Max and Stephanie talk about the ordeal they just went through with the lights off in Salem at the pub. He tells her the people there should be going home soon. Stephanie says Chelsea called and said the lights were back on at the University so they are open again. Steve and Kayla walk up and Steve tells them that Lil Joe is alive and well and doing one armed pushups in his incubator. Kayla tells Stephanie that Max asked them to come by. She is surprised he did.

Max tells Stephanie he asked them to come by because he needed their help. Steve asks help for what. Max says to find his sister. Kayla tells him she didn’t know he had a sister. He says neither did he. Steve tells him to start from the beginning. When Max tells him everything Steve agrees to help which surprises Max. Kayla says he should have come to them sooner. She says they have all been concerned about him. Kayla tells him he needs to go tell Caroline because she needs to know it. When he goes to Caroline, Stephanie thanks Kayla and Steve for helping Max. Kayla tells Stephanie that she is glad Max trusted them with this.

Max tells Caroline he has more to tell her about his biological father. He tells her that Trent is his father. Caroline says that explains how come he looked so familiar. He tells her he also might have a sister. He says he is going to have to try and find her too. Steve got a friend of his to trace the girl’s phone number that Max thinks could be his sister. He hands him a piece of paper and tells Max her name is Melanie Layton. Max stares at the paper and walks off.

EJ meets Nicole outside the Pub and he wants to talk to her about what happened between them in the elevator. She tells him there is nothing to talk about, it was just sex, no big deal. He says it wasn’t just sex to him, it was special. She says it was special to her too. Trent walks up and interrupts as he kisses Nicole hello. He tells EJ that he and Nicole are old friends. He said he was surprised when he came back to Salem to find Nicole here too.

EJ introduces himself to Trent. While they talk EJ tells Trent he is an attorney. Trent tells him he needs a new attorney so EJ gives him his card. Trent tells him he is the Dean of the Physics Department at Salem University. He tells EJ that he and Nicole go way back. When EJ walks away Trent asks Nicole who EJ is. She says he is her lawyer. He doesn’t believe her. He says she looked like they were talking about something intimate. She tells him her legal problems are none of his business. He tells her everything she does is his business.

He tells her that he wants her to end her relationship with EJ immediately. She tells him he has got to be kidding. She says nothing is going on between her and EJ, he is her lawyer. She says she doesn’t understand why he is doing this to her and his response is because he can. Nicole doesn’t want to do this but Trent tells her if she doesn’t she won’t like the consequences and he leaves.

She goes inside the pub and tells EJ that what happened between them can never happen again. He asks her why she is telling him this now. She tells him nothing is going on. She says she knows he is in love with Sami and she wants a real relationship with someone. She gets up and leaves.

Abe tells Bo that finding Paul is the key to cracking this case. Bo thinks John is behind this. Morgan knocks on the door and when she comes in they give her the letter they found for her in Paul’s suitcase and they are hoping it will help their case. She still thinks something has happened to her father. Roman brings up Cloe’s statement about seeing Paul on the docks that night. Morgan says she is lying because she is jealous of her relationship with Phillip.

Phillip is listening on the other side of the door. He walks in and asks what is going on. They ask Phillip to step outside while Morgan reads her letter. She opens the letter and Paul tells her he has a confession to make. He says it is time she knew the truth about him. He says he is sorry and never wanted to embarrass her. He says he has enemies and that is why he is leaving. He says he is going to give her something very important that she will need if anything ever happens to him.

Morgan thinks back to the last time she talked to her father before he disappeared. Roman tells her that Paul disappearing didn’t help the case against him. She tells Roman they have to find him. He tells her he wants to know what that incriminating evidence is that Paul might have given her. Morgan doesn’t know what it is. They tell her she really needs to think about this because it could be the key to the whole case. They said they need to find out what it is. They tell Morgan to call if anything comes up. She says she just wants them to find her father.

When Phillip goes out Cloe walks up and is surprised to see him there. She asks him if Lucas called him. Before he can answer she notices through the office window that Morgan is there so she says never mind she knows why he is there. Phillip offers to explain his relationship with Morgan. Cloe doesn’t like what she heard. She says he is calling it a relationship now and says it is certainly more important to him that his relationship with her. She says that is why she did what she did last night. He wants to know what she is talking about.

Lexi comes in to the police station chasing after Theo looking exhausted. When Abe comes out from his meeting, Lexi tells him they came to see if he could have lunch with her and Theo but she can see he is busy. Abe tells her he would like that. She says she can see he was in a meeting but he says Bo and Roman can handle it. He says she and Theo are more important to him. Lexi wants to know if his calendar will be free to make an appointment for Theo on Thursday to see the doctor. Abe tells her to make the appointment and it doesn’t matter what time, he will make it no matter what. He tells her that she and Theo mean the world to him. An officer comes in saying the mayor is on the phone but he says to take a message but Lexi tells him it is ok, for him to go back to work and they will see him at home. He hugs Theo and tells Lexi goodbye.

Phillip gets a call and when he hangs up he tells Cloe that his meeting with Mickey has been postponed. He isn’t sure what is going to happen to Lucas. He can’t understand why Lucas left the house to begin with. Cloe says he had to have had a good reason. She says she is there to review her statement with Roman. He tells her that Morgan says she is lying about that. Cloe says she doesn’t care what Morgan thinks. She tells him but apparently he does. He tells her he doesn’t know what to say to her. She says he doesn’t have to say anything. She tells him she is done doing this. She says in fact she has already moved on. He asks her if she is seeing someone else and she says yes. He wants to know who it is. She tells him it doesn’t matter who, but Phillip wants to know.

Suddenly they come out with Lucas. Phillip asks Lucas what happened but Lucas can’t go into it now. When they take Lucas off Cloe begs Phillip to help Lucas. Phillip doesn’t understand why she is suddenly so concerned for Lucas. She tells him that Lucas went to see her last night because she was upset and needed someone, and she says he cares about her. He asks her doesn’t he? She says no he doesn’t. Morgan comes out the room and Cloe tells her if she was her she wouldn’t tell Phillip about the investigation. Phillip tells her he wants a name of who she moved on with. She tells him it was Lucas and yes she slept with him and she walks off.

Caroline brings Trent his phone telling him it got put in their lost and found. He tells her she knows who he is doesn’t she. She admits that she remembers him after Max told her. She tells him Max is her son and she loves him. She warns him if he hurts him he will have to answer to her.

Jan Barrett

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