Chelsea goes to see Hope asking her if she can talk to her in private. Chelsea asks Hope if she can borrow a pair of earrings of hers tonight. Hope asks her if she has a date tonight. Chelsea says yes but she asks Hope not to tell her Dad. Hope tells her she doesn’t like to keep secrets from her father. Chelsea finally admits to Hope that her date is with Daniel. Hope worries that Daniel is so much older. Chelsea asks if this means she isn’t going to back her on this. Hope says that isn’t what she is saying. Chelsea tells her she could really use her suppose. Hope agrees to keep it quiet but makes her promise to tell her father if a second date is going to happen. Chelsea asks her so can she borrow the earrings? Hope says of course.

Kate asks the nurse if she is going home today. She tells her they are processing her release for the doctor to sign. Kate says perfect as long as it isn’t Dr. Jonas. The nurse defends Daniel but Kate wants nothing to do with him.

John is on the phone and he is telling someone that Kiriakis is responsible for the fire. Lucas hears John blaming Phillip. Sami walks in and asks Lucas if he has seen John. Lucas says no and asks why. She says she needs some big boxes for EJ’s things because he is moving out. EJ walks in and says “The Hell I am.” He says he talked to John and John says he doesn’t have to move. Lucas says he would leave if he could.

When Lucas walks out Sami tells EJ he is being unreasonable. He says she is not being really fair. EJ tells her their making love happened and there is no sense in her pretending it didn’t. She tells him it was a mistake. He says no, it is a mistake if they ignore it. Sami continues to try to get EJ to move out. He tells her if he goes anywhere he is taking his son with him and she can come see him anytime she wants to and he walks out. She tells him he is not taking her son away from her.

Later Sami finds some boxes and EJ sees her. He tells her he is not going anywhere. She says as long as he is there she can’t fix things with Lucas. EJ asks her if she ever considered the fact that it may not be fixable. She tells him the other night was a mistake. He says he knows it wasn’t and so does Lucas. He says Lucas knows she doesn’t have sex with someone unless she has feelings for them. Sami calls EJ pompous and arrogant. She says Lucas is the only man she will ever love. She begs him to please move out for her sake.

Sami changes tactics on EJ by telling him she knows he is a good guy but she is asking him to do this for her. She tells him that watching him with the twins proved to her that he is a natural with them. She admits she doesn’t always mean what she says. She tells him he is a great father, and she will always want him to be a part of Johnny’s life, but he can do that even if he isn’t living there. EJ says he is sorry but the answer is no, he is not moving. She says after all that praising and he still won’t go. John walks in and sides with EJ. Sami tells John her Mom is not going to like it when she hears he sided with EJ and not her. He says his home, his rules. He says be careful or she will be the one that is out.

Lucas takes off the monitor and leaves the DiMera mansion. Kate calls him and asks him how come he is whispering. He lies to her and tells her that the twins are a sleep so he can’t talk. He promises to call her back later and he hangs up.

Kate calls Phillip and asks him if he will pick her up from the hospital. Phillip tells someone they are releasing her. Kate asks him if someone is with him, and Phillip tells her he is with Daniel. Kate remarks that she didn’t know him and Daniel were friends. Phillip tells her he wants her to go to the Kiriakis mansion to heal but she says she doesn’t think Victor would like that. He tells her if Victor can put up Nicole, he can put up with her. Kate finally agrees.

Later Daniel walks in Kate’s room and he asks her for a favor. He tells her he would like for them to at least try to get along if for no other reason than for Chelsea’s sake. Daniel yells at Kate screaming her name, KATE! She says he has lost his bedside manor. He asks again if they can be friends for Chelsea’s sake. She says she doesn’t know what this has to do with Chelsea. He says she won’t understand. About that time Chelsea walks in and asks understand what. Kate quickly says how excited she is to get the hell out of this hospital. Daniel gets Kate to sign the papers and he leaves. Kate asks her to have dinner with her tonight but Chelsea admits she has a date but declines to say with whom.

Lucas knocks on Cloe’s door. She is surprised to see him there. He tells her he heard John tell someone that he knows Phillip started that fire. Lucas says he knows it wasn’t Phillip. He knows who did it and he is not going to let his brother burn for it. He tells her it was Paul Hollingsworth. He tells her he ran into Paul that night he called her at the docks. Cloe connects the name to Morgan and finds this interesting. She asks him if he is positive that it was Morgan’s Dad there and Lucas says he knows it was him. She says they have to tell the police to clear Phillip. Lucas says that is just it, he can’t because no one can know that he was at the docks. He asks Cloe if she will tell the cops that she saw Paul there instead. Cloe agrees to do it.

John tells Bo that he is spinning his wheels Bo tells him that all the evidence points to him not Phillip. Phillip walks in and Bo says they can talk to him now. Morgan barges in and Chelsea tries to stop her but can’t. She marches over to John and tells Bo that this man should be in jail. She turns to John and tells him she blames him for everything. She says her father was a good man and he corrupted his mind and now she will never forgive him for that.  John says he just came in for coffee and a sticky bun. He says he didn’t know he would be on trial there.

Bo and Hope try to calm Morgan down. She tells them good luck in finding her father because he left town. She says she doesn’t know where her father went but he left because he feared for his life. John interrupts and says he has lost his appetite and says he will have to pass on the sticky bun. When John starts to leave Phillip tells him he is finished. Phillip turns and asks Chelsea if Kate called her. She says her phone is off. He says he is headed to the hospital and Chelsea wants to go too. He says to go ahead and he will be right there.

He and Morgan sit down at a table together. She tells him in a way she is glad her Dad is not here. She says this way he can avoid all these questions. She tells Phillip that she and Cloe got into a little tiff earlier. She says Cloe wants her to stay away from him. He asks what she said to her. She says what you think. Then he leaves to go get Kate.

Jan Barrett

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