Tony and Anna have worked up an appetite so they decide to go have dinner. Anna tells him he is acting like they are still on their honeymoon. He says as far as he is concerned they always will be. He makes a toast to being newlyweds forever. He says he can only think of one thing that could make their happiness complete. She asks if it is that Beach front triplex in Bora-Bora. He laughs and says they are getting there but no so Anna asks what would then. He tells her if she would quit her job and go to work for him. She refuses to quit the job she has now.

Tony goes outside to make a phone call and tells Anna to think about it while he is gone. A man walks up to her table and introduces himself to her as Reginald Lundberg, her boss. Anna is surprised and excited to finally meet him. He tells her he has some bad news. He tells her he’s been forced to close down his agency. He says he has gone bankrupt and can’t afford to offer her any kind of a severance package. Then he says for her to take care and leaves.

When Tony comes back to the table she tells him she has changed her mind. She says under one condition though. She says she will go to work with him and not for him. Tony says ok but he wants to know why she changed her mind. She tells him her ego isn’t that fragile. She says she has self-esteem to burn. Then she tells him they are going to make a great team.

Anna goes to freshen up and Reginald walks up to Tony and introduces himself. He tells Tony that Anna is resourceful and he is sure she will land on her feet. Reginald tells Tony about him going bankrupt. Tony wishes him luck and leaves.

Victor goes over to the bar where Phillip is and he is upset over Paul Hollingsworth missing. Phillip tells his father that everything is under control. He tells Phillip Paul is the only one that can connect him to this. Victor wants the situation contained. Victor tells Phillip he doesn’t want him to get in over his head. Morgan walks in which catches Phillip’s eye. When Victor notices it he asks Phillip if he is sleeping with Morgan. Phillip tells him no. He says they are just friends. Phillip tells Victor that he figures she will be the first person Paul will contact if he shows back up in town.

Morgan walks over to the bar and introduces herself to Victor. She looks at Phillip and tells him she got his message and asks what’s up. Phillip offers Morgan a drink. She wants to know what Phillip really wants.

Daniel and Chelsea are in the room and he turns down the lights and they get very romantic together. He tells her he wants to bust out and take her… then he whispers in her ear making her blush and smile. Daniel says this feels strange, talking about the dating thing. She asks him if he isn’t use to kissing on the first date. He says the doors don’t even lock there. Chelsea says bummer, and then suggests that they should have dessert then. Daniel’s pager goes off and he tells her he will be back as soon as he can.

When Daniel comes back, he asks Chelsea what they were talking about. She tells him she believes they were discussing the socio-political implications of health care in the third world countries. She gets him to close his eyes. She says she is very proud of him and then she tells him she feels so blessed to know him so she thought she should reward him. She shows him when he opens his eyes the jello she stole. Daniel tells her he doesn’t need that kind of dessert. They start kissing again.

John isn’t sure he wants to know what is in his past. The doorbell rings and it is Ava. She starts to leave when she sees Marlena there but John tells her no, he wants her to stay. Ava says maybe now is not the best time. Marlena says that is a very good assessment. Marlena reminds John that they were in the middle of a conversation. John says he could use Ava’s opinion. Marlena starts to leave but John stops her too. He tells Marlena he isn’t going to take advice from anyone on this. Marlena thinks his honesty is refreshing. He tells her not really, he just likes messing with her.

She tells him he can mess with her all he wants but she asks that he takes that disc seriously. When Ava says she is going to leave, Marlena thanks her but John tells her no, they are through talking. She asks if he is sure about that. John tells her how amazing it is that this one little disc can cause so much commotion. He tells Ava that it supposedly holds the key to his past. She tells him that maybe he should do like Marlena asks and open the door and see what was is in his past.

Marlena decides to leave. John tells her he was only being honest. She tells him she hopes he comes to his senses. She tells him the man he was is the only man worth being. When she is gone he apologizes to Ava for having to see that. She tells him that was nothing but when the knives start flying then they have something to talk about. She tells John she isn’t sure she wants him to go back to his old self. John tells her he likes the way she thinks. He tells her he is tired of the old John. He says he is like a shadow he can’t shake. He says he knows what he wants and then he goes after what he wants. 

After a hot kiss Ava tells John that something about this feels right. She asks him if she is crazy. She wonders if Marlena will come back. He says she won’t. Suddenly he backs up and says he can’t get the disc off his mind. He can’t make up his mind what he wants to do. She thinks he is doing ok like he is. She says if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. He asks then what about the disc then. She tells him to destroy it. John isn’t sure he wants to destroy the disc so Ava says to just stick it in the drawer and forget about it. He says that is easier said than done. John says if you face your fears it makes you stronger. He says maybe he can find something in the lab that will help. He heads for the lab and Ava tells him to wait, she wants to go with him.

Lexi comes downstairs and says she had to read Theo the book three times before he finally went to sleep. Abe asks her if they can talk. She wants to know what more is there to say. She says Theo is autistic and they are just going to have to learn to live with it. Lexi tells Abe she doesn’t see what good talking about it will do. He says Theo still has potential to change and grow and make his way into this world. He says Theo is still their son, he is still sweet Theo. He says he can still have a great future. Lexi says she wants to believe that with all her heart and then Abe holds her in his arms as she cries. Abe tells her that they have got to get through this together. She says for so many months she was hoping she was wrong and just over reacting. He tells her Theo will be fine, they just have to fight for it. He says he knows he has to accept the truth but he won’t accept defeat. She says they have so many decisions to make. She says poor Theo’s whole life will be a struggle. They hug each other.

Marlena goes to Chez Rouge and orders a glass of wine. Victor walks up to her and offers to buy her a drink but she says she isn’t in the mood for company. Victor asks her if this is about John. She apologizes to Victor telling her she was being less than gracious. He tells her if he can help in anyway. Marlena tells Victor she doesn’t think he can help her but she thinks Phillip can.

Jan Barrett

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