Kayla and Lexi tell Hope that they are getting ready to prep Bo for surgery. Lexi promises her to keep an eye on Chelsea for her too.

John asks Marlena if it is just him or is that family cursed. She tells him he is a part of that family after all.

Chelsea talks to Billie on the phone who can’t make it there in time for her surgery but she tells her that Kate will call her every hour to let her know how she is. Kate says she is glad this is going to help save Bo’s life but she just wishes it didn’t have to be her. Chelsea says she wants to do this. Kate tells her how dangerous this is. Just then Dr. Jonas walks in and tells Chelsea Kate is right about the surgery being dangerous. Chelsea says no matter what they say they are not going to talk her out of this. She says she loves her father and it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t survive this as long as he does. She signs the consent forms and hands them to Dr. Jonas and tells him to just save her Dad. He says he will do his best and walks out. Kate tells Chelsea she is very proud of her. Chelsea tells her well right now she is scared to death.

Shawn wishes he was the one that matches with Bo for the surgery. He says at least he would feel like he was helping if he had have been. Belle tells him he gave his Dad something to live for when he told him about their plans. Phillip walks up and asks what plans. She lies to him and then later apologizes to Shawn for lying saying she didn’t think it was time to tell Phillip about their plans of leaving.

On the way to the OR everyone tells Bo good bye In Chelsea’s room Nick finally gets there. He says he would have been there sooner but he was tearing his apartment up looking for this Teddy Bear. He says his Mom got it for him when he was 10 years old when he was getting his appendix out. She asks if it is just a loan then. He says they can share custody of it. She tells him believe it or not Teddy is just what she needs right now. The nurse comes in and tells her they are ready to take her to the OR. Stephanie and Max walk in wishing her the best of luck as they get ready to take her off.

Hope makes it in to see Chelsea before they take her out. Hope thanks her for doing this and Chelsea says she would do anything for her Dad. Chelsea is being rolled into the OR when they pass Bo being rolled in too. She tells her unconscious Dad that once again she is disobeying him but this time it is for a good cause.

A doctor talks to Chelsea telling her they are going to give her an injection in her IV to put her to sleep. She asks him if he is sure she won’t wake up during the procedure because if she did that would really freak her out. The doctor tells her not to worry about that, it won’t happen. He asks if she is ready and she says yes, and Chelsea goes to sleep. They start the surgery once she is ready.

Stephanie, Max, Nick and Steve play a little blackjack in the waiting room to distract them from worrying about Chelsea. They talk about some of the good times they all had together in Vegas and say they should all go back there one day once Chelsea gets better. Nick tries bailing out on the next hand of cards but they won’t let him, telling him he needs the distraction. Kate gets in on the game and wins her hand surprising everyone that she can play poker.

In the operating room Lexi is assisting in the surgery. The doctor tells them that Chelsea is bleeding a little more than he wants her to be. Lexi agrees but says so far it isn’t dangerous. They say everything looks good so they call the OR that has Bo and tell them the pancreas looks good so they can start surgery on Bo.

John gets tired of waiting around so he tells Marlena he is going for a walk and she goes with him. Down by the docks she asks him how is Rolf getting along as his butler. John tells her he didn’t like it when he locked up his lab but he is adjusting. Marlena tells John this spot on the docks has a special meaning to them. She tells him they had been separated for a while and this very spot was where they reunited. She tells him how wonderful their life was together. He looks at her and says she really misses her life with the old him, huh. Then his phone rings and interrupts.

Roman is bothered by seeing his Mom hanging out with Victor right now. Hope tells him that right now she needs Victor. She tells him it is just two parents that love their son comforting each other while waiting.

A nurse comes out and tells everyone that the pancreas has been removed successfully and they are closing Chelsea up now. Everyone is happy. Hope asks the nurse if they have started surgery on Bo now. The nurse says yes they have started and as soon as they are done someone will be out to talk to them. When Hope turns around she asks Steve if he will pray with her for Bo.

In the operating room, Lexi tells Chelsea she did so well, in fact she has probably saved her Dad’s life. She tells her that she is so proud of her. She asks the doctor if he can take it from there so she can go check on Bo.  When she gets in the OR where they are operating on Bo Dr. Jonas says they did a real good job on removing Chelsea’s pancreas.

Jan Barrett

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