Sami is taking the kids out to Java to meet her Dad for coffee. Lucas offers to keep the twins for her if she wants him to. She worries saying the twins are a bit too much of a handful but Lucas thinks he can handle them. EJ walks in and says over his dead body. Sami jumps in between the guys and she tells EJ she has no problem with Lucas watching the twins but if EJ has a problem with it then she will leave Allie with Lucas and take Johnny with her. Lucas agrees to watch Allie so Sami leaves with Johnny.

Allie is too much for Lucas to handle. He has to call Sami and tell her he can’t get her to stop crying. Sami tells him to check in the nursery for her toys. When he goes to get her toys Allie crawls out the door and when he finds her missing he goes out the door to get her, which causes an alarm to go off and the cops come and he is arrested for leaving the premises.

EJ joins Sami at Java in between his appointments. Sami asks if one of his appointments is with Nicole but he assures her that he has a lot of new clients now. She tells him how much she appreciates his hard work to support her and the twins.

John meets Phillip at the Kiriakis Mansion. He accuses Phillip of setting him up but Phillip denies knowing anything about the coke that was found at the docks. John tells Phillip that he set him up and now he is going to have to pay.

At the hospital as Lexi is doing her rounds Daniel grabs her from behind closed curtains and offers her breakfast and coffee. They joke around and he tells her that they both deserve a break.

Chelsea and Morgan are talking in the Pub. Stephanie walks in and Morgan says she has to run. Stephanie asks Pete if he has seen Max but Pete says he should be there soon because he has the next shift. Stephanie says great, she says she can see they won’t be going out again tonight. Max walks in and as soon as he sees Nick and Robbins at a table he becomes like a zombie. Stephanie breaks the silence by saying earth to Max and then she tells him about her exam results. Max sits down and Pete walks up. Max asks him to cover his shift for him today but Pete tells him he has been there since this morning. Max gets loud and yells that he is asking him for a favor here, getting everyone’s attention in the Pub including Nick and Robbins.

Cloe and Nicole run into each other down at the docks while Nicole is following John and Cloe is following Phillip. Paul is hiding listening to them talk. Nicole tells Cloe she cares about Phillip and she is not going to stand by and let her destroy Phillip too. When they leave Paul comes out just as Morgan walks up. He tells her she shouldn’t be there.

Daniel calls Chelsea and tells her he needs to talk to her so they arrange to meet. When he goes to the Pub she tells him that he called her so now what is this all about. He tells her he thinks it is time he tells her the truth. He tells him that there are things about him that he hasn’t told her. He tells her there is a woman in Salem that he has been hooking up with. Chelsea doesn’t believe him. She thinks he made the story up. Daniel denies making it up so Chelsea asks him if he loves this other woman. He says it isn’t that kind of thing, and then he says the woman is not available to him. Chelsea says oh so she is married Daniel says he isn’t discussing this with her and leaves.

Max gets into a fight down at the docks and Morgan witnesses it. When Nick and Stephanie gets involved Max gets mad and tells Nick it has nothing to do with him or anything else that they know of so it is over. He walks off saying he is going back to work. He tells Stephanie he will call her later. Stephanie tells the others that this isn’t the same Max that she knows.

Max runs into John and is asked about a shipment coming in today. Max tells him he wasn’t aware of a shipment of his coming in. John says he is right, the shipment isn’t his, it is Kiriakis’s and he wants Max to tell him all about it. Max tells John that he doesn’t know anything about a Kiriakis shipment. He says he doesn’t want to get caught up in their war. John tells him he doesn’t have any choice. He says he has ears and eyes on the docks and he is demanding Max tell him what he wants to know. Max gets mad and yells at him, “You want to take me on? Come on!”

After EJ leaves Sami for a meeting Roman walks in and they hug. Before they can sit down Nicole walks in and remarks how nice it is to find two Brady’s for the price of a measly shot of Americano. She tells Sami she has some news for her. She says her marriage to EJ isn’t exactly what she thinks it is. Roman tells her they aren’t in the mood for her joking so he asks her to just spit it out and be on her way. Before she can Sami gets a call from Lucas telling her he got arrested.

Lexi and Abe meet for lunch. They disagree about Theo’s problem. Lexi accuses Abe of not being worried but he assures her that he is but he just doesn’t want to overanalyze it.

Phillip tells Cloe how dare John trying to threaten him. Cloe tries comforting him when Victor walks in and breaks the two of them up. Victor tells Phillip he wants this witch out of his house. Phillip says it is his house too and he wants her there. Victor says then he is overruling him, he wants her out now. Cloe says it will just be easier if she goes so she walks out.

Jan Barrett

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