Nicole doesn’t want to talk to EJ about why she doesn’t want a relationship with him. She says what happened in the elevator is a one time thing and that is it.

Max tells Trent he has been thinking a lot about what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He says he is tired of hating him. He says when he thinks about his mom and all of this he gets mad and takes it out on the ones he loves and he can’t keep doing that. Max hands Trent the picture back and tells him not to worry, he won’t ask him again who the girl is. Max tells him from now on when he sees him walking on the street he wants him to go off the other way. Trent asks if in other words he wants to pretend that they never met. Max says right and when he gets up Trent stops him. He asks him if he is ever going to forgive him for leaving him and his mother. Max tells him no but at least he doesn’t hate him anymore. Then he walks away.

Bo and Hope are trying to get Luke to tell them why he had to leave the house like he did. Lucas insists that he goes back to jail. Out in the other room, Cloe tells Phillip it is none of his business why she decided to sleep with Lucas. Sami walks in and accuses Cloe of thinking she and Lucas are friends. She tells Cloe she thinks she should leave. Phillip breaks it up before it gets into a fight. Cloe says she doesn’t need this and walks out. Sami asks Bo if she can talk to Lucas but Bo tells her he can’t let he do that. Morgan slipped out before Phillip sees her and she goes after Cloe.

Victor and Caroline talk and he tells her he can understand her concern for Max and assures her that she and Shawn did a great job raising him. Victor asks Caroline to go to the movies with him once he signs his divorce papers to help him celebrate. Nicole and EJ walk in and she asks Caroline to get them a bottle of champagne because once they sign those papers they will all want to celebrate. Nicole asks him if he is ok. He says he is fine but Nicole says maybe they should call for help. Victor says it is just hot in there. EJ gets up for some water for him. Nicole says he is probably ok. Victor says he will be once this is over.

He starts thinking back to when he and Nicole first made love and how they were sleeping together before anyone knew they were together and of their wedding. Over a glass of champagne Nicole makes a toast to saying to happy endings and to good health. Suddenly Victor starts getting blurred vision and acting weird.

Sami talks Bo into letting her see Lucas before they finish processing him. Phillip says he would like to talk to Lucas too. Then Phillip tells Bo he saw Morgan with him and she looked upset. He wants to know if there is something new in the case. Bo tells him he knows he can’t discuss that with him. Bo says he didn’t realize that he and Morgan were so close friends. Bo asks him how come he didn’t ask her himself. He says he doesn’t know but he will when he sees her. Bo ask how long have they been friends and sees it as a coincidence since she is Paul’s daughter.

Stephanie tells Caroline it would be nice if maybe she goes out with Victor from time to time. Caroline asks her if she is trying to set her up with Victor. Stephanie tells her maybe. She says Caroline works too hard and needs a break now and then, saying she deserves it.

Hope drills Lucas questioning him why he was at the Salem Inn that night. Lucas thinks back to when he called Cloe and everything that followed after that in the elevator. Hope thinks he is trying to protect someone and she wants to know who it is.

Morgan follows Cloe. Cloe tells her she has nothing to say to her. Morgan says too bad because she has plenty to say to her. Morgan tells her she is not going to get away with it. Cloe tells her she saw her Daddy that night and he is going to burn. Morgan tells her she is only saying this because she is jealous about her relationship with Phillip. Cloe tells Morgan to get over herself. Morgan thinks she is jealous and she thinks she had sex with Lucas to try to make Phillip jealous. Cloe walks away from her.

Nicole notices Trent sitting watching her so she excuses herself and walks over to him and asks him if he is spying on her. He tells her he sees she is still around EJ. She tells him EJ is her lawyer and he is helping her with business. She says she isn’t trying to hide anything unlike him who is hiding an illegitimate son. She tells him to stay out of her life and she walks away and goes back to her table.

Stephanie tells Max she saw him giving Trent back the picture. She wants to know when he is going to start looking for her. He tells her he decided not to. He said he thought about it and he decided maybe it was best if he didn’t look for Melanie now. He wants to move on and quit hating Trent. He doesn’t want any more connections to him and Melanie would connect them.

Bo tells Phillip that Paul’s disappearance was pretty convenient for him. Phillip swears he had nothing to do with Paul disappearing. Bo tells him if he finds out he does, he will arrest him. He tells Bo he wants to talk to Lucas. Sami walks up and says he has to wait in line because she wants to talk to him first.

Hope comes out with Lucas. Sami runs up to him and tells him he can’t go back to prison and she hugs him. She cries and he pulls her away. He asks if he can talk to Sami alone. He tells Sami he doesn’t have much choice here. She hugs him again telling him she is so sorry. Sami cries more and Lucas tells her not to cry. She says she feels like she is losing him all over again. She asks him what made him leave the mansion that night. Phillip is listening and he asks Lucas the same thing. Sami tells Phillip she and Lucas are talking but Phillip wants an answer. Lucas tells him no comment. Phillip tells him he is going to have to do better than that. Phillip tries to press Lucas more. Sami breaks them up and Bo takes Lucas off leaving Sami there making a scene.

Nicole signs the papers and she says this is it. The fairy tale marriage has come to an end. Victor says a grim fairy tale. He stands up and says good bye to Nicole. EJ asks EJ if she would like to go out for dinner to celebrate but Nicole tells him she can’t. He follows her out and he tells her he doesn’t understand. Nicole tells him she doesn’t like to share her men and he is still in love with Sami. She turns away and leaves.

Bo tells Hope that Phillip was trying to get information on the Hollingsworth case. Hope asks him if he thinks he has something to do with this like John says. Bo thinks his little brother is hiding something.

Stephanie says she is going to see her little brother. Max thinks back to when Steve told him not to contact Melanie and to keep Stephanie out of it. He takes out his PDA and looks at Melanie’s picture. He says he is sorry Stephanie, but he has to do this on his own.

Caroline asks Victor how everything went. He says it all went good. He says he is fee of that greedy conniving witch forever. He asks about going with him to see a movie. She says yes and suddenly everything goes blurry for him and he slides off of his stool onto the floor.

Jan Barrett

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