Robbins is surprised to hear that Max did the work on Nick’s hypothesis. Nick says he trusted Max until he found out that Max changed his proposal behind his back. After they all argue over it the Dean says he doesn’t think Max is capable of making significant changes to Nick’s calculations but Stephanie defends Max saying he isn’t stupid, he is far from it. Robbins disagrees saying he isn’t far from it. Max tells him he based his book on a phony hypothesis. Robbins thinks Max is jealous of Nick and tells him that if he harasses him again he will call the police on him. Nick asks to talk to Max in private but Max doesn’t want to til Nick says either they can do it there in the Pub or they can talk in private so Max agrees and they leave together.

Morgan walks in and catches Cloe and Phillip together but Cloe stops her before she can run out. She tells Morgan that the feud between Phillip and John could get ugly. Phillip accuses Cloe of being jealous of Morgan. She denies it saying she was only trying to do something nice. She turns and tells Morgan that she would advise her to stay away from John Black too. Phillip gets a call from Paul telling him that he did what he wanted him to do and John Black won’t know what hit him. Paul says that the problem with the shipment had been taken care of but he won’t go into details.

John and Ava come downstairs and she thanks him for the tour of the house. As they talk she tells him her Daddy was very generous with her as she was growing up but her father’s generosity came at a high price. He offers to give her a tour of his bedroom but she says maybe another time but she would like to see his kitchen for now. He smiles and says that is a start.

Lucas tells Sami that he heard sirens earlier and was wondering if that is why her father ran out so quickly. Sami is surprised that he heard sirens in the house but he says he had his bedroom window open so he could hear them. She asks him if there is something he would like to talk to her about but he clams up. She tells him she loves him no matter what he does. She just wants him to trust her. He tells her she slept with EJ so he can’t trust her. She begs for the chance to prove it. She tells him if he has a secret he can tell her. He tells her it would stay a secret only until she gets mad at him again. They start yelling at each other and John walks in and tells them to stop the bickering.

John wants to know what is going on. He tells Sami that ever since she moved into his house the noise hasn’t stopped. He says he wants some peace and quiet. Sami says she didn’t know she was an imposition for him. John tells her they all are an imposition. Sami changes the subject by saying John has no business being there with Ava. She asks him if he can see how wrong that is. Then she turns to Ava and asks her isn’t there enough single men in town for her. When Sami and Lucas walk out the doorbell rings and it is Hope. She is surprised to see Ava there with John. She tells John she has some bad news for him. She tells him the warehouse with all his goods in it has burned down.

Ava tells John she is sorry but all John says is PHILLIP! John thinks back to when he told Phillip his dealer would turn on him. He smirks and says that shipment was worth millions of dollars. Hope says he has insurance. John says it doesn’t matter but the insurance probably won’t cover it. Ava advises John to go down to the docks to check on this himself. Hope tells him not to. John tells Hope not to worry about this now, he will take care of Phillip. Ava defends John and Hope tells her to stay out of it. She tells John not to make things worse for himself and she leaves. Ava asks John if he wants her advice. He tells her not now but he may ask for it later. He says he won’t let Phillip ruin his life. Ava tells John taking care of business is very sexy. When he asks is it, she says oh yes.

Sami sees Lucas pacing and she asks him what is wrong. He says he didn’t realize he was pacing. She tells him he can trust her and he can tell her anything. He tells her he has no secrets to tell. She says it must be hard to stay there in the house all the time like he does. Sami insists that he can trust her but he says there is nothing to tell. One of the twins starts crying so she has to go upstairs to check on it. Lucas thinks about running into Paul while he was at the docks.

Nick and Max are down at the docks to talk when they see the fire at the warehouse. They hope no one got hurt. Nick asks Max what is going on. Max says nothing at first but when Nick starts to walk off he says ok Nick. Max tells him he has hidden this because he didn’t want to be different and be a geek in school. He says he didn’t want to go to college and hang out with some yuppies self absorbed person like Dean Robbins. Nick urges him to go and take an IQ test. Max refuses and says he doesn’t want anything to do with going to college. He thinks this gift of his is a curse on him. He runs off and Nick follows him.

Bo goes to the Kiriakis house and tells Phillip about the fire at the warehouse and that he suspects it was arson. Bo asks Phillip if he knows anything about the fire. Phillip says no, but Bo says he had to ask. When Bo leaves Cloe asks Phillip if he did it. She noticed that Phillip wasn’t so surprised when he heard the news. Phillip denies it. She asks if he knows who started it and he says no. He asks her if she trusts him and she says of course she does. He says nothing surprises him anymore. She tells him well her moving out of there makes it easier for him to see Morgan. He tells her that she is the only one he wants to be with and then he kisses her. Cloe stops Phillip by telling him she is going to go home and unpack. He asks if she wants to get together later and she says sure telling him to call her and she leaves.

Bo and Hope meet at the Pub. Bo says Phillip denies knowing anything about the fire. Bo asks how it went with John. She says they are going to have to keep an eye on him. She tells him when she went over there she found Ava with him. 

Stephanie confesses to Kayla about the problems Max is having. She tells him he is gifted but refuses to do anything about it. Max and Nick come back into the Pub. Nick sits with Stephanie and tells her things didn’t go too well with Max and their talk. Max is throwing darts and he thinks about his talk with the Dean at Java Kayla walks over to him and interrupts his thoughts. Max doesn’t want to talk about it and walks away before Kayla can stop him.

Nick and Stephanie watch Max as he moves closer over to Robbins. She tells Nick this isn’t good. Max bends over and whispers to Robbins that he is going to let Nick finish his prototype or he will tell everyone who he really is.

Ava and John are kissing when she backs off and tells him she should go. He says or stay. She says no he really needs to take care of his business. She says if he needs her to just call. She asks him how come he didn’t fight Phillip to begin with. Suddenly a voice says “Because I didn’t want him to”. It is Marlena walking in.

Jan Barrett

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