Daniel orders another CT scan for Kate and she reminds him that she already had one of them. He says yes but sometimes the results vary. She says whatever but he responds by saying no not whatever. He asks if she has ever had another surgery. She says yes a hernia surgery that was done by Mike Horton. Daniel orders Kate’s medical records from the hospital. Chelsea walks in and asks Daniel how Kate is doing. Kate is in a lot of pain. Chelsea begs Daniel to help her. The nurse comes in for more blood. Kate tells Chelsea Daniel is doing all he can, she just has to be patient.

Nicole meets EJ at the pub and finds that EJ took the liberty to order for her. He tells her he has some news for her. She asks if Lucas caught him and Sami doing the nasty again or better yet did he catch Sami and Lucas between the sheets. He says he found a way force Victor to give her a cushy divorce settlement. EJ tells Nicole that he wants her solid promise not to mention to anyone that his annulment is valid and then he will in turn get her a hefty divorce settlement. She says she doesn’t know, she kind of likes having this to hold over his head but she says she can think of one thing she wants from him and that is his respect.

EJ wonders why he should respect her. She says she hasn’t told Sami the truth yet but she adds that Sami isn’t right for him. He asks well who is right for him then. She says he should be with someone who actually wants him. He tells her he appreciates her honesty. She finally promises to keep his secret. He wonders if he can trust her. She asks if he wants a pinky swear, so they pinky swear with her saying she swears she won’t tell anyone that he and Sami are no longer man and wife. He feels better. EJ makes a toast to their new understanding. She says here is to her becoming filthy rich future.

John tells Marlena, Welcome Home Blondie. She tells him she sees he has a new friend. John asks her if there is a problem with that. Marlena says no and then she asks Ava what she is doing there. John answers that he invited her there for dinner. Marlena notices her picture is gone and John says so was she and asks her if she is there to stay. He asks her if she is jealous and she reminds him that they are still married. He says but they haven’t been living together or sleeping together like husband and wife. She asks him not to expose the intimate details of their life. He says that is just it, there are no intimate details. He says time is up because he is ready to move on. She asks with Ava? He says he and Ava are just getting to know each other.

Stephanie goes up to the bar at the Pub and asks what a girl has to do to get a drink around here. Max grumbles at her that he is busy. Caroline tells him to take a break and talk to Stephanie but he doesn’t want to. He just wants some tea to take upstairs alone. Stephanie tells him she wants to talk but he wants nothing to do with that.

Phillip tells Victor he had nothing to do with the fire at the warehouse. Victor tells him his mother is in the hospital and they are trying to find out what is wrong with her.

Sami tells Marlena about the warehouse fire. Before she can say more the baby cries so she has to run out the room. John tells Marlena he is playing hardball, he is going to fight fire with fire as far as Kiriakis goes. She asks him if he has a plan. He says she won’t like it. He is doing it his way. Marlena asks if he means the Vitali way. Ava says she isn’t a fan of violence but John need to step in and fight.

Stephanie goes up to Max’s room just after he throws a magazine to the floor.  She wants to know what is wrong. He says there is nothing wrong. She asks him if his mother knows how smart he is. She looks at Max and tells him that she loves him. He says he does love her too. They end up making love and when Stephanie is sleeping Max whispers he is so sorry and he wishes he could tell her more but no one can ever know about him.

Marlena asks John if he is turning his back on their past. He says he is looking to his future. She asks what that means for them. He says he isn’t the guy that she is in love with. She says well then she needs to pack her things. When she walks out Sami asks what’s going on and Marlena tells her she is moving out. Sami runs after her telling her she can’t. The doorbell rings and it is Cloe. Lucas tells her he can’t talk now. He just found out that his Mom is in the hospital. He says he has to go. Cloe tells him he can’t leave. He says Like hell he can’t.

Ava tells John that she can see he still loves Marlena. John says he isn’t sure he knows what love is. He doesn’t remember being in love with Marlena.and he doesn’t want to disappoint her anymore. He tells Ava that she on the other hand doesn’t have any expectations from him and he finds that refreshing. Ava tells him that being with him makes her feel good about herself again.

When Kate asks Chelsea what she and Daniel were talking about Chelsea tells her they were just discussing her condition. Phillip and Victor show up. Kate tells Victor that she thought they agreed not to tell Phillip because she knows he has been so busy. Phillip tells her he is never too busy for her. Kate says well she doesn’t want them to tell Lucas and then suddenly she starts hurting again. Daniel and Lexi rush in and run everyone out the room. He asks Kate about any recent injuries she may have had. She tells him she got kicked pretty hard in a self-defense class.

Later Daniel comes in telling Kate he found an abnormality in her CT scan. He says it is omental torsion. Lexi says she has heard of that but she has never seen a case before. She says it is rare and extremely difficult to diagnose. He tells Kate she will need surgery and after she will be as good as new.

Jan Barrett

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