Cloe tells Lucas that he reached out to her when no one else in town would talk to her. She says she was crying at the docks because of Phillip. Lucas wants to know if he can trust her not to tell anyone. She tells him he is her friend and she won’t turn him in for it but she asks him not to try and escape. Cloe asks Lucas how it is going with him and Sami. He tells her not so good. He says he told Sami he wants either her or EJ to move out of the mansion. Cloe asks what if neither of them moves out. He says well then he will know it is over between him and Sami. She says Sami would be a fool to let him go. Lucas says he could say the same about his brother.

John tells Bo and Hope that Phillip is behind the fire at the warehouse. He wants to know why Bo is protecting his little brother. Bo says they have no proof on anyone yet but if Phillip is behind this he would be arrested. John says he won’t find proof sitting on their butts drinking coffee and says he will find it himself.

Steve tells Stephanie he thinks she should give Max some space. She thinks Steve wants her to drop Max but he tells her that is not what he is telling her. He says he just thinks she needs to give the guy some room to make mistakes. He mentions that she didn’t come home last night too. He reminds her that not long ago her life was in danger. She comes back at him saying it was because of him too. She says in case he has forgotten Max was the one that saved her.  Stephanie apologizes to Steve for blaming him and then tells him that he can’t tell her what to do and then she leaves. Steve tells Kayla that is true, he doesn’t have any right. He tells her he didn’t raise Stephanie she did.

Nicole asks Robbins why he is staying in a Hotel room. He says it is only till he finds a house. He says he can’t wait for them to reconnect. She wants to do this some other time but he says no, they have so much to catch up on. When they go into the room they find the place a mess. He calls security and tells them his room has been broken into. When he hangs up and looks around he finds Nicole has run out. When he calls for her she is no where to be found. He goes around picking up things in the room while Max watches from behind the door. Robbins grabs a lamp when he hears a noise from the bedroom only to find the room empty and the balcony window open.

Cloe tells Lucas about Bo questioning Phillip. She says Phillip claims he is innocent and she believes him. John barges in and asks what she believes. John says to tell Phillip that he has already made too many mistakes to get away with this. Cloe tells him he can tell him that himself. John says he intends to. When she leaves Lucas asks John if he had to be so rude to her. He says it is his house he can do what he wants. When Lucas walks out John calls Ava and tells her he thinks he will take her up on her offer.

Ava goes to talk to John. Ava says she will help him. He says she needs to know if he has any proof. She says she just has to start with a phone call. She calls Angelo telling him she needs him and Eddie to do a little job for a friend of hers. She tells them to pick Paul up and bring him to the DiMera Mansion.

John admits to Ava that he is the one that started this with Kiriakis by bribing Paul to hold up a few ships, but Paul betrayed him. Ava says in her family that is grounds for…then says just say it is frowned upon. She says she will see to it that Phillip pays. John says he knew there was a reason he liked her.

Angelo and Eddie show up dragging Paul in with them. Paul asks John what all this is about. John tells him they need to talk. Paul ask him if he has ever heard of the telephone.
He tells Paul he will forgive his betrayal if he will tell him the truth. He says he started that fire didn’t he. Outside the room Lucas sneaks down and listens in to hear what is going on.

Paul accuses John of threatening him. John tells him he doesn’t do threats. Paul tells that they are on the same side here. Angelo and Eddie rough him up a little but Paul continues to deny it. Angelo tells him they can do this the easy way or the hard way, it is his choice. He asks him if he started that fire. Paul insists he didn’t do it. Angelo slaps him every time Paul denies it. Paul tells John to call his boys off. Angelo pulls out his gun and tells Paul he has five seconds to talk. Paul says, or what?

Angelo shoves the gun into Paul’s face but Paul tells him to go ahead but he isn’t admitting to something he didn’t do. Angelo is about to pull the trigger but John stops him. Paul swears to John that he didn’t betray him. John tells them to take Paul and throw him out into the street. Angelo asks if he means to throw him out alive? John says to let him think about what could happen to him if he doesn’t wise up. Ava says she thinks Paul got the message. When they drag Paul out, Lucas remembers seeing Paul down at the docks that night of the fire.

When Phillip goes home he thinks about his conversation with Paul demanding money. His thoughts are interrupted with Nicole when she barges in asking for Victor. He asks her what she wants with Victor. She says this is an emergency, she needs to see him. Nicole says she needs a favor. Phillip thinks she is joking but she says she has never been more serious. She says she can’t tell him. He says his father isn’t much on giving her favors. She is scared to tell him but he can see she is desperate. She tells him what she needs is protection. She tells him someone from her past has showed up. When Phillip says he needs a name if he is going to help her she gets scared and says never mind and leaves. She bumps into Cloe on her way out the door.

Nick keeps trying over and over to find Max on his phone but can’t seem to get an answer. He sees Hope and asks her if she has seen Max around. He tells her that he is kind of missing. She sees Stephanie walk in and Stephanie tells them she still hasn’t heard from Max. They say they wonder where he could be. Suddenly Max walks in and asks where could who be. Stephanie walks to him and asks him where he has been. Max acts like he doesn’t know what they are talking about. When Nick and Stephanie both grill him he tells them he went for a run and that he knows how to take care of himself.

Phillip gets a call. The caller tells him that a couple of goons picked up Paul and took him by force to the DiMera mansion. They say it was Vitali goons. Phillip thanks them and hangs up and then says John. He tells Cloe everything is going to be fine and starts kissing her. She backs off saying Victor might come home.

Robbins calls Nicole and wants to see her. She asks if this is really necessary. He says not only is it necessary, it is long and overdo.

Jan Barrett

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