Max calls the number using Trent’s phone and he hears a little girl’s voice on the other end saying Dad. She says it is so early for him to call. Max wants to know who this is. The girl asks him who he is. Max asks the girl who she is. She tells him he is the one that called her and she wants to know why he has her father’s phone. Then she hangs up on him. Stephanie asks Max has a sister? Max looks at the other calls made from the phone and they only have initials by them to identify them.

While EJ and Nicole are making out in the elevator she imagines how it would be if the elevator doors opened in time for EJ to be carrying her into the lobby when they were coming home from their honeymoon. She imagines telling Sami that they were married now. Sami tells her EJ is hers so Nicole flashes her wedding ring. When she comes back to reality she and EJ are sitting on the floor still trapped in the elevator.

Sami calls Roman and he tells her the whole power grid went down but the city crews are working on it. She tells him she was looking forward to staying in an air conditioned room with the twins but the power is out there. She says they even have people stuck in the elevators there. He tells her to come back to the pub but she says she might go to the Brady party instead. She tries calling Lucas again but she can only get his voicemail making her wonder where Lucas is.

Lucas and Cloe are still in the other elevator and he tells her she is incredible. He says he likes being with her so much he could stay there forever. She asks if he is only saying that because he is mad at Sami. He says he isn’t mad at Sami, he is just finished with her. He says he had to try again with Sami for the sake of the kids but he is done with that. She tells him he has got to quit doing this to himself. He says he is through with her and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Cloe moves toward him and they start kissing again.

Nicole and EJ are out of champagne. EJ asks her if she is ok. He says she is very quiet and that isn’t like her. He asks if he did something to upset her. She says no, he is perfect, this is perfect, him and her and what happened. She starts to say more but says never mind instead and she stands up to get dressed. She doesn’t want to read anything into what happened between them but she says he reminded her how special making love is. She thanks him.

Roman walks in where Max and Stephanie are telling Max he needs his help. He says the pub has air conditioning because they went green. He wants to get the word out that people can come there until the city gets the lights back on. Max tells him he will keep the Pub open then Roman tells him to call if he runs into any trouble. When Roman leaves Stephanie tells Max she is sorry for bringing up the possibility that he may have other siblings. He says if he can find her maybe he can get her to tell him some other secrets his dear old dad has. He is worried that the little girl will tell Trent he has his phone. He decides to have the number he dialed that she answered traced. That way maybe he can find out where she lives. Stephanie thinks him having a sister could be a good thing. Max thinks back to when he talked to Trent and how Trent tried to bribe him.

While they prepare the Pub for the people he suddenly goes into a rage saying Trent’s little story gets to him. He says that man deserted him twice. Stephanie tells him he might not know the whole story. Max wonders how Trent could have deserted him twice. He says Thank God he was taken in by the best family in the world. He says he remembers his mother crying because she hated his father. He says she hated him for good reason and then she died. He says all his memories of his mother were being scared for her. He always wondered why he was being punished for being bad. Stephanie reminds him that he was better off without Trent in his life. Max wants to find a way to contact his possible sister but he wants to be prepared. Stephanie tells him whatever he decides to do, she will be there for him.

EJ and Nicole are in the elevator when suddenly the elevator jumps. The doors open when EJ is getting dressed. Nicole tells the rescue crew to get the flashlight out of her eyes. Sam looks over and sees them. She says EJ? And the she says Oh My God, you did it in an elevator? He asks her what she is doing there with the twins. She says how disgusting that is. EJ tells her none of this would have happened if she hadn’t have forced his hand. She says excuse me? This isn’t her fault. He tells her she told him they were through. He says she told him to move on. She says well she is happy for the both of them and she is happy she has her real love with Lucas. She says he would never be caught dead doing some tramp in an elevator.

Lucas and Cloe are still stuck in their elevator. Cloe thinks this is great. She says she feels guilty but not for making love to him. She wonders if he is feeling guilty like he has betrayed Sami. He says Sami betrayed him by sleeping with EJ, end of story. She asks if it really is and he says yes. He says when the doors open he will try to sneak out without being seen, he says no one will ever know he was there.

Sami calls EJ a two timing jerk. He refuses to apologize. He says for her not to blame this on Nicole. Sami tells him that Nicole has been chasing after him since day one. Nicole admits she and EJ had sex but it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t have said whatever it was that she said to him. Sami says good because she doesn’t want him, she is glad they had sex. She says she only wants Lucas.

Cloe is worried about Lucas getting caught. The intercom system is working in the elevator and a voice asks how many are stuck in there. They tell them that they will lower the elevator manually to get them out. Lucas tries the trap door but it is locked. He says they always sneak out through there on TV but she says they are always locked in real life. Suddenly they start moving. She says you know when she said she would pretend to panic, well she doesn’t think she will have to pretend. She presses the button for the intercom system and begs them to hurry. Lucas tells her to cool it. Cool it, she asks? She asks him what is she suppose to say, slow down while she tries to hide a convict. He says well his motto is to never give up.

EJ asks to speak to Sami alone. She doesn’t want to talk to him and starts to walk away when she bumps into Roman. He says he came to help with the people stuck in the elevators.

When the elevator door opens Cloe screams to distract the rescue team so Lucas can sneak out but he runs right into Sami. Sami asks him what he is doing there. He says he can’t talk, he has to go. Nicole sees him as he starts running across the room and she yells his name. The cops catch him right away. Roman walks up and asks Lucas why is it that the concept of house arrest is so hard for him to understand. They read Lucas his rights as they arrest him. Sami begs Roman not to do this. Roman wants to know how Lucas managed to get that ankle monitor off his leg. Sami tells Roman it must have been an emergency for Lucas to have left the house.

Jan Barrett

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