Nicole goes to EJ and tells him she needs to speed up her divorce, or rather her checkbook needs him to. Sami walks in with Lucas, Allie and a cop and EJ wants to know what is going on. Sami just looks down. She tells EJ to ask Lucas. Allie starts crying and even though Lucas objects EJ calms down the baby. Nicole says how sweet and then tells Lucas he must feel like a total loser. EJ asks one more time what happened and Lucas thinks back to when Allie walked out and having to call Sami about him being in jail.

Sami tells EJ Lucas was arrested again and they explain why. EJ is furious and brings it up that this is the second time Lucas has violated his parole. EJ starts to take the kids to put them down for a nap even though Lucas doesn’t want EJ near his daughter. EJ says after today he doesn’t have much right to say what he does. EJ leaves with the twins. Lucas asks Sami if she is going to side with EJ yet again in this. EJ leaves after he gets the twins sleeping. Sami tells Lucas that she thinks it is best now that he isn’t left alone with the kids, Lucas gets mad about it. She says now she can’t go to the gym. He tells her to just go. He says he can watch them since they are sleeping. She says EJ would have a fit but Lucas doesn’t care. Sami says Johnny is EJ’s son so he does have a say in this.

Lexi and Daniel talk while at work at the hospital. She tells him the offer for him to stay there is still open. Then she asks him if he has a minute to talk. She tells Daniel about the problems she and Abe are having over Theo. She tells him how worried she is about him. She confesses that she has already taken him to a therapist but not officially. Daniel hugs her to comfort her.

Chelsea walks in and sees Daniel hugging Lexi. When he sees her he lets go and Lexi goes back to work. Chelsea mentions that she didn’t know he was so close to Lexi. Daniel tells Chelsea that he has been an impulsive idiot but he has to be honest with her. He admits he is attracted to her but the age difference, his wife, and this other woman is all something he is going to have to deal with on his own. Chelsea tells him she understands and then she tells him she is not going to throw herself at him anymore.

Lexi is having flashbacks to her lunch with Abe yesterday Abe walks in and interrupts her thoughts. She asks him what is he doing there. He tells her there is something important he has to tell her. He agrees to let her take Theo to a therapist after all.

Max asks John if he wants a piece of him pulling his fist back. Stephanie runs up and jumps between them saying NO. When Stephanie gets Max to go with her John has flash backs to when Stefano had him held captive. Ava sees him and walks over to him and asks if he is ok. He tells her he is fine and for her to go away. She tells him she can’t. She tells him she knows a mental case when she sees one. John looks at her and then recognizes her. She remarks that she can see he reads the papers. She calls him Mr. Black. She says she reads the papers too. She says she thinks she can help him, and he tells her then she is the only person in this town that could.

John tells Ava she can’t help him. They start talking about what happened to Ava with the doctor and why he was drugging her. She says her Daddy wanted her anything but sane. John says that is similar to what happened to him. He says short story is that he isn’t the man he use to be. He tells her that the old John was a boy scout but he likes to think that he is more interesting now. He says he is beyond help now and starts to leave but Ava asks him to stop.

While they talk Abe walks in surprised to see the two of them together. Abe says he didn’t know the two of them knew each other. John says they just met. He says then he would be wrong thinking Ava used her father’s connections and helped him get the cocaine. John tells him Ava had nothing to do with that and then calls Abe “Commissioner”. Abe asks since when does he call him Commissioner. John says since he held him all that time at the station questioning him. Abe warns him that he will be keeping his eye out on him and walks away. When John invites Ava to dinner she asks him if he is married. He says more or less. She says this is a yes or no question. When he says yes he is she says she can’t date a married man and walks off.

Victor and Phillip argue over Cloe staying at the house. Victor says he is taking everything back and taking over the company again. Phillip asks him how he could do that to him. Cloe walks in with her bags packed telling Phillip she is leaving but will be staying at the Salem Inn until she finds a permanent place. When she leaves Victor asks Phillip if he is sleeping with her. Phillip says that is none of his business. Victor tells Phillip he is beginning to sound more and more like him everyday. He says that is not what he wanted for him.

Stephanie tries to get Max to explain to her what is going on with him. He tries to say that his day has just been bad. She says she isn’t just talking about today. She says he has been acting strange for days now. He tells her he loves her and she says she loves him too but she just doesn’t know what to do. She tells him she guesses she is just going to have to let him deal with what ever it is that’s bothering him on his own now. She tells him she doesn’t think he knows what love really is or he wouldn’t keep shutting her out like this. When Max goes back to work, Stephanie starts thinking about when Max was going crazy. She decides to call Nick. She tells him she needs to talk to him about Max and she asks him what she should do.

Phillip meets with Cloe later and when she asks him about his Father he tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks him if their arrangement is still on and he says yes it is. He tells her that his father is having a hard time letting go of control but he is just going to have to do what he has to do anyway. Cloe sees Sami and tells Phillip she needs to talk to Sami for a minute. She asks Sami if they can talk but Sami tells her she has nothing to talk to her about.

EJ meets with Nicole but before they discuss anything he wants to talk to her about his little secret that he told her. He tells Nicole he was drunk when he told her that. Nicole thinks Sami would like to know his little secret though. EJ claims he doesn’t know what she is talking about. He says but even if she would be right what would she do about it. She doesn’t answer but she does call Lucas. When Lucas answers he wants to hang up when he finds out it is Nicole. Nicole tells him he would want to hear what she has to tell him.

Jan Barrett

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