Sami walks in and overhears Lucas on the phone with Mickey asking him to call him back saying he needs to talk to him. He tells Mickey he can’t stay there anymore. When he sees Sami he says he has to go and hangs up. She tells him if they got back together it would be easier for him to stay there with her. Lucas says it would be if she hadn’t slept with EJ. She tells him he has got to forgive her for that.

EJ goes into the Brady Pub and when Caroline senses he is suffering from a heavy hangover she offers him some hot coffee. Nicole walks over to him and tells him of something that is guaranteed to help with his hangover. When he agrees to try Caroline says fine but Nicole would have to make it. They talk about how they got drunk last night when Nicole whispers to EJ, “Don’t worry EJ. Your secrets are safe with me.”

While Sami and Lucas argue John walks in and Sami asks him why her mother’s portrait was removed. She tells him she talked to her mother and she knows why she left. She says her brother Eric was in an accident and even though he is going to be ok she went to be with him. John walks out the room mumbling that he still thinks Blondie is just using that as an excuse to get away from him. Sami says John doesn’t seem to be himself. She says she knows he loves her mother and if he thinks he has lost her she isn’t sure what he will do. Lucas remarks that he didn’t realize she cared that much for John. She tells Lucas she isn’t a heartless bitch, she says she does have a heart.

Kate walks in and says, “I beg to differ.” Kate walks over to Lucas and hugs him as Sami rolls her eyes. Lucas complains about being under house arrest and not being free to go anywhere. Kate says she will have him moved somewhere else but Sami says he will be staying there with her and the twins. Kate tells her, “You know Sami, the last time I checked you were spoken for.” Sami says, “Well check again. My marriage to EJ has been annulled.” Kate is insisting on calling Roman but Lucas stops her by telling her to back off that this was his family. Sami thanks him for sticking up for her and then hugs him. EJ comes in and sees it.

EJ interrupts Sami by telling her that they are still married. He says the annulment wasn’t approved, so they are still married. She thinks EJ has told the judge that they have been intimate together. EJ tells her not to worry but it is because they share a child together and because of what they just went through with immigration. Kate is amazed at what she hears and says she can’t believe they slept together. Lucas tells Kate to stay out of it and then he stops Sami and Kate arguing.

Kayla can’t stop thinking about the baby. She remembers the last time she, Steve and Stephanie saw him at the hospital. Stephanie walks in and interrupts her thoughts asking her if she got any sleep. Stephanie asks if she has heard anything from the hospital but she says there was a shift change and they promised to call as soon as they get settled. Steve walks in and the phone rings. Steve answers and tells someone on the phone that they will be there as soon as they can. When he hangs up he tells Kayla that he is afraid that their baby boy has taken a change for the worse.

Phillip meets with Yvonne and thanks him for sending the jet for her. She tells him the last she heard of him he was still in the Marines. He tells her he got out but his leg didn’t. She asks Phillip why he sent for her to begin with. Phillip gave Yvonne the disc he got from John and tells her he wants her to crack the code on it.

Cloe walks in and watches Phillip. She walks up to their table and Phillip introduces Yvonne to her as a Titan employee. Cloe meets with a real estate agent. Phillip walks over to her table and Cloe introduces him. He asks to speak to her a minute and he asks her not to make any plans on moving yet. She says Victor is due back soon and he will not want her living there. He tells her he has to get back to his meeting but asks her to not doing anything yet. The real estate agent offers to put this off if she would prefer but she tells him she doesn’t want o.

Everyone is at the Pub celebrating them going green with the green beer and pub toasts when Kayla calls Hope and tells her the baby is not doing so good. Hope says they are on their way but Kayla tells her not to but she asks her to just please say a prayer for the baby and promises to keep her up to date.

Nicole calls John and asks him if he has dropped the bombshell news on Sami about them still being married even though they are not. EJ wonders how she knows about this and she reminds him that he told her when they were together the night before while they were getting drunk.

The nurse tells Stephanie and Steve that there isn’t much they can do. Steve decides to get into scrubs and join Kayla with the baby. Kayla goes in with the baby and tells him not to worry that she is there for him now. She just knows that the baby can feel them there with him. She and Steve hold hands and say a prayer for Lil Joe and then Kayla tells Lil Joe to be strong.

Stephanie tells Max she doesn’t think he little brother is going to make it. Stephanie tells Max she has never been very spiritual. She says she hasn’t been ever since her Dad was gone all those years. Stephanie sees Chelsea and hugs her thanking her for being there.

In the nursery suddenly the machines start beeping alarming Kayla and Steve. Kayla sees on the machines that his heart rate and blood pressure are rising. One of the nurses say it looks like he is responding to the medication but Kayla thinks it is the fact that he feels his family there praying for him.

John calls Phillip and asks to meet with him and Phillip agrees. John says he will be ready when he hangs up. Cloe asks Phillip if they can talk but he brushes her off and leaves. Nicole runs in to John and tells him she could use a ride but John tells her to take a bus and he walks away from her.

Jan Barrett

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