The lights come back on at Bo and Hope’s and everyone can see Daniel with Chelsea. Caroline tells Victor it looks like the little talk he had with Daniel did a world of good. Bo starts to walk over but Hope stops him and he says he is cool. Kate walks in and sees Chelsea with Daniel and she faints. Daniel tries to tend to Kate and he says if she doesn’t come to soon he is going to take her to the hospital. Victor says Kate didn’t need to witness that. Chelsea tells him she doesn’t want to get into that right now. Bo thinks Kate passed out because it is so hot. When Kate comes to she says she needs to talk to Chelsea because they need to talk. Victor follows them and they all suit and talk. Kate tells her Daniel is all wrong for her and she wants her to break it off with Daniel now.

Lexi walks over to Daniel and asks about him and Chelsea. She wants to know what has changed his mind about staying in town. She says not so long ago he was going to leave because of his feelings for her. She tells him he needs to think this through and he says he is done thinking and this feels right to him.

Marlena yells at the lab door. When John opens the door he is holding a lighter for light and he says, “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future, George Bernard Shaw.” He tells her “Onward and upward Blondie” When Marlena looks around in the lab she sees how he tore it up. She says this equipment was the only access he had to find out what was on that disc. She says there is no going back now. He told her he was tired of chasing ghosts. She smacks him and he tells her he didn’t do this on a whim. She tells him he was a kind loving generous man and that is gone forever. Now he is a hateful shell of the man she once loved and she leaves the lab. John looks at Ava and says she didn’t take that too well did she. Ava says no and then tells him it is ok, he did what felt right to him.

Sami walks around with a flashlight looking for Lucas and when she can’t find him she says she hopes he hasn’t done something stupid. She starts searching for the monitor that Lucas took off to leave the house when Marlena walks in. Sami asks her what is wrong. She asks her if it if John. She wants to know what he has done now. Marlena tells her she has lost him and this time it is for good.

Sami tells Marlena she needs to make a clean start. She says she doesn’t want a clean start. John walks in with Ava and he tells Sami this is none of her business. Sami says he is wrong and her mother is her business, she loves him and he broke her heart because he is a coward and a fool. John says it is his life and his future. She can play the victim but she knew what the risks were. Ava tells Marlena that she and John have a connection because they both have been victims and are struggling. Marlena tells her she knows nothing about their life. John stops them and says it is just memories. Marlena tells him most people who lose their memories are horrified by it. He says the thing is he finds it liberating. Now he is in control of his own destiny.

John says he needs to change clothes and Ava says she could freshen up herself so they both go upstairs. Marlena tells Sami that she has just expected too much from him for too long and she changes the subject to talk about her and EJ and Lucas.

Sami says she is going to The Salem Inn with the twins because it is so hot there without air conditioner. She asks Marlena to go with her but Marlena tells her she wants to stay there and try again with John.

Marlena goes down to the lab and looks around and sees the mess it is in. She asks buy propecia online forum herself how could he do this. She spots half of the disc on the floor. She picks it up and says she is not giving up on John. She says he may be giving up on his past but she won’t let him give up on his future.

In one elevator Cloe and Lucas are stuck and Lucas asks her if she is ok. She tells him she feels guilty for him breaking the terms of his house arrest but since he is with her she isn’t so scared any more. He tells her that is ok and he is glad to be of service. She moves back towards Lucas and they start up again. Cloe pulls away and asks if they are crazy. He says he knows he is but he has been in that house too long watching Sami and EJ. He doesn’t think she loves him anymore. She says she sort of feels like she is cheating on Phillip. She tells him being with him feels right to her, he says it does for him too. He says he just doesn’t know how he can go from one person to the next so quick. She moves closer and asks to let her see if she can help. Cloe tells Lucas that maybe they should think about this. He asks her if she is having second thoughts and she says no. He takes her shirt off and things get heated up in there really fast.

Meanwhile in the other elevator, EJ and Nicole are getting hot and heavy together removing each others clothes when suddenly EJ calls Nicole, Sami which coldly causes things to come to a halt. EJ apologizes but Nicole tells him she won’t play second fiddle to Sami. He tells her he didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and softens Nicole and they continue where they left off. EJ asks Nicole if she is feeling better now. She says if she was scoring she would say she was a ten. She says in the past some of the men she has been with were egocentric bullies, but she says EJ is a classy guy.

Stephanie and Max are at the Pub and she says they were supposed to be at Bo and Hopes. Nick walks in and Max tells him Trent has some information that he wants and he needs Nick’s help to get it. Max shows Nick the picture and he needs to know who the girl is in it. Nick tells him to just ask Trent but Max says Trent won’t tell him so Nick agrees to help. Trent comes in at the Pub and nick asks him for a ride back to the campus. Nick bumps into Trent and manages to get his cell phone away from him without him noticing it. He gives the phone to Max and then he leaves. Max looks at the phone and dials a number on it that Trent has called several times. When it starts ringing someone answers saying, “Dad? Dad?”

Sami goes to the Salem Inn and they tell her that the hotel is on temporary lockdown because of the blackout. Their emergency backup only is for the lights in the hotel. The man tells her because of the outage they have people stuck in the elevators. Meanwhile in one elevator EJ and Nicole sit on the floor and he holds her in his arms. He remarks that it is getting hot in there and he wonders how long it will be before the lights come back on.

In the other elevator Cloe and Lucas get dressed. He thinks about what will happen to him if they catch him there. He thinks about just leaving the country and asks her if she would want to go with him. She tells him that they both know he could never leave his daughter. He says that is true but even if he stays and they catch him he is dead. Cloe kisses him.

John and Ava come back downstairs and find no one around. Ava thinks that is good that no one is there. She says this blackout is starting to grow on her. John pours some champagne and makes a toast to ushering the new era of John Black DiMera.

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