Nicole wants to go upstairs to Victor’s room but EJ doesn’t want to waste time going up. They start kissing and removing each other’s clothes in the room there. Suddenly Nicole stops EJ and tells him that maybe they shouldn’t do this at all. EJ is confused now. He says he thought they were helping each other forget their troubles. She tells him she isn’t upset anymore. He tells her she seems really hostile now. She says that shows what little he knows about her. She tells him to go home to Sami. She knows he is still in love with her. She tells him he thought he would just say the word and she would jump into bed with him. She tells him she isn’t as much of a tramp as he thought she was.

Nicole sits and thinks about when EJ and she talked about her love life. She told him that the right guy just doesn’t exist for her. Victor comes in and asks her what she is doing there. After a few words Victor tells her he sees what is wrong. He tells her that he bets she made a cheap play for someone and they rejected her and then he asks if it was EJ.

Marlena goes to the mansion and tells John she is just there to collect the rest of her things. John tells her he doesn’t want her out of his life and he asks her to at least just hear him out. She says fine she is listening. He says he was going to call her but face to face works better. She asks him to say what he wants to say so she can leave. John tells her his behavior at the pub was wrong and he only turned her down because she has hurt him and he simply wanted to hurt her back. He says it was childish.

She asks what about Ava. He says Ava is just a friend which is something he doesn’t have many of. She snaps back and asks whose fault is that. She says she didn’t hurt him intentionally. He says he realizes that she has been hurt more than anyone. He says she lost someone she loves and he has been callous about that. He says for that he is sorry. Marlena is surprised and she accepts John’s apology. She says she is touched by his apology. He wants to make it up to her. She asks him what he wants to do. He asks her if she could stay he could get Cook to prepare a fabulous dinner for them.

Marlena says she would like that and then John gets a call from someone telling him that Paul is getting ready to leave town. John tells the caller he will get back to him and then whispers that Paul is not going anywhere. John tells the caller if that is what it takes and hangs up. Marlena tells him it means a lot to her that he apologized to her. John and Marlena sit on the sofa and John tells her that this feels familiar. He tells her she looks exceptionally beautiful making her giggle. He raises his glass to her making a toast to second chances. John gets another call and he tells the caller to just find him and handle it and then he hangs up and goes back to Marlena who remarks that he sure is getting a lot of calls tonight.

Stephanie and Max confront Robbins. Max keeps telling Robbins to say it. Stephanie wants to know what he wants Robbins to say. Max says he wants him to tell the truth. He wants to hear him say it. Max says he is his Father. Stephanie asks Robbins if it is true. Robins says yes and then asks them both to leave now saying he needs some time. Max isn’t happy with that. Max gets mad and tells Robbins that he wants to know why he didn’t give a damn about him when he was a kid. Robbins says he knew he was being taken care of. Max says he has the blood of a coward running through his veins.

He tells Robbins he is going to start talking to him now. Robbins says he doesn’t have to justify himself to him. Max says “The hell you don’t” Max accuses Robbins of seducing his mother but Robbins denies it. Max tells Robbins if he doesn’t talk to him he will tell everyone his story. Robbins offers Max $10,000 to keep his mouth shut. Stephanie says this is making her sick and tells Max he can’t take Robbins money.

Max says he knows that but tells Robbins to tell him about the little girl in the picture and he will keep quiet. Robbins tells him he has never seen the girl in the picture before but Max doesn’t believe him and demands to know who she is.  Max asks him if the girl is his sister. Robbins tells Max he has no idea who he is dealing with her. Max tells him actually he does. Robbins tells him it will be hard for him to move forward if he dwells on the past. He thinks they should wait and talk tomorrow. Max finally agrees to meet tomorrow to talk and he and Stephanie leave.

Phillip and Morgan are at the docks and Cloe watches them as they kiss each other. She interrupts the kiss and Phillip tells her this isn’t what it looks like. He says they are just friends. Phillip asks her not to make a scene. She tells him this is just a prologue and she is just getting warmed up. Morgan tells Cloe the kiss wasn’t planned. Cloe blows up with Phillip .She tells Morgan to spare her. She accuses Morgan of being after Phillip since the first time she laid her eyes on him. Morgan says she has had enough and starts to go but Phillip tries to stop her. Cloe looks at her and asks her wasn’t she leaving. Phillip tells Cloe to cool it. Morgan defends Phillip and then tells him she understands what he was trying to do by kissing her and she appreciates it. After that she leaves.

Cloe tells Phillip that she knows she and he had an arrangement but she is starting to have feelings for him. He says that wasn’t supposed to happen. He says he cares about her too and he didn’t want to make her mad or jealous. She tells him he doesn’t have the same feelings for her. He tells her that she is the one he wants. She accuses him of just telling her what he thinks she wants to hear. He swears it is true. His phone rings and he tells the caller to just make sure he keeps his mouth shut and not to let him talk. When he gets off the phone he suggests they go back to her place to work this out. She tells him she isn’t so sure that that’s all he wants to do and he says he just wants to talk so she finally agrees to go.

EJ goes to the Pub and Tony comes up and orders a martini. EJ says he sees he is back and asks how Anna is. He asks EJ if he is lucky or what. Tony makes a toast to EJ saying May he find happiness as well, but adds not too soon though. He says EJ is sitting there wallowing in self-pity. Tony says he thinks he is going to take a stab at making this right and offers to get a table so they can talk. Tony tells EJ if he is so in love with Sami why doesn’t he fight for her. Tony tells EJ that marrying Sami and having a child was what Stefano wanted and he isn’t sure EJ would want to desecrate Stefano’s memory. Tony tells EJ that he needs to see how important it is for him to fight for Sami. He raises his glass to EJ and says Here is to miracles. EJ thanks him.

Paul meets with Morgan and tells her there is no turning back now but he wishes he could. She asks him not to stay gone forever. He says he will contact her as soon as he can. He asks her to promise him to stay away from Phillip Kiriakis. She just nods her head in agreement. They hug and he walks away leaving her there in tears.

A body is seen rolled over at the docks by someone and it is Paul with blood around his mouth. Someone rolls his body into the river but you can’t see who does it.

Jan Barrett

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