Kayla, Lexi and Daniel are discussing Bo’s case and a possibility of helping him when Bo tells Hope that he can see they are talking about him. Hope tells him he is quite the puzzle. She tells him that Kayla and Lexi might have found a way to help him but she doesn’t know all the details. She says they will have to explain it to him.

Lexi and Kayla take Daniel out of the room to discuss it when Victor over hears Daniel talking about it. He steps up and tells Daniel he has to try it if it can save Bo’s life. Shawn and Phillip and Chelsea all are standing there waiting for an answer when Daniel asks Lexi and Kayla if there was somewhere that they can talk privately about this and they walk away. Phillip tells Victor he has a few things he wants to talk to him about that might help take his mind off of this for a while.

Marlena tells John that he has been spending too much of his time trying to become a DiMera. He tells her he can see it really bothers her to see the direction he is going in. John talks to Victor and tells him there are going to be some changes in the deal his half brother Stefano and he had in business. Victor says now is not the right time for discussing business with his son in there dying. John says it might get his mind off of things right now. When Victor leaves Marlena walks up and asks John what he said to him.

Phillip tells Bo he really wants him to live. He says it is important to him that he knows that he really loved Belle. He says he loved her so much that he decided to back off because he knows Belle loves Shawn.

Max meets with Caroline at the chapel and they say prayers for Bo. She tells Max that his father would be so proud of him. Max says he hopes so. Stephanie comes in and tells Caroline that Lexi and Kayla are talking about something that might help Bo so Caroline goes to see about it. Max asks Stephanie if she is ok and she says yes, she will be right there. She stays and says a prayer for Bo and for her Mom and Dad too. She asks God to help protect her family.

Lexi tells Daniel as The Hospital Chief of Staff she says they go along with this new procedure and Kayla seconds that. Daniel says well he isn’t on the staff there so she can’t order him to do the surgery. Finally Lexi and Kayla talk Daniel into going along with it even though he warns them that this procedure is not always successful. They will have to start doing blood tests so they can find a suitable donor.

Shawn goes to get Hope and tells her that they are going to need her signature to do a procedure. When she goes out Daniel explains that they can do a procedure to save Bo but it is a serious one. Daniel says this isn’t only about helping Bo. He says the donor will be taking a big risk also. Meanwhile Bo tells Caroline that it sure is taking a long time for Hope to be just signing papers and he wonders what is going on. Hope comes back in and tells Bo what is going on. Bo is against it. He says he can’t let anyone else risk this. Hope tells him it isn’t up to him. She says she can’t go without him so he has to keep fighting this and let them try this. She says she can’t lose him. Caroline steps in and says damn right he is going to let them do this. She says she can’t lose him either.

Caroline and Max and Stephanie along with Shawn and Belle go to the Chapel to say a prayer. Victor and Chelsea walk in and Marlena soon follows them in. They all end up there saying a prayer while Lexi and Daniel go over the test results looking for the right donor. John walks into the Chapel and finds himself saying a prayer surprising himself.

Jan Barrett

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