Cloe brings Lucas some magazines and he complains that one is for women. She says no it isn’t besides his mother advertises in it. Then she brings him some other things and then offers to fluff his pillows. He tells her being beaten up in prison had nothing to do with her so it isn’t her fault. She says she will be there with him until he is back on his feet again. Maggie walks in just in time to hear that and she says she wonders what Sami would have to say about that.

Maggie says she knows it isn’t any of her business but she doesn’t think Sami would be very happy seeing Cloe there. Lucas says Sami knows Cloe is there saying she just left. Cloe leaves to go get some coffee and leaves Maggie alone. Maggie says she can’t believe Sami left him alone with Cloe. Lucas tells her that he thinks it is about time he and Sami take a little break from each other. Maggie admits she heard about what happened in the elevator with Cloe and him. Lucas curses this town saying everyone knows everything that happens. He tells her that Cloe is different than Sami. He says he finally realizes what it is like being in a calm warming relationship with someone.

EJ and Nicole talk about Trent. She tells him she could lose everything if Victor finds out she is still married to Trent. EJ thanks her for trusting him with this. She says she hated pushing him away. Nicole tells EJ she would love to go out with him in public on a date but she can’t risk Trent seeing them and telling everyone what he knows. EJ tells her they are going to put their heads together and they will be fine. He says if you dig deep down inside everyone has skeletons. She tells him she does know one thing that Trent is hiding and that is that Max Brady is Trent’s biological son. She says when Max was young Trent put him in foster care after Max’s mother died.

She tells him that Max took off and Trent wants her to find out where he is. She says he is in France. EJ asks her what is he doing there but Nicole says who knows. EJ agrees to help Nicole with this but not as her lawyer. He says he is doing this as her friend. She thanks him.

Later Nicole finds out about Stephanie going after Max. EJ says perfect. He says he can call her and get her to tell him what she knows. Nicole is surprised that EJ is going to really help her with this. She said she can’t believe he is willing to help her. She tells him that no one has ever been this nice to her. EJ says it is his pleasure and she needs to start getting use to it.

Roman and Hope go over the contents of the package and they try to figure out what else could have been in it considered as evidence. Hope says she is going to talk to Harry and see if she can find out where that email came from. Roman says good idea and to keep him posted.

Bo goes to see Phillip and he tells Phillip that Victor’s heart is weak and he can’t handle much stress. Bo tells him about the email that the police got. Phillip says he isn’t surprised and tells him about the email he got too. Bo says this smells like a set up and Phillip agrees. He says whoever did it knows what he did and somehow they are after them. Phillip and Bo talk about being a Kiriakis and being family. He tells Phillip that when he pulled that evidence he not only put his career at risk but he put his family at risk too. Phillip tells him he will never forget what he did for him.

Harry tells Roman and Hope that he traced an email and it looks like it came from the Kiriakis mansion. Roman said Phillip is much smarter than to send an email from there knowing it could be traced. Harry clicks some more on the computer and he says it looks like the email came from Java Café. Hope says that sounds like a setup to her. Roman says he thinks John is in this way over his head. She says she hopes he isn’t the only one and she heads over to Java to talk to the waiter there.

Hope gets the guy at Java to go look on the security footage from their cameras to see if he can figure out who was using the computers there around the time frame that the email was sent. When he walks off to look, Doug walks up and wants to know why Hope wanted him to meet her there. When they sit down she asks him if he would break the law in order to protect his family. Doug admits to Hope that back in his day he did some things that he isn’t proud of that broke the law but it wasn’t to protect his family. He says but if it comes down to it yes he would do it to protect his family if he had to. Doug worries that she did something but she assures him it isn’t her and not o worry. ‘

She sees the guy at the bar so she goes and asks him if he had any luck. He tells her he loaded the DVD into the laptop and asks her if she wants to see and she says yes. She calls Roman and tells him that she is looking at footage and she sees Ava Vitali sending the email. She thinks this links to John. When she hangs up she whispers to herself, oh God Brady what have you done?

Lucas tells Maggie he just can’t do this anymore. He says he needs to go somewhere and recharge. Maggie tells him it sounds like that is exactly what he needs right now and she says she knows just the place for him to go to recharge those batteries. She gives him the key to the Horton Cabin and tells him he can go there and relax. She says this is the perfect place for him. He thanks her. She says she would do anything for him. He says while he was in prison all he could think about was Allie and what would happen to her if he died. Maggie tells him she wants him to do her a favor to promise her that he will think long and hard about his feelings for Sami. He promises to think about it and Maggie tells her that she is going to hold him to that.

Cloe is standing at the door listening. She goes in and says she brought him some green tea. Maggie decides to leave. When she is gone Lucas tells her about Maggie giving him the key to the cabin. She asks if he is sure he wants to go there or would he rather stay there and patch things up with Sami. He says no. He would rather spend some time alone. Cloe just stands there staring.

Morgan goes to see Phillip and defends herself for going over to see John to try and get the truth out of him. She tells him she has been so emotional lately that she feels like she is having a nervous breakdown. Phillip asks her if she has heard stories about people that get revelations while they are in a coma. She rants on about how she heard just the other day about that kind of thing. She stops and just looks at him realizing that he must have heard what she told him. He admitted that he heard what she told him. He tells her that she told him that she loved him. She says well she thought he was going to die. Phillip thinks it is wonderful. He says they got off to a rocky start. She says it is because he had a girlfriend. He says when he first woke up he thought about her and what she said. He pulls her towards him and whispers something to her. Morgan looks at him and then she kisses him. .

Hope goes home and talks to Bo. She tells him how they tracked down where the email came from. She tells him about seeing Ava on the camera footage sending the email. They figure John is in on this with her now. Hope tells him that it is that email that has thrown everyone for a loop. She looks at Bo and says but he knows all about that doesn’t he?

Hope nags at Bo wanting to know what he knows about the missing evidence. She wants to know if he has anything to do with it. Finally Bo breaks and admits that he wanted to keep her out of it but he tampered with the evidence to protect Phillip. Hope takes a deep breath and asks him, my God Brady what have you done?

Jan Barrett

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