Daniel tells Chelsea he can’t drink tonight because he is on call at the hospital. He makes a toast to her with ginger ale, “Ho’omaka Hou” He says that is Hawaiian for “To New Beginnings” She says too bad Bo and Hope had to leave the restaurant to go check on Ciara. Chelsea tells Daniel that her father really does like him. He is just hung up on their age differences. They both agree that they aren’t worried about it though. He tells Chelsea she is so beautiful and wants to make her smile that way every day.

Chelsea tells Daniel her family is cool but she says Kate is very over protective of her. She tells Daniel she wants to talk about them now. Daniel tells her there is no “us” yet. Chelsea wants to know then why are they together right now on a date. Daniel says they are just checking out the possibilities that they have. Daniel gets a page and has to go back to the hospital so he asks for a rain check, then he invites her to go with him.  At the hospital Daniel asks Chelsea to wait for him into Kate’s old room. Chelsea isn’t so sure about this but he says he will be back real soon. As he is about to go out the door he asks her how is it dating a doctor. She tells him it sure isn’t dull. He says never, never dull.

Chelsea is sitting back on the bed reading a magazine when a man comes in rolling a tray. She tries to stop the man telling him she is just there waiting on Dr. Jonas. The man asks if she is Chelsea Brady. She says yes. He says then this is all for her and he leaves the room. Daniel stops her before she can peek and see what is on the tray. He thanks her for being who she is. He leans over and kisses her.

Nicole orders another drink but Trent warns her that he doesn’t want her to get drunk. She tells him that he use to like it when she got drunk. Trent tells her that was in the past and he just wants to start over now. Nicole still wants nothing to do with it. Nicole tells Trent he is just worried that she will get drunk and blurt out something from his dark past. He tells Nicole he has nothing to hide now since Max knows about him. She asks what did Max do when he found out, spit on him?

Nicole tells him that she ruined her life when she met him but he disagrees saying it was already ruined. He says if it weren’t for him she probably would be dead.  She tells him he didn’t turn her life around, she did it herself. He says he was the one there for her helping her. She says no, she did it herself. After they go through a trip down memory lane Nicole tells Trent she isn’t feeling sorry for herself and she will never trust anyone else again. She calls him a crude, selfish caring bastard who will do anything to get to the top and hurt anyone along the way to get there. She tells him his nice guy routine won’t work with her. He tells her he is on top now and no one can bring him down. She tells him, “You want to bet?” He tells her to keep her mouth shut or her own dirty little secret will get out and she has more to lose than he does.

Morgan accuses Cloe of lying about her father. She thinks Cloe is covering for someone like John. Morgan thinks John is the guilty one here. Roman says they don’t have any evidence against John but now they have an eye witness. Cloe tells Roman she is telling the truth. Roman asks her if she will sign an affidavit swearing it and she says of course.  Roman pulls her off privately to talk. She tells him she is sure the man she saw was Paul Hollingsworth. Cloe tells Roman how she ran into Paul that night on the docks.

Morgan walks up and starts arguing again with Cloe saying she is only saying these things because she is mad at her for kissing Phillip. Roman asks Morgan to leave. When she goes out, Phillip follows her. Roman asks Cloe if she saw Paul that night, what he was wearing. She says she wasn’t really paying attention to what Paul was wearing. She asks Roman to get her a glass of water and when he walks away she texts Lucas asking him about it. Roman calls the station and has an APB put out on Hollingsworth.

When Lucas messages her back Roman asks her if she is expecting a call. She lies and says it was from her lawyer. Roman wants her to go to the station with her. He gets a call and she sneaks to read Lucas’s text message. When Roman comes back she tells Roman she remembers now what Paul was wearing. She says he was wearing a gray suit and a dress shirt with stripes on it with no tie. She asks Roman what happens if Paul is guilty. Roman tells her he will go to prison unless he tells them who he was working for. She says she thinks he did it to get back at John Black.
Marlena tells John that the disc holds their future. John says it is stolen property and he wants to know where she got it. Lucas is listening outside the door when Marlena tells John the disc has his memories on it. She says Rolf knows about the disc but Rolf denies knowing anything. She tells Rolf she knows he did it and now she wants him to undo it. He says this whole thing is preposterous. Marlena says he is lying.

Lucas comes into the room wanting to know if the disc has a map of John’s brain on it. Marlena asks Lucas how long was he eavesdropping. He tells her long enough to know that John has been quiet way too long. John is trying to figure out what his options are. Marlena says she knows what is on the disc. Lucas wants to know how they know it is John’s memories. Marlena says Rolf worked for Stefano and he was involved with this. John asks Marlena again how she got the disc or did she have it all along.

Marlena thinks back to getting the disc from Phillip and how she promised not to tell anyone where she got it. John accuses her of protecting the one that stole the disc. Then he tries to trick her by asking why Phillip would care if he knows anyway. Marlena says she never said it was Phillip. John says because she is protecting the enemies. Marlena tells him this is no game. She says this can give them a future. Lucas offers to help but John doesn’t want any help. Marlena mentions the lab and asks what is in there. Rolf tells her she is setting herself up for a big disappointment. 

John says nothing is going to be done til Marlena tells him where she got the disc. She says she can’t break her promise. Marlena asks John isn’t he curious as to what is on the disc. He says only mildly curious perhaps. She asks him to force Rolf to do this but Rolf protests. John says he isn’t so sure he wants to subject himself to the risk. Marlena asks what risk. He asks what if this is a trick. He asks how he knows that he wouldn’t end up screwed up more than he already is. Marlena admits she hadn’t thought of that. He says well he isn’t taking that risk.

Max wants Stephanie to back off from him. He says he is going to tell everyone that Trent is a ruthless heartless bastard. Steve tells him he thinks that would be a big mistake. Max wonders why Patch is against it since he knows exactly what he is going through. He tells Max to get the truth first and make sure he is the monster that he thinks he is.

Jan Barrett

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