is ok with her being with Shawn now. He only wants her to be happy.

Kate goes to see Dr. Jonas to ask about how Chelsea is really doing. He jokes around with her about it at first. She tells him that she knows his major concern is Bo but she would appreciate it if he would keep an eye on Chelsea to make sure she is ok since she did just go through major surgery. She wants him to make sure she receives the best of care or else he will have to answer to her.

Hope is out in the waiting room talking to the family. When Dr. Jonas walks in she thanks him for all he has done to help Bo. She tells him she really appreciates everything he has done. Meanwhile Bo is sleeping and suddenly starts twisting and turning in his sleep and then wakes looking upset but calling out Hope’s name.

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