Bo and Hope are at Chez Rouge but Hope can’t figure out what the special occasion is. Bo won’t tell her yet, he says when the time is right she will know. They start talking about work and he doesn’t want to. He says he wants this night to be just about the two of them. He says he is not going to let anyone or anything spoil that.

Daniel walks in and Hope almost chokes. He comes over to their table and Bo asks him if he has some sort of hot date tonight. Bo wants to know who Daniel’s date is after he teases him about not knowing he even owned a tie. Before Daniel can answer the waiter tells Bo their table is ready so Daniel was saved. Hope rushes Bo over to their table to avoid Daniel’s answer. Daniel tries to call Chelsea to warn her but can’t reach her.

Stephanie and Caroline are talking about Max when Chelsea storms in nervous about her date. She needs Stephanie’s help choosing which outfit she just bought to wear. They go upstairs for Chelsea to change in Max’s room. Max tells Stephanie that he is on his way to find his father to have it out with him once and for all. Stephanie tries to stop him but he says he has to do this. She tells him then she is going with him. He tells her no, he has to do this alone but promises to tell her everything later.

Nicole joins Trent for drink. He thanks her for joining him. She tells him it isn’t like he gave her a choice. He wants to make a toast to their past and to their future. She wants no part of it but then says what the hell at least she can drink. Nicole sees Bo and Hope. She tells Trent who they are. He tells her that he already met Bo, when he came to his place after the break-in. He says Bo’s daughter was dating one of his brightest students.

Nicole asks Trent how come he just can’t leave her alone. He says because he missed her and asks her if that is so hard to believe. She says yes. He claims he is not the same man he use to be and he would like to make that up to her. Nicole wants nothing to do with him. She only wants the answer to one question and she thinks it is high time she got it. He tells her that her secret is safe but Nicole wonders.

A Student comes up and talks about Trent’s book. Trent introduces Nicole to Sam. When Sam leaves Trent tells Nicole he thinks he is becoming quite a celebrity around there. She was surprised that he introduced her. She says there was a time that he was embarrassed to be seen with her. He says well times have changed. Music starts and Trent tells Nicole they are playing their song. She says they don’t have a song. He says he thought they did. He asks her to dance but she doesn’t want to. He tells her she would do good to think about being a little nicer to him, so she agrees to dance with him. He tells her it is nice dancing with her. He says he thought his past would catch up with him but he never thought it would be her. She asks who else it would be. He tells her his son. He tells her that Max is his son.

Marlena tells Abe and Lexi how sorry she is to hear about Theo. Abe says in a frustrated voice that everything has changed all because of one lousy word. Lexi says that one word is autism. Abe talks about how much different today is from yesterday. Lexi says it isn’t that much difference they just know what’s going on with Theo now. Lexi points out that Theo isn’t talking like he should be for his age. Abe says so what if he is a little behind. She says living in denial isn’t helping. Abe says but neither is damning their son with some damn label.

After a roll in the hay Cloe gets up to get dressed telling Phillip she has something important to do. She says it is for his own good. He wants to know what she is up to. She tells Phillip he will soon find out soon enough after she talks to Roman. She asks him to please trust her. She promises him not to ever do anything to hurt him and then tells him he can go with her. When Phillip leaves to go get the car, Cloe calls Lucas and tells him she is about to go do it. Lucas tells her he wishes he could do it himself. She says she knows but he can’t. Lucas wants her to call him when it is over. He says he will owe her for this and then wishes her good luck. When Lucas hangs up John asks him what was that all about.

Kayla and Steve tell Roman that the baby is finally out of the crisis stage. Roman tells Kayla and Steve that he wants to come by and meet Lil Joe but first he wants to crack this arson case. He says the John Black mess isn’t looking so good.

Steve goes over to Stephanie and Max and asks Max if they can talk. He wants to talk to Max alone so Stephanie goes over to talk to Kayla. Steve tells Max that he thinks they need to have a man to man talk. Max admits he has been hiding things and then goes on to telling him about his father. Max says he hid this because he doesn’t want to be like his father. Max says his biological father is back in Salem. Steve wants to know if he is causing trouble or something. Max says no but he is making life hell. Steve understands since he had an abusive father himself. Steve offers to be there for him if he needs him anytime night or day.

Morgan rushes in to talk to Roman telling him she thinks her father is missing. She says her father said he would call her but he hasn’t and she has tried calling him and he doesn’t answer. Roman tells her to file a missing person’s report they have to be missing for 24 hours. Morgan says she just knows something has happened to her father. She says she talked to him last night but he was upset when he left. He told her that his life was in danger so she just knows something has happened to him.

Just then Cloe walks in and says oh something has happened alright. She says she has news about Paul. She says she saw him at the pier that night of the fire. Morgan asks her if that is all she has to say. Roman tells her to start from the beginning. Cloe says that Paul reeked of gasoline when she saw him.

When Chelsea walks in Daniel tells her that she looks beautiful. She apologizes for being late but he says she is worth the wait. When Chelsea sees Bo and Hope there she hesitates. He asks her if it is a problem with her parents being there and she says it could be. Chelsea looks over at Bo and tells Daniel she guesses they really don’t have to worry. He asks her if she is sure she is ready for this.

They go over to Bo and Hope’s table and Bo is surprised to see them together. He almost chokes on his food as he asks Daniel if this is his date for the night. Bo says he is a little surprised and says Daniel is a little old for her. Chelsea says it isn’t like he is an old man. When they leave Hope scolds Bo for being so rude. Later at their table Chelsea tells Daniel that her father will come around.

Marlena goes to see John. She asks Lucas to excuse them and when he leaves Rolf starts to go but she asks him to stay because this involves him too. When asked what all this is about she says this is about her getting her husband back. John tells her she blows his mind. He says yesterday she was talking divorce. She says she doesn’t’ want him back, she wants her husband back. She pulls out the disc and Rolf almost passes out. She tells then that this disc is the key to unlocking John’s past. Lucas overhears Marlena saying this while eavesdropping.

Jan Barrett

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