Phillip and Cloe end up spending the night together in her bed even though he told her they were only going to talk. After Cloe falls back to sleep Phillip slips out of bed and gets dressed. Cloe wakes up and asks Phillip if there isn’t going to be an encore. He asks her if breakfast in bed counts. His phone rings and it is John, telling him he needs to see him, saying he is at the Pub and he will wait for him. Phillip hangs up and tells Cloe he has to skip the breakfast in bed.

Morgan and Chelsea are at the gym making fun of women that go to the gym wearing makeup and lipstick. Morgan invites Chelsea to go to the art festival but Chelsea tells her she can’t because she has plans. Morgan asks her if she cares to share. Chelsea says she has a date with Daniel and Morgan isn’t very supportive about it. She thinks he is too old for Chelsea. She asks Morgan how come she just can’t be happy for her. Chelsea asks why everyone is so hung up on the age thing. Morgan starts to tell her Dr. Jonas is old enough to be your… and Chelsea stops her. Chelsea asks her if she would go out with 45 year old Johnny Depp.  Morgan says she sees her point now.

Lexi and Abe bring Theo to the hospital. She tells him if he is good she will bring him to the toy store after. Abe tells her not to worry until they know if something is wrong with Theo. Abe takes Theo to the cafeteria and the nurse tells Lexi she has the perfect family.

Daniel makes reservations at Chez Rouge for him and Chelsea. He goes to see Kate but when he walks in Kate screams at him to get out of her room. Kate yells to Daniel that she just can’t deal with this right now. Lexi can hear them from out in the hall and goes in to see what is going on. Lexi asks what’s going on and just as Kate was about to ask her to tell Daniel to leave he volunteers to go on his own.

Marlena is at the Pub talking to Caroline when John walks in asking for breakfast. Marlena tells John she had a good time last night. He says maybe they can do it again soon and maybe she can spend the night. He tells her she could move back in, saying he didn’t change anything after she left. Marlena tells him she doesn’t think she is ready for that yet. Marlena asks if they should talk about Ava. He wants to talk about Phillip instead. He says Phillip is behind the drug bust and he just can’t win. Marlena asks him when he is going to give up on this.

Stephanie tells Max she didn’t sleep good last night. When she calls Robbins his father he yells not to call him that, his name is Trent. She says Trent is a jerk and she wishes she could strangle him. She tells him the she can say the same for him too. After they argue a bit she tells him she loves him and she will be there for him. She encourages him to talk to Caroline about this. He says he isn’t ready but she thinks she could handle it. When Stephanie leaves to meet Chelsea and Morgan at the gym, Caroline walks up to Max and asks him if he has something on his mind. He tells her no, nothing at all. Caroline has had enough. She wants to know why he has been walking around with a dark cloud over his head. Max tells her he just can’t talk about this right now. Nick walks up and Caroline asks Nick to talks some sense in this guy and she walks away.

Trent calls Nicole and asks how his sweet girl is today. He tells her he needs to talk to her. He tells her that she is probably somewhere that they serve alcohol and he guesses the pub. She asks him what the hell he wants from her. Trent walks up to Nicole who is still outside the Pub and he tells her he is surprised she is still out there. He tells her he let her go once before and he is not going to make that mistake again. She tells him there is nothing to go back to. He doesn’t think she really believes that. She guesses that someone else knows his dirty little secret. He tells her a student of his thinks he knows him, but he doesn’t have a clue. He says the student threatened him. Nicole tells him that this sounds like her kind of guy.

Stephanie joins them and Chelsea teases her about wearing lipstick to the gym but she quickly can see Stephanie isn’t in the mood for jokes. Stephanie tells them it is Max. She can’t tell them because she promised Max she wouldn’t. She says she just can’t seem to get through to him. Chelsea’s phone rings and it is Daniel. She says Oh My God it is him but she is too nervous to answer. Stephanie tells her to answer but Chelsea is worried he is calling to break the date. Before she can answer it goes into voice mail. Stephanie grabs the phone and hits the call back button and hands the phone back to her. Daniel tells her that he has reservations and asks if that is ok, she says that is fine. Stephanie asks Chelsea what did her Dad say about her going out with Daniel but Chelsea says she didn’t tell him. Stephanie says her Dad would be mad and Morgan says she doesn’t know what her Dad would do, and she tells them he left town last night.

Phillip and Cloe go to the Pub and he asks John what is this all about. John tells him their dispute has gotten out of hand and it is time for him to cut his losses and step down and accept defeat. John tells him to think about it and he will give him to the end of the day for his decision. Phillip tells him he is the criminal and then asks him what world he is living in. He hands Cloe some money to get her some breakfast with and says he is going to the gym. John tells Marlena Phillip is a fool.

Max is in his room and he whispers to himself that he needs his ma’s help now more than ever. Nick comes in with a summer school brochure. Max wants nothing to do with it though. He says the only skill he needs to know now is how to pour beer.

Phillip meets Daniel at the gym. Daniel tells him his mother is a complete mystery to him. He says there is nothing more complicated that the female species. Phillip asks then why do they need them besides for the obvious. Daniel asks how they will know if they find the right woman. As Phillip thinks about his kiss with Morgan he tells Daniel he was wondering about that himself.

Trent asks Nicole to have dinner with him. About then Stephanie, Morgan and Chelsea come by going into the Pub. Once they are inside Morgan starts with cramps so Stephanie pulls out the Midol and they tell her how good they work. Morgan sees Cloe in the pub and calls her a harlot. She says that woman gives her a headache. Stephanie tells her good, the Midol is good for headaches too.

Stephanie sees Max and asks him once again to talk to his mom. She walks away and Max goes to Caroline and asks her if she has a minute. He tells her he needs to talk to her about his biological father. He tells her he found his biological father. He didn’t tell her because he thought she would get upset. She hugs him and tells him thanks for telling her about it.

John and Marlena are back at the mansion when she reminds him that they never finished their conversation about Ava. She tells him he doesn’t want to be the old John and she can’t accept the new one. He asks her what the solution to that would be. She says she doesn’t know but if they can’t find on they should file for a divorce. He asks her if she wants a divorce. She says she didn’t say that but she is giving him other options. He asks if she is giving him permission to see other women and she says yes. He tells her she sure comes out of the left field sometimes. She tells him if he tries things out and they don’t work out and he comes back to her then that is fine. She says if not them they can end it. He asks her why she is doing this. She tells him because she loves him so very much.

Jan Barrett

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