Eddie comes in and tells Ava that he doesn’t think the woman in the picture that she has is the same woman that her Patch is with. She tells him that this is the bitch that stole her Patch. He looks at the picture again which is of Hope and Steve and he says no, he doesn’t think that is her. She insists that he goes out and doesn’t come back til he can tell her he is right. She tells him to look at the way he is holding her in the picture. She says it is the same way he use to hold her.

He comes back in and tells Ava that he did a little research and he found out that the woman in that picture is not her. Ava doesn’t believe him. He looks at the other pictures and finds Kayla’s picture and tells her it is the blonde one. They argue over his work for her and he storms out. Later another one comes in and wants to know what’s up with Eddie. He tells her he stormed by him earlier saying he quits. She asks him for a few favors and he tells her he works for her Dad and that is final, he then leaves the room.

Bo wakes up just before Shawn and Belle walk in to see him. Bo tells Belle he needs her to do something for him. He says he needs her to be there for his son because he loves her very much. She says she will always be there for him but so will he. Hope says that is right, he always will.

Steve goes to see Bo. Hope leaves the room so Steve and Bo can talk. Bo tells Steve if he doesn’t pull through, but Steve stops him telling him not to keep talking like that. Steve tells him they have been friends for a long time and he intends to keep being friends. Bo tells him he wants to talk man to man. He talked to the new doctor, Dr. Jonas. He says he told him that this procedure could work but there is a chance he could die during the surgery. He needs to know that Steve will be there for Hope and the kids in case he dies.

Steve comes out the room and tells Hope that Bo is just worried about her. She asks him if he sounded like he was giving up but Steve tells her no, he just asked him to have a shoulder for her to lean on during all this. Shawn walks up and Steve tells him his Dad wants to talk to him. Bo tells Shawn that the women in the family are weak and he needs him to be the strong one. He wants him to be there for his mom. Shawn tells Bo that he and Belle have decided to sail around the world like he and his family did after he gets well. He says if he dies then he can’t have the life for his family like he had of his own. Bo says he is trying to make him feel guilty. He tells Shawn he doesn’t want to die, he really doesn’t. Shawn tells him then don’t.

Steve tells Hope that Bo wants to start making some arrangements which makes Hope go crazy. She says she can’t lose Bo. She runs into Bo’s room and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear anything about him making any arrangements. She tells him that there are so many people praying for him so God has to be listening. She says the rest is up to him so she orders him to fight. He tells her OK, he is going to beat this thing. When Bo falls asleep she tells him to hang on, he has to trust Lexi and Kayla and Dr. Jonas.

Daniel and Lexi are in the lab searching for a donor to save Bo’s life.  Daniel is snapping at Lexi and she is snapping back. Kayla comes in and is pulled into becoming a referee for the two of them only she defends Lexi. Kayla starts helping in the lab and suddenly they come up with some possibilities. Daniel looks over what they find and finally agrees that he thinks they have found what they have been looking for. He says let’s just say prep him for surgery. They need to get two surgical teams together because time is critical. He tells Lexi and Kayla that he doesn’t want to put a crimp on things but is the donor still there. They say they are somewhere in the hospital. Lexi tells the doctor that she has a feeling this time that this is it. She goes out in the waiting room and asks Belle if she can have a few words with Shawn privately. She tells him they think they have a donor.

Jan Barrett

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