Paul meets with Phillip and they argue. Paul asks if he is having him followed. Phillip all but admits it. Paul tells him he needs his help or he is a dead man. He said setting that fire was a mistake and now it is all a mess. Phillip tells him that it isn’t his mess though, he says he set John up and it worked but then Paul had to go and get creative by setting the fire. Phillip tells him his little stunt might cost him everything. Paul tells Phillip they are going to kill him. Phillip tells him he is on his own.

Marlena and Hope talk about John. Marlena tells Hope she has moved out of the mansion. Hope tells her what is going on with John. She thinks John is becoming more accessible emotionally. She tells her that he needs her more than ever now. Hope thinks Marlena is the only one that can help him now. Hope asks Marlena if she thinks John is responsible for the shipment of cocaine. Marlena wants to know if she is asking as a friend or as a detective. Hope tells her she is asking as a cop. Marlena tells her she doesn’t know if John is responsible or not.  She says she does know John is capable of making bad decisions though.

John pours Ava a drink and thanks her for helping him. She tells him he is her friend and he needed her help. John says he will drink to that. EJ barges in cursing Lucas yelling “That bastard” EJ tells John that Sami has asked him to move out. He says he thinks he has more right to stay there than Lucas does since John is his uncle and John agrees. He says he doesn’t know why he wants to stay though since Sami only infuriates him. He says if she wasn’t the mother of his son he would wring her bloody neck. Lucas walks in and tells EJ he knows just how he feels. They start to argue. EJ thinks Lucas should be the one to move out and John backs him up.

Nicole shows up and asks to talk to Ava. John tells Ava he will meet with her later and they leave. John leaves EJ and Lucas alone after that telling them not to forget, if they break it they bought it. EJ asks Lucas to remind him again why he fought to get him released from prison. Lucas says he was wondering the same thing. Lucas admits to EJ that he knows Sami has some kind of feelings for him. EJ wonders why Lucas is telling him this. Lucas tells him he saw Sami packing his things. EJ tells him he is not going anywhere and he would do well to remember that. EJ walks out and Lucas just stands there smirking.

Stephanie tries to get Max to tell him what is going on between him and Robbins but Max doesn’t want to involve her. She wants to know if he and Robbins are enemies. She insists that she can handle it and then tells him unless he doesn’t love her enough to trust her with the truth. After more arguments Max tells her to forget it because no one can help. Max apologizes to her and she tells him she loves him and if he wants her to leave him alone she will. She says she can’t pretend not to care though. Max finally admits that he is an enemy of Robbins and he admits he is the one that broke into the dean’s room. Max tells her he has to go deal with the dean. Stephanie wants to go with him but Max doesn’t want her to.

Ava and Nicole walk in at the Pub and they spot Marlena and Hope. Ava remarks a cop and a shrink, her favorite pair. She tells Nicole she is going to go over and make nice. She walks up to Marlena and Hope and asks them to join her and Nicole for a drink. She tells them she is trying to turn her life around. Marlena tells Ava she knows nothing about her and John. Ava says she only knows what John has told her. Ava decides going there is a mistake. Hope accuses her of walking to them only to try and bait Marlena.

Hope tells Marlena she is sorry she has to deal with that. Marlena wishes there was some way she could reach John. Hope tells her to reach out one last time at least and try to get him to back off the Kiriakis family. Marlena agrees. Hope looks up as John walks in and she tells Marlena that here is her opportunity. Marlena goes to John and tells him they need to talk. She agrees that she should have never compared him to the man he use to be. He tells her he is no longer frustrated. He says he has moved on and he thinks she should too. He walks over to Ava and asks if she is ready to go and she says yes so they leave together.

Ava leaves and goes back to Nicole. Nicole tells her when they start talking that her past has come back to haunt her again. Ava assures her that they are friends and she can trust her so Nicole opens up and tells her the story. She tells her this guy is freaking her out now. Nicole tells her she has to go home. Ava tells her if this guy even looks at her the wrong way to call her. She says she has resources they are hers if she needs them. She asks her if they are friend and Nicole says yes they are. She admits she went to Victor earlier for protection but she doesn’t know why she didn’t think of her and then she leaves.

Max knocks on Dean Robbins door. When Robbins answers he calls Max a bold one. After Max walks in he sneaks the picture on a table when Robbins closes the door. Max tells him it looks like he has had a little trouble there. Then he pretends to find the picture and asks Robbins who the girl is in the picture. Robbins starts yelling telling him to get out. Suddenly Stephanie is banging on the door yelling for Max to let her in saying she knows he is there.

Paul meets with Morgan at the docks. He tells her he doesn’t have a lot of time but he is there to tell her good bye. He says he has to leave town. They hug and he is gone. She stands there alone crying when Phillip walks up. She breaks down and tells him about her father leaving town. Phillip tries to comfort her by hugging her. He tells her she shouldn’t cry over him though. She says he is her father. She says he may make some stupid choices but he will always be there for her. She begs him to protect her father but Phillip says he can’t make any promises. She begs him to help and she kisses him.

EJ goes to see Nicole because he needed someone to talk to. He tells her about Sami asking him to move out. . Nicole is surprised and she says she is sorry to hear that. He asks her if she really is. She admits that she really isn’t. EJ says he isn’t moving out though and John is backing him. Nicole doesn’t understand why he is so upset until she figures out hat Sami has hurt him by asking him to move out. She tells him Victor is at the hospital with Kate and will probably be gone most of the night. EJ says he wonders what they can do in his absence. And they start kissing.

Jan Barrett

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