Bo is unconscious and Daniel tells the family they should all say good bye to him because he doesn’t think he has much time left. He says if Chelsea’s system doesn’t clear of the alcohol there is no way they can do the operation.

Chelsea is in the hospital with Kate talking to her comforting her. Chelsea is feeling guilty. Kate tells her that this is a good time for her to think more about this. She says this surgery is a dangerous one with many possible complications. Chelsea says she knows but she still wants to do it. She asks Kate to go get her a glass of water and as soon as Kate leaves the room Chelsea sits up and removes the IV needle from her arm and leaves her bed. Chelsea goes to see Bo and crawls in bed with him and talks to him apologizing for screwing up. She tells him she loves him more then anyone else in the world and she begs him to wake up and tell her that she isn’t too late. She begs him to hold on just a little bit longer so they can do this.

Hope spots Chelsea on the bed with Bo and let’s Daniel know. When Lexi comes in they tell her they need to take a blood sample to see if they can go ahead with the surgery. Chelsea asks Lexi if she thinks they will be able to go ahead with it and Lexi says she doesn’t know but she sure hopes so since she has certainly wasted a lot of time already.

Stephanie and Max talk and he feels his place is at the hospital with the family for support. He says he might not be a blood Brady but they have always been there for him in his life and now he thinks he needs to be there for them. They go to see Chelsea to cheer her up hoping she will be ready in time for the surgery. She tells them about the one too many screwdrivers that she drank. She starts crying and Max tells her that she didn’t do this on purpose. Stephanie asks her if she remembers when they found out John’s plane had crashed and they all said a prayer for them together. She suggests that they do that now for her Dad. Max leads the prayer.

Marlena is surprised to see John at the hospital. She thinks it is because he cares a little for Bo. He says he cares for any human being hooked up to a machine and it controlling their every move. She asks and what else. He tells her not to push it Blondie. She tells him that is what she does. Marlena explains to John that the two of them were better than he can ever imagine together and that is why it hurts her so much to see him do things that she knows her John would never do.

Lexi tells Roman it would make their job a lot easier if the whole family wasn’t standing around there watching them so closely. Roman says he understands and he tells everyone to go down to the waiting room for surgery.

Kate and Phillip have a cup of coffee together while in the hospital waiting on news for Chelsea and Bo. Meanwhile Steve runs into Victor. Victor tells him Caroline told him that Kayla was pregnant. Steve says yes and he is hoping that this time he will be around to see this child grow up.

Bo wakes up with Kayla standing over him. She asks him if he knows how much trouble she is going to be in if he doesn’t get better since she is one of his doctors. She starts talking about things they did together as kids. She tells him he has to get better.

Hope asks Daniel how Chelsea is. He says they are waiting on the blood tests to come back to see if they get the go ahead. Hope tells him she is going to come through. She will never let her Dad down because she loves him too much.

Lexi gets the tests results in. She goes to let everyone know. The nurse comes in to take Chelsea to pre-op. She looks at Stephanie and Max and says that means her blood is cleared and she can go through with this. When Lexi tells Daniel and Kayla and Hope, Hope tells them she told them Chelsea would come through for them.

Jan Barrett

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