Caroline starts thinking about Shawn as she and Chelsea prepare for the 4th of July picnic. She asks Chelsea if she can finish getting things ready for the party so she can go to the cemetery and puts a flag on his grave.

Morgan thanks Chelsea for letting her spend the night at her house. She gets emotional as she starts thinking about her father. She says her Mom goes to the Country Club for the 4th and now her Dad is gone. Chelsea thinks she needs to get her mind off of her dad so she invites her to go to the BBQ with her. Morgan asks Chelsea about her date with Daniel. She asks if there is a better word than fabulous. Morgan tells her that she wishes she could meet someone to sweep her off her feet like that. Chelsea says her dad isn’t happy about the age difference between her and Daniel.

She sees she isn’t making it easier talking about her Dad while Morgan is so worried about hers so she assures her that her Dad and Hope are doing everything they can to find Paul. Morgan wonders if her father will ever come back. Morgan tells Chelsea she has to check in on her mother. Chelsea tells her to just stop by the house later but she warns her that if she is too late there won’t be any food left, because it goes fast.

EJ goes in the room and asks Lucas if he has seen Sami. Lucas tells him she went to the Brady BBQ. EJ decides to go there but Lucas tells him to hold it there big guy, he doesn’t think he is going there either. EJ asks him if he just told him he can’t go to the picnic. Lucas tells him he can do what he wants but he reminds him that Sami didn’t invite him. EJ says it is a family picnic and he is family now too. Lucas says not for long and then he says if EJ goes Sami will get mad at him. Then he tells EJ to go if he wants to. EJ decides to stay home with Lucas instead. Lucas leaves the room but EJ sarcastically asks him to stay with him.

The doorbell rings and it is Nicole. She tells EJ that Lady Liberty has arrives. She tells him to let’s get this party started. She starts to pour a drink when she asks EJ to join her. EJ asks why she is even there and she says she heard that John was having a party so she thought she would come. He reminds her that she probably wasn’t invited. She knows that but she thought she would come anyway. She notices that EJ has a smile and she wants to know why. He tells her something good did happen but she is probably the last one to tell that to. She talks him into it but he tells her he will tell her as soon as he gets dressed for the party.

When he goes out the room Lucas walks in and they talk about him and Sami. She asks him when it comes to Sami, why the hell does he keep coming back for more. Lucas tells her that love is a foreign concept to her. She tells him to be careful, if he does give Sami his heart, there is a good chance she will stomp on it. Lucas says not this time and then he walks out. She whispers to herself that she wishes him all the luck. Later Rolf catches Nicole looking at John’s personal papers.

EJ walks in and asks Rolf to bring him some crumbled eggs, Dijon and toast points. Nicole talks EJ into telling her his good news. He finally tells her that Sami found out that they aren’t married anymore. He says she overheard John talking to him about it. He tells her that Sami was forced to admit she has feelings for him so he should be thanking Nicole for that. Lucas is standing outside the door and he hears EJ and he thinks how Sami could do that to him.

Bo goes home and tells Hope about Paul’s suitcase. He tells her that they found a letter for Morgan but they didn’t open it. He says they will be there when she opens it though. Bo grabs Hope to kiss her when the door opens and it is Doug and Julie walking in. They are dressed up as Betsy Ross and Uncle Sam to celebrate the 4th of July. Bo tells Doug about how they installed solar panels on the house and how it cut out his electric bill. He tells Doug how they are working on making their house completely green.

Doug and Julie offer to help getting things ready for the BBQ. Julie and Hope leave and Bo tells Doug that he could use some advice about a situation with Chelsea. He tells Doug about Chelsea dating an older guy. Doug reminds him how he did everything he could to keep Hope away from him when they dated. He said it only made her more determined to see him and get mad at him. Doug tells Bo that he had Daniel checked out when Hope told him that he was going to do Bo’s surgery. Bo thinks Daniel is a flight risk. Doug says that is the same kind of things people use to say about him and Julie. Doug tells Bo he can’t control these things because Chelsea is going to follow her heart and go the way she wants to. He says it is true what they say, True love always finds its way. Bo tells Doug he knows the bottom line is that he has to back off and see what happens. Doug tells him to think long and hard before he acts. Hurt and angry daughters are not very big on forgiving and forgetting.

Cloe and Phillip go into the Pub and he tells her he wishes she hadn’t said anything about seeing Paul at the docks. She says she was only trying to help. He says unfortunately she only made things worse. Cloe knows Phillip didn’t have anything to do with that fire and she knows they need to find Hollingsworth to prove it. He tells her she should have told him about this before telling Roman. Cloe says she is sorry but Phillip tells her not to worry about it, what’s done is done. Cloe asks Phillip if he is going to the BBQ and he says no. He asks her if she is going and she says not likely. He tells her maybe they can get together later and she says she would like that.

She excuses herself for a minute. When she walks away, Phillip spots Morgan sitting at a table crying and he goes over to her to try to comfort her. Phillip tells Morgan he has people looking for her father. She asks him what the real reason he is looking for him is. She tells him it doesn’t make any sense for her father to check in his bags and not get on the plane. Phillip wonders if Cloe was right about seeing Paul that night. He says he would have been leaving to keep from getting caught by the cops. She tells him that is why she is so worried about him. Phillip tells Morgan to call him if she needs anything and then hugs her. Cloe sees and he tries making an excuse to explain the hug but she doesn’t believe him.

Julie and Hope talk. She tells Hope that her father wasn’t always so happy about her being with Bo when they first started dating. She says but she always knew they were meant to be together. Julie tells her that it took her father a long time before he could accept Bo. Hope explains why Bo has such issues with Daniel. Julie says but Daniel is a doctor. Julie tells Hope that her father reacted just like any father would have. Hope says her Dad didn’t have anything to worry about.

Roman goes to the pub and sees Caroline. He tells her he went to the cemetery. He says he is going to miss the way pop use to sample his and Bo’s hamburgers to decide which the best was. Roman asks if she heard from Sami. Caroline says she will be here in a while. He says he wonders if she will bring EJ, but Caroline says she hopes not.

Jan Barrett

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