Chelsea asks Stephanie if she is ok. Stephanie answers not really. Chelsea says to let her guess, Max, right? They start talking about her date with Daniel. Chelsea says she fantasized about that date for so long. Stephanie wants to know if he lived up to her expectations. Stephanie notices her eating chips and asks her if she didn’t eat. Chelsea says she was too nervous to eat before. Stephanie asks her about a second date and then advises what to do if Daniel waits too long to call. She tells her not to panic if he doesn’t call right away. Chelsea asks Stephanie about Max. She tells Chelsea it is like a train wreck. She says his biological Dad is in town. She says Max is supposed to go meet up with his Dad right now and she has a really bad feeling about that.

Max is working in the pub when Trent knocks on the door. Trent tells him he is there to make amends with him but Max wants nothing to do with it. Max continues mopping as they talk. He tells Trent that he abandoned him. He says all he had to do was tell him who he was but he took the easy way out and ran away. Trent says he came back because he wanted him with him. He says he can when this was a fish market and he saw him with his “Dad” Sean and he realized he would never be able to give him the happiness that the Brady’s gave him so he left town. He asks Max how come he gave up the racing.

Max accuses him of saying this job at the pub isn’t good enough. Max says it was good enough for Sean Brady so it is good enough for him. Trent asks Max to keep their relationship a secret but Max tells him it is too late. Too many people know already. Trent accuses Max of telling people to retaliate. He tells him if he has a problem with that to pack up his stuff and leave. Max talks about how good Sean Brady was.

He tells Trent he wants him to do something for him. He says he wants him to pretend he was not the biggest mistake of his life. He says if he will do that then they are even. Max tells him one word from him and he will ruin his rep as a great man. Trent tells him he is respected. Max tells him so is he. Max asks Trent again who the girl in the picture is but he refuses to say. Trent refuses and starts to go. He tells Max to mop the floor and earn that minimum wage. He runs into Stephanie as he goes out the door. He tells her what a shame, a pretty girl like her could do better. Max insists it isn’t over with him.

Bo goes into Roman’s office and tells him about Chelsea’s date with Daniel. Roman asks if Daniel isn’t a bit old for her. Bo tells him thanks. That’s what he thought. Bo asks him what he would do about it. Roman advises him to stay out of it. They start talking about Paul missing. Roman says they need to go through Paul’s his apartment. Bo suggests that they get his luggage too. He says if Paul is missing John will be a suspect for more than just drug trafficking. Roman gets a call and when he hangs up he tells Bo they got the search warrant. Bo says let’s go and get some evidence and they leave together. Roman and Bo can’t find anything in their search. An officer brings Roman Paul’s suitcase. When the officer leaves Morgan comes in and asks if they have come up with anything and she sees her father’s suitcase. Morgan demands to know where her father is. Bo tells her to take it easy and she says she will not. Roman tells her they are looking for him and tells her to go home and try to get some sleep. When she starts to leave she asks Roman to please find her father. When she is gone Bo says poor kid. Roman says yeah but he gets the feeling her dad is not the man she thinks he is.

John tells Ava he needs to find something in the lab concerning the disc. EJ walks in and John asks him how long is he going to keep up this charade with his wife. EJ denies it but John says he knows that he has been lying to Sami for weeks now. Sami walks in and asks EJ if that is true. John tells Sami that Nicole told him their annulment was valid. Sami says then it can’t be true until she looks at EJ and sees that it is true. John tells EJ he is curious as to how he handles this one as he and Ava walk out the room.

Sami asks him how long he was going to drag this out. He says as long as he could. She accuses him of doing anything he could to keep her and Lucas apart. He says no, he will do anything to keep his family together. She says they were never a family but he says don’t tell him that. She wonders now if it was a charade to get immigration off his back EJ admits it was. He admits paying off the man from immigration to go along with him. She asks him if he went through all that trouble. He says yes he did. She looks at him and calls him a bastard.  She tells him she will never forgive him for this. He tells her she needs to remember the people who have forgiven her.

She says she has learned some tough lessons. She learned from Lucas to be open and honest with the person you love. Sami tells EJ he is still the same evil, manipulative jerk that he has always been. EJ tells her if the tables were turned she would have done the same thing. She says there is nothing he can say now to make her trust him again. He says well now she knows how Lucas felt when he walked in on them making love.

She pulls her wedding ring and throws it at him. He tells her not to do this. He says she can do a lot but please not this. He tells her that he knows a part of her wishes they were still married. She tells him it is over and he is dreaming. EJ says she is lying to him and to herself. She says she can’t do that. He says but she can’t deny it either. He says he knows a part of her has feelings for him as he gets closer to her. She finally says Oh God, and that he knows she does and she runs out. He calls out to wait but she is gone.

John and Ava go down to the lab and he tells her not to touch anything because he doesn’t know what they are dealing with here. He thinks back about when Stefano had him there and then he tells Ava he wants to see what is on the disc. Ava stops him and asks him if he isn’t afraid to do this. He puts the disc in the player and then has a flashback of Stefano telling him his brain is on the disc. Ava asks him if he is ok. He tells her he remembers. He says he remembers Stefano and that it is the disc with his memory on it.

He starts to play it but she stops him. She tells him he needs to take that disc and break it into a million pieces. His eyes water up. She asks him if he wants to know what is on the disc is because of Marlena. He tells her that may be part of it. She tells him if he’s really happy now then that’s where his past belongs, in the past. She tells him she was really looking forward to getting to know the man he is now. He said so was he. He takes the disc and locks it in a drawer. She says, no looking back? He says no looking back, at least not tonight, and they kiss.

Morgan goes to see Chelsea and tells her they still haven’t found her Dad. She says she just didn’t want to be alone. Chelsea hugs her. Morgan decides to spend the night there. She tells Chelsea she thinks she is just going to go up to bed. Chelsea says if anyone can find her father it would be her dad. Morgan says that is what she is afraid of.

Jan Barrett

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