Cloe is there with Lucas while he removes the monitor when Sami walks in. She wants to know what Cloe is doing there. She tells Lucas that Cloe doesn’t always act in the best interests of others. They start raising their voices and John walks in and breaks it up. He wants to know what Phillip Kiriakis’s girl is doing there. John asks if Phillip sent her over there to spy on him. Cloe starts to tell John why she came there but Lucas stops her. John says his house, his rules. He wants Cloe out and says if Lucas invites her back then he goes too.

Sami tells John Lucas has to stay. John says anyone associated with Phillip has to go except for Lucas of course. Sami says well what about EJ, he represented Phillip’s step mother. John says EJ is family, he stays. John says the fighting has to stop and he tells her to lighten up, he is on her side. She says he didn’t side with her and tell EJ he has to move. He says EJ is family, Lucas isn’t. He wants to know if she is going to play nice or not. She says ok. He invites Sami to go have a snack with him. John turns and tells Lucas he wants Cloe gone when he gets back.

Phillip meets with Yvonne about the disc. She tells him she can’t break the code on it. He pays her for her trouble and tells her to have a safe trip back to Hong Kong. When she is gone he calls Marlena and tells her he thinks he has some information she might be interested in about John.

Ava and Nicole meet at the athletics club and they don’t see any good looking men. Ava spots EJ walks in so she tells Nicole it looks like their favorite lawyer just walked in. Nicole says things aren’t a total loss after all and she waves to EJ. Ava asks Nicole if she and EJ slept together and Nicole tells her no. She tells her it was just an intense make-out session. She says he wanted to but she stopped it. She says all he wanted was a one night stand. Ava asks her if that was a problem for her. She says she didn’t want it to just be about sex.

Caroline goes to Max’s room wanting to continue their talk. She wants to know more about his real father and how come he never told her before. She says she is his mother and she should be the last one he keeps secrets from. She says Pop and her did not raise him to be this dishonest. He says he knows and he is sorry. He says he wants to be like Pop was, and Caroline tells him he is. He tells her he doesn’t think his real father gives a damn about him and he says he is fine with that.

Max tells Caroline he doesn’t want anything to do with his real father. He hates everything he has found out so far. Caroline wants to know what he has found out. He tells her his real father abandoned him and his mother. And his mother died because of him. Caroline wants to know how his mother died. He says she got sick and when she didn’t get better she died. He says they tried to take him away and put him in foster care and his father just stood there. Caroline hugs him.

Marlena goes to Phillip’s house and he tells her about the disc that he thinks could help John get his memory back. He tells Marlena there are brain wave patterns on the disc but won’t say how he got hold of the disc. He tells Marlena that he thinks it could be possible to be John’s brain waves. He says he can’t give it to John because he would be suspicious. He wants her to give them to John to help him. He says he thinks that whatever happened to John stinks and he wants the old John back too. Marlena starts to call Roman but Phillip won’t give it to her if she involves the police. She figures it out that it was Phillip that stole it and asks him what it is that he wants. Marlena gets a call and tells Phillip she has to go. Phillip tells her he wants her to promise not to tell John where she got the disc from so she promises.

Abe asks Lexi if she wants to talk about it but she tells him she can’t yet. He says the situation is just too painful. She says this is not a situation. This is their little boy they are talking about here. She says their son has problems, serious problems and it scares her to death. Lexi says she is a doctor so she should have seen the signs before now that their little boy has a problem. Marlena stop by and tells them the doctor called her and she just wanted to make sure they were ok. Abe appreciates her stopping by but assures her that they are ok. Lexi stops him by saying no they are not ok and neither is Theo. Lexi tells Marlena about the tests they did on Theo and they found out he is autistic.

John and Sami walk into the athletics club and they see Nicole and Ava. Ava wants to ask John to join them. He tells Ava he is there for a snack with his soon to be ex daughter in law. Sami wants to know what that is supposed to mean. John says to ask her mother but it wasn’t his idea. Then he looks over at Ava and says but maybe he does want a divorce. Sami walks away from him. Ava asks him if he really means that and he says he always means everything he says.

Sami goes to EJ and asks him how come he is being so selfish. He thinks it is she that is being selfish. She wants to know why he would want to live there anyway with Lucas there. EJ refuses to move out and then Sami leaves.

Cloe asks Lucas if he is having second thoughts about her going to the police. Lucas is worried about getting her into trouble lying for him. She tells him that they really don’t have much of a choice. He realizes that but he just wants to make sure they have their stories straight so she can convince the police that she saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier that night.

Sami approaches Nicole and asks her for a favor. She wants her to help her to convince EJ to move out. At first Nicole won’t have anything to do with it. Then she tells her if she thought it would help she would say something but EJ is ignoring her right now. She tells Sami they came this close… and then she says never mind. Sami starts fuming.

Lucas asks EJ if he is moving out and EJ says no and he knows Sami isn’t happy about it. Lucas tells him how Sami reacted when she saw him talking to Cloe. EJ says Sami is nothing if not possessive. Lucas says he can understand why considering her history with men. Lucas tells him about a few of the past problems Sami has had with men.

Lucas tells EJ that Sami always wants what she can’t have. He says Sami is still jealous and possessive. EJ asks if he is saying that all this is Sami’s fault. Sami walks in just outside the door and listens to them talk. Sami barges in yelling at EJ that she can’t believe he almost slept with Nicole and she asks him how could he do that to her. EJ says hi Samantha, lovely to see you too. She asks him if that is a yes, and he says yes. EJ looks at Lucas and tells him that he is completely right and they leave the room to go to the kitchen leaving Sami standing there.

Nicole tells Ava that she told Sami about her and EJ. Nicole says she has some information that would turn John’s house into chaos. Ava encourages her to talk to John about it. She tells him her settlement with Victor is finished and he congratulates her on her gold digging. Then Nicole tells John that Sami and EJ’s annulment is valid. She says she feels better now that she has said it. He asks her what is he suppose to do with this information. She says she doesn’t care, that’s his problem.

Jan Barrett

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