Daniel tells Kate he will give her something to help her relax. Kate is refusing to let Daniel do the surgery because he is a family friend and Victor’s Godson. She says she is requesting another doctor and that is final. Daniel asks Chelsea to let him talk to Kate privately. When she is gone Daniel asks her what the hell she is doing. He tells her he knows exactly what this is about. They find another doctor to do the surgery so everyone tells Kate their good byes as she is being prepped for surgery.

EJ shows up at Victor’s to offer him another chance to settle for the divorce out of court but Victor says he is in a hurry because Kate is having surgery this morning. Phillip comes down but Victor sends him off to the hospital saying he will be there soon. Victor says no to the offer but EJ keeps talking about the case. Victor tells EJ he won’t be blackmailed. He says he doesn’t seem to know who he is dealing with. Nicole walks in and asks if Victor took the deal. Victor says hell no.

When he insists he won’t settle Nicole tells Henderson she wants six tents and food for 150. She tells Victor he is invited to her little party she is giving. She tells Henderson to be sure to order an ice sculpture that looks like Pookie. Victor tells her if they cut their offer in half he will make the deal. EJ doesn’t want to go for it but Nicole says she will take it. EJ tries to get her to change her mind. She tells him she just wants to get this over with. No matter what EJ thinks Nicole still wants to accept the offer. Victor thinks Nicole is up to something. He thinks she is after EJ now. Victor tells her he hopes he knows what he is getting himself into.

Sami comes in after her morning run and talks to Lucas. She says it would be a nice day for a picnic but all Lucas can think of is how he has to stay there all the time. Sami tells him maybe he should take his monitor off. He says he never took it off. She tells him she thinks he slipped out last night. Lucas snaps back at her asking her what if he did.

Steve and Kayla talk about Stephanie sleeping with Max. Kayla tells Steve that Max has a lot going on in his life right now. She fills him in on what is going on. The nurse brings Little Joey in and tells them they took the baby off the ventilator. Steve asks if they can hold him now and the nurse tells him she thinks he would like that.

Max is in bed with Stephanie but she is sleeping. He rolls over and thinks about his conversation with Robbins. He sneaks out of bed and gets dressed. Max waits outside Robbins room and waits for him to leave and then he breaks in and rumbles through his things throwing things and scattering papers all over the room. He throws a vase at the door smashing it.

Cloe over hears Roman and Abe talking about Lucas and Sami. Roman tells Abe that he doesn’t think Lucas would sneak out if he could. He says he has already got three strikes against him. Roman gets a call from Eric and Abe leaves.

The doorbell rings and Lucas runs out to get it even though Sami doesn’t like it. Cloe is at the door asking to speak to Lucas in private, Sami says sure, she has to go shower. When she tries listening at the door Lucas bangs on it to make lots of noise telling Sami he would like a little privacy here. Coe asks Lucas again how he knew she was crying on the docks. Finally she gets him to admit he found a way to remove the monitor without getting caught but makes her promise not to tell anyone.

Stephanie goes downstairs looking for Max but no one is around. She calls Nick and asks if he has seen Max but he tells her no. She runs into Roman when she goes out the door who is there to meet with Sami. Sami wants to talk to him about Lucas. She tells him that Lucas gave her an ultimatum, either she has to move out or EJ has to go. Roman asks her if she wants EJ to move out and she says it would upset the twins. Roman tells her it sounds like she doesn’t want him to go and she admits she doesn’t but if she tells Lucas that he will have a fit. She tells Roman that she and EJ share a child together Just then EJ and Nicole walk in prompting Roman to ask her if it bothers her to see EJ with Nicole.

Victor gets to the hospital where Chelsea and Phillip are with Daniel. He wants to know how come Daniel isn’t in there with Kate. He says someone else is doing the surgery at Kate’s request. Daniel offers to go into the operating room and check on her. When he walks off, Victor wonders what the hell is going on with Kate. He sees Phillip and tells him he has agreed to a divorce settlement. He also tells Phillip he is sorry for their argument and thinks he is doing a good job. Phillip asks him if he trusts him now and Victor says he has his full support now. Daniel comes out and tells the family that Kate is doing well and should be out of surgery soon. Daniel asks Chelsea if she will do him a favor and have dinner with him tomorrow night

EJ tells Nicole he is really surprised at her. She tells him he really didn’t think she had a benevolent bone in her body did he. He suggests they have a drink together to celebrate but she tells him his wife wouldn’t like that. They say good bye and when she leaves she watches EJ going up to Sami through the window. While standing there Robbins walks up and says her name. He says it is so nice to see her again and comments on how she is still as beautiful as the first time he seen her. He tells her they have a lot of catching up to do but she doesn’t want to talk to him but he insists. He tells her he knows she can never say no to him.

EJ joins Sami and Roman goes to ask says hello to Caroline. EJ tells Sami that he got Nicole a settlement which means he will be getting a good commission from it. He invites her to go out to eat to celebrate with him. She says they can’t be seen together out in public like that. He tells her they have things to talk about together. She says ok but there is something else they need to talk about and then she tells him about Lucas wanting one of them to move out and she says she can’t be the one. EJ just sits back in his chair and looks mad.

Jan Barrett

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