Cloe is coming downstairs with her heavy suitcase and she gives Phillip the house key back. She tells him to tell Victor she didn’t have a duplicate made. Phillip tries to talk her out of leaving but she tells him he has to pick his battles and apparently she isn’t worth fighting for. Phillip tells her of course she is worth fighting for. He tells her he doesn’t want her to go. She says she didn’t come there to fight with him. She says Victor will never forgive her for what happened between her and Brady. Phillip asks her if they are still on for dinner tonight and she says yes she is looking forward to it and then they kiss. Cloe tells Phillip she will be ok. His phone rings and he tells her to hold on a minute and then he goes into the other room to take the call. Cloe opens the door and goes out just looking back and then she closes the door behind her as she leaves.

Lucas is on the phone telling someone he has the money in cash just like they wanted when Sami walks in and overhears him. She asks him what he needs money for. Sami tells Lucas she wants them to be together as a family with Allie. He asks her what about Johnny. She has to make a choice here. She tells him she made her choice as she moves closer to him wanting him to kiss her. He backs up and says he is sorry but he doesn’t fool around with married women. Sami still begs Lucas and she keeps telling him she loves him but Lucas tells her that he doesn’t think so and the he walks away.

John meets with Paul and he tells him he heard that Paul has been seen talking with Phillip Kiriakis. Paul tells him he is wrong. John asks Paul if he is the one that planted those drugs on his ship. Morgan walks in and she listens to their conversation. Paul tells him he wouldn’t have taken that kind of risk, he didn’t do it. Morgan walks up and asks what they are discussing. Paul tells her he was just thanking John for helping make him a free man. She tells John she wants him to stay away from her Dad. When John leaves Paul tells Morgan she was out of line and informs her that he can take care of himself. She tells him she isn’t so sure about that.

Stephanie is at the Pub waiting for Max when the Dean Robbins walks in. She tells him she enjoyed his speech last night but then she confesses that she doesn’t know anything about the subject. Max comes in and asks him what is he doing there and tells him he wants him to get out. Robbins tells Max that he wants to know how a beer boy like him knows about forward thinking scientific applications and then walks out. Max tells Stephanie the man is a fraud. When Robbins is gone Stephanie asks him why he is acting like this. Max says because the man thinks he is a brain dead bartender. Stephanie and Max argue about Robbins. She tells him he looks like he is so unhappy. He tells her he has some beer to pour as he goes back to work.

Later on Stephanie goes back into the bar with a picture she found in Max’s room demanding to know who the woman in the picture is. Max is mad at her for digging in his things in his room. After she keeps after him, he finally tells her if she must know that woman in the picture is her real mother. Then he asks her if she is satisfied now. Stephanie won’t let it alone. She begs him to forgive her. She asks to see the picture again and she tells him the baby in the picture with him must be him. She says his mother is pretty and then asks him to tell her about his mother. He doesn’t have many memories but he does remember her taking him to the park. He remembers wanting to go on the merry-go-round and her saying no because he had just eaten but on the way home she took him for ice cream. Stephanie thinks Max should try and find his mother but he says no. He makes Stephanie promise not to tell anyone, not even Chelsea and she agrees. She makes him promise no more secrets between them.

Sami and Lucas are still arguing, Lucas tells her until he sees her divorce papers, they have nothing left to discuss.  John walks in asking Sami how his favorite step-daughter. He has two bottles of men’s cologne in his hands and he tells Sami he needs to know which one is the best. He tells her it is for him to where for his hot date tonight. Sami tells him he can’t be dating because he is married. He tells her so is she. Lucas says that is a good point. Sami asks if every man in that house is crazy.

The doorbell rings at the DiMera Mansion and Lucas yells out to Rolf that he has it. When he goes to the door the man asks if he is Lucas Horton. Lucas asks him if he has that thing. The guy asks if he has the cash. Lucas pulls out an envelope from his back pocket and hands it to the man. The man gives Lucas the package and leaves. Once back inside Lucas makes sure no one is around and he uses the device on his ankle monitor. 

Morgan goes to see Phillip and tells him about her father talking with John and how worried she is about it. While they talk Paul calls Phillip telling him that he thinks John is onto him and now he wants the rest of his money. Phillip asks him what makes him think he deserves it. Paul tells him he planted those drugs for him so he owes him big time now. Phillip tells Paul he can’t talk now and hangs up. He goes back to Morgan and when they talk he asks her to stay. She says she has no plans for the night and he pretends to be surprised that she has no date tonight. He offers her a drink and as they talk Cloe walks in but they don’t notice her there. She gets upset seeing Phillip with Morgan so she leaves.

Cloe goes to Java and runs into Sami. Sami rubs it in about Phillip throwing her out, but Cloe says he didn’t throw her out, she left on her own. She asks Sami how come she is so mean to her. She says she didn’t force Brady to get on those drugs. She says this has affected her too and then she says she wants Brady to get better.

Sami walks in as John is getting ready for his date. He can’t believe she brought the twins home. He doesn’t want them to disturb his date. She tells him she just put them down so they shouldn’t bother him. She says she knows it would upset her mother and right now her mother is going through a lot. John tells her that a man like him has basic needs. He stands in front of the mirror and asks her is she thinks he should show a little chest hair. She says that he is making a big mistake and walks out. He mumbles that he thought ladies liked that.

Cloe goes down to the docks and Lucas is there only he hides. Cloe walks over to the edge and cries as Lucas watches her. Meanwhile Sami asks John if he has seen Lucas. She gives up looking and picks up the TV remote control and when she drops it she finds the paper bag with Lucas’s monitor in it. Sami is in shock finding it.

Jan Barrett

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