Hope asks Steve how long is Bo going to last like this. Steve tells her he will last as long as he has to. She says he is right, they are all going to make it through this. She looks at Bo and tells him not to dare give up and he wakes up. She smiles and he says hi to her.

Kayla tells Shawn that they have a compatible donor and then asks him if he can come back to the lab with her for a moment so they can talk. He says shouldn’t his Mom come along and she says not right now, she needs to just talk to him so he agrees. When he gets to the lab, Lexi and Dr. Jonas are there. Shawn says ok he is there so why all the secrecy about who the donor is. He assumes since they are quiet that he is the donor. Lexi tells him he is not the donor though. They haven’t been able to contact the donor though, he isn’t in the hospital. Lexi tries calling them again and only gets the voice mail but she leaves a message.

Chelsea is getting drunk in the bar when Kate finds her. She tells Chelsea she has been looking everywhere for her. She says she turned her phone off and didn’t tell anyone where she was. Chelsea asks if it ever occurred to her that she didn’t want to be found. She says she has called the hospital every half hour and they always tell her no news. Kate says Bo is not dead yet. She tells Kate not yet, not thanks to her because she is what you would call the kiss of death.

Kate tells her she needs coffee and not another drink. When the bartender brings her coffee she says she doesn’t want that. Kate tells her she is going to sit down and drink it so she can sober up to go see her Dad. Chelsea says no she doesn’t want it and knocks it out of Kate’s hand. She says she doesn’t need her grandmother standing over her either and she grabs her jacket and leaves. Kate starts out after her but the bartender stops her telling her that Chelsea still owes a bar tab. Chelsea runs off and is walking in the park when she finds a bench to sit down on. When she sits she pulls her phone out and sees a lot of voice mails on it. She lies back on the bench and says wow that sure is a lot of voice mails. They finally found a donor for her Dad. She drops the phone and closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Victor and Caroline talk. She tells him she can not lose Bo. She asks him if he thinks they will find a donor He says he would gladly be a donor but with his age and health they won’t even consider letting him. She says Bo would never be able to live with himself knowing both of the men he knew as his Father died helping him to live.

Victor and Caroline come in and ask where Shawn is. Belle tells them that Kayla took him down to the lab. They assume that it is because they found that he is compatible but Shawn walks up and says it isn’t him. He tells them they did find one but the person isn’t there. Kayla comes out and tells the family as soon as they can find the donor they will operate. They have to locate the donor though. After a lot of pushing as to who the donor is Kayla gives in and tells them it is Chelsea. Bo says he won’t let Chelsea do this. Caroline tells Bo how does he think Shawn would feel after giving up his life for him if he refuses to do this and he dies anyway. Bo says he is not going to let her do this.

Shawn comes in and tells everyone he called the rest of the family and told them they found a donor. He says Chelsea’s phone is turned off but he left her a message. Kayla tells him that they have to find Chelsea because she is the donor. Shawn and Belle go looking for Chelsea. Shawn calls Kate and when she answers she is in the park but doesn’t realize that Chelsea is passed out on the bench behind the bushes from where she is standing.

When she gets off the phone Kate walks around and finds Chelsea and her phone on the ground ringing. She answers her phone and tells Shawn where they are. He tells her not to move he is on his way. He calls Daniel and tells him Chelsea was found but she had been drinking and she had passed out. Daniel tells Shawn he is on his way there.

Jan Barrett

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