Stephanie and Nick are talking at the Brady Pub when Chelsea comes in and asks Stephanie if she can talk to Nick for a minute. She tells Nick she is so sorry for messing things up. She admits to him that she thought she was in love with someone else but that didn’t work out. She admits that she thought she was in love with Daniel. She says she trashed a good relationship and now she has nothing. Nick tells her he is still in love with her. She tells him he is a really special guy and wants to know if they can still be friends. She says he is one of the best people she knows and she wants him in her life still. Nick tells her as far as being friends go he can’t do that. She asks him can’t he even try. He tells her he can’t. He says he is moving on with his life and she should do the same thing. He gets up and walks back over to Stephanie who asks him if he is ok. They start talking about Max again.

EJ grabs the phone from Nicole and hangs it up. EJ tells Nicole to put her phone away. She asks him doesn’t he trust her and he tells her no he doesn’t. EJ asks Nicole what she wants from him to keep quiet. She says there is one thing that might keep her quiet and that would be for him to be more generous with her. EJ says he doesn’t take likely to being blackmailed. She laughs and says she was just joking. He asks her if this is how she treats her friends. She tells him she can be a caring person. She says she is sorry but she just needed someone to talk to, that’s all and she walks away. EJ follows her and when they get to her house he tells her he is sorry if he sounded so mean to her but she needs to stop hiding…she stops him by planting a romantic kiss on him.

Lucas wonders what all that was about. Lucas calls Rolf and tells him if Nicole calls back to be sure to take a message from her. He tells Rolf how Nicole called and said she had something important to tell him but she hung up after that. The doorbell rings and Cloe comes in telling Lucas she is there because she is worried about him. She says she is so sick of being accused of being the blame for Brady’s problems. Cloe tells Lucas she didn’t make Brady a drug addict. He tells her that he can understand what it is to be addicted to something, his weakness is alcohol. Cloe tells him she didn’t come there to be judged, she only came to do nice things. Just then Phillip walks in and asks her if she is sure about that.

Bo and Hope go to see Victor to talk to him about John. They tell him John is accusing him and Phillip of setting him up. When Hope brings up the fact that Victor has a past of drug trafficking Victor reminds him that he never was formally charged with that. Victor says John got greedy because he wanted control of the docks and now they all know why. Bo tells him if he is lying to him they will find out. Victor invites them to stay and talk so he can tells them about his trip but they say they have to go.

Phillip hugs his brother as they are happy to see each other. Before they can talk more Phillip’s phone rings and it is Victor telling him about Bo and Hope being there questioning him. Phillip says he will handle it. Victor starts yelling so Phillip yells back saying he will handle it and hangs up. John walks in and wants to know what he is going to handle and then he wants to know what the hell he is doing in his house. John goes inside and finds Lucas and Cloe. He asks Lucas is this how he shows his gratitude, by letting these unsavory people into his home.  He says he just might have to go back to jail. Lucas says he just might see him in there too. John says that he is innocent but his brother framed him. Then he wants them out of his house.

Later Cloe comes back and tells Lucas that she meant it when she said she wanted to be friends. She says she even tried reaching out to Sami but she didn’t want anything to do with her. She asks Lucas point blank if he wants to be friends or not. Lucas tells her sure they can be friends. He says but it will take a little time to get use to. She asks if he is suspicious of her motives and he says yes. She says she just wants to prove that she can be a good person. Lucas asks her to promise him she won’t hurt Phillip. She says it would be more like Phillip hurting her.

Steve and Kayla go to the hospital to see the baby. They see the nurse Maxine before they go in. Maxine tells her that before they go in she has some news. Kayla gets scared but Maxine tells her that they are taking the baby off the ventilator.

Caroline makes an announcement in the pub thanking everyone who helped turn the Pub Green. She introduces someone special, the manager of the new green Brady Pub, Max Brady. Everyone in the Pub cheers Max on. Max thanks everyone for their help. Then they all make a toast to Sean Brady, saying making the pub eco friendly was a dream of his years ago. Max gets a bit emotional and says he can’t do this. Bo takes over and continues the toast to their Pop.

Steve and Kayla join the celebration at the Pub and they give Stephanie the news about her baby brother. She is so excited to hear the news. Kayla asks her where Max is. Stephanie says she doesn’t know because she can’t find him. Nick walks up and volunteers to go look for Max. Nick finds Max down at the docks. He tells him everyone was wondering where he went. Max tells him it was hard talking about his Pop. They decide to go back to the Pub. When they get back Max apologizes to Stephanie for leaving. She says she is just glad he is back.

Hope goes over to Chelsea and asks her if she is ok. Chelsea tells her besides ruining her life she finds herself as hateful and selfish as she has even been. Hope hugs her and tells her she isn’t selfish. She reminds Chelsea that she risked her life to save her father’s so that proves she isn’t selfish. Chelsea says she hurt Nick in the process. Hope says we all make mistakes in love. She assures Chelsea that she will find the right love one day. They hug and Chelsea tells Hope thank you.

Victor is on the phone when Phillip walks in and he asks him where the hell he has been. Phillip tells him it is nice to see him too. Victor snaps by saying that if he wants nice, go teach kindergarten. He warns Phillip to stay away from John Black. Phillip refuses and says he started this and he is going to take care of it and then he walks out.

Jan Barrett

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