Kayla comes in to check on Bo and wakes Hope. Hope asks her if there has been any news on a donor. Bo tells Hope that he is glad he got to spend some time with Chelsea yesterday. He says he got to tell her goodbye. Hope gets upset and tells him he sounds like he is giving up so she doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her that even if they do find a donor, they would be risking their life too and he won’t let anyone do that. Hope tells him that they would want to and she begs him to please let them.

Lexi is in the lab and she drops all her papers. When Daniel offers to help her pick them up she snaps at him telling him she will get them. She is mad at him and she tells him that it is his fault they are where they are now because he could have suggested this procedure before now. He tells her to remember how experimental this is. She says she knows it could kill Bo but what choice do they have. She starts crying when Daniel asks if she and Bo have always gotten along. She says they have had some bad times between them but they have put all that behind them.

Abe comes in and asks about Bo’s condition. Lexi tells him he is stable at the moment but they don’t expect that to last. He asks if there has been any luck in finding a donor. They tell him no. Daniel leaves to go to the cafeteria. Abe asks Lexi to step down from the case. He tells her she is too close to this. She says there is no way that she can do that.

Stephanie brings Steve a cup of coffee. She tells Steve if he is looking for the guy he hired to guard her, not to bother because she ditched him. Steve isn’t happy. Steve calls the guard and fires him. Stephanie is surprised that he would fire the man. Steve says well she said he was easy to ditch so he couldn’t have been good at his job anyway. When Stephanie leaves Steve calls and orders another guard to watch his daughter. He tells them he fired the last one but now wants a new one.

Nick finds Max down at the docks working and they discuss his job there. Nick tells him he got off easy in court by only having to serve community service. They talk more about Max’ past and all the mistakes that Max has made in his life. Nick tells him it wasn’t all so bad. He says that at least one thing good came out of it, Stephanie. Nick says at least she is a good one. About then Stephanie walks up and puts a smile on Max’s face. She brings Max some soup for lunch. He tells her that he is surprised that she has the time to bring it to him. He tries to break up with her by telling her she can do better than him. She tells him not to ever say that to her again. She is proud of him and never wants to hear anything like that again from him.

Chelsea and Nick talk about the process to finding a donor for Bo. He tells her that they are looking at everyone they think could be one. She tells him she read the process for the procedure and she wants to be the donor for her Dad, no matter what the risk is. Nick asks Chelsea if she is ok. She tells him she is so scared. He tells her that no matter what happens he will always be there for her. She asks him if he promises and then they hug.

Marlena is talking business with the doctor that signed John’s death certificate. When he sees John walk in he is so surprised. He tells John he still can’t understand how that was done. Later Marlena tells John who the doctor is. The doctor is having a problem figuring out how John could have been taken from the hospital after he was pronounced dead. After the doctor leaves, Marlena joins John in his meeting. She figures out that John is planning on doing something with business between him and Victor. Later Marlena has lunch with John. She tells him she can’t believe how he has been acting. She tells him quite frankly it scares the hell out of her. He tells her well quite frankly she scares the hell out of her too. Later she follows John to the port authority to try and bribe them to delay a shipment for Victor. She tells him if she does it she will turn him in for it.

As Hope sits next to Bo’s bedside, she watches him sleep. She tells him she can’t lose him, he just can’t die.

Jan Barrett

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