Stephanie sits thinking at the pub when Max walks up and apologizes to her for not being himself lately. She asks him about the picture again but he doesn’t answer. She doesn’t think that it part of his problem though. She says she knows he is 10 times smarter than Nick but he isn’t getting any recognition for it. She tells him she doesn’t understand what the professor of the physics department has to do with him though.

Daniel goes on and on about Kate when Chelsea walks up and asks him if he has found out what is wrong with Kate yet. Daniel tells Chelsea that he doesn’t have a diagnosis yet. He tells her he just doesn’t have all the answers. He says doctors fail from time to time. He tells her he is sorry to disillusion her.

Rolf announces Ava’s arrival and is quite taken with her. John asks Sami to give them some privacy. Sami snaps at John and reminds John that he is still married. She asks him if he has to date couldn’t he at least do it somewhere else. John tells her it is his mansion. Sami takes a picture of John and Ava and says she will send it to her mother.

When Sami is out the room Roman calls her asking for Lucas. She lies and tells him he is upstairs changing Allie’s diaper so Roman tells her to have him call him later and it is important. He tells her he will be in her area later so he will just drop by but before she can stop him he hangs up. Sami paces back and forth wondering where Lucas is. She doesn’t know what to tell Roman when he shows up at the door. The twins start crying so Sami runs upstairs to check on them. Roman says he thought Lucas was up there with them but she runs up anyway.

John serves Ava some red wine calling it powerful and penetrating. She asks him if he is a wine connoisseur. He tells her not that he knows of. Ava doesn’t want to call this a date since he is married. John asks her if his being married bothers her. John tells Ava that his marriage to Marlena is complicated. He says his relationship with his wife and daughter means nothing to him because his memory has been stolen. Ava tells John she thinks he should try and overlook the problems he has with Marlena and focus on the love. She starts talking about how she use to be close to her father but has to stop when she gets choked up. She tells him she has been in the mansion there before talking to Marlena. She says she isn’t keen on stabbing another woman in the back. John says Marlena is in love with a man that doesn’t exist anymore. He also says what her father did to her is unforgivable. He says he has his memory stolen. Sometimes that’s liberating, clean slate, no baggage. A chance to be the man he wants to be. Then they both drink to that.

Lucas watches Cloe as she stand at the docks crying. He dials her phone number and apologizes to her about what he said to her earlier and she accepts his apology. He tells her she can stop crying now. She asks him how he knew she was crying. He says he didn’t know it, he just knew she was having problems with Phillip. He says they are sort of in the same boat. He and Sami aren’t getting along with each other the greatest either. She tells him since they are sort of in the same boat then they should form an alliance, kind of like I got your back if you’ve got mine, kind of deal. He thinks about it for a minute and then says ok she can count him in and then he hangs up.

Nick asks Stephanie what is going on between Max and Robbins. She says she doesn’t know. Nick asks Robbins about the argument he had with Max. Robbins tells him Max isn’t a fan of his theories and wasn’t afraid to tell him so. Later Nick goes over to Max and they argue over what Max said to Robbins. Max tries to get out of talking to him about it but Nick wants to know what all this is about. He asks him how he can judge the professor. Max tells him he has picked up a few things along the way. Nick says you don’t just pick up things about cold fusion. Max finally admits that he did alter some of Nick’s work. He says he was only trying to help though. Nick gets mad and says friends don’t go behind their friend’s backs. He says instead of changing it he should have come to him and maybe they could have worked together or something on it. Nick goes back to Robbins and says he is giving all the grant money back. He tells him if he wants someone to build the eco prototype then Max is who he needs to call.

Phillip tells Morgan that he and Cloe have a history. He says he has asked her for some space but he doesn’t know about a future with her. Morgan asks if Cloe is ok with that. Phillip tells her not really. Morgan says, “Good for her. No self respecting woman would buy into that garbage.” Paul calls Morgan and when he finds out she is with Phillip he tells her he wants her to stay away from Phillip. She hangs up and asks Phillip why her father would want her to stay away from him.

Kate tells Daniel she doesn’t want to see Chelsea get hurt. He says when he isn’t in the hospital he just wants to be left alone. He says and then this girl walks into his life and he says that is exactly what she is, just a girl. He says it won’t work because he can’t be who he wants to be when he is with her. He says he will be reckless with his own life but not with hers. Kate asks what happens when Chelsea starts working there. He says she will be hands off.

Paul calls Phillip and tells him he heard that he had talked to his daughter earlier. He tells him if Morgan finds out about what is going on it will be bad for everyone. Phillip tells him this isn’t a secure line and he will have to call him back and then he hangs up. Morgan says she has to go and just as she is about to leave Cloe walks in. She tells Morgan she forgot her earrings. Morgan says, hmmm… and then turns and looks at Phillip telling him goodbye. Phillip tells Cloe he and Morgan are just friends. She says she wasn’t born yesterday. He tells her she is who he wants to be with. She tells him to go to hell. He grabs her and kisses her.

Ava is ready to go and John asks him if he can kiss her. She says ok so he kisses her. She asks him to give her a tour of the house. When they go out the room they run into Sami and she calls him a bastard. Roman asks her what was that all about. She says John is betraying her mother. Roman says he didn’t go there to talk about John. He wants to know where Lucas is. About that time Lucas comes out asking if someone called his name.

Jan Barrett

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