A man comes up to Max and Max asks if he can help him. The guy says he believes he can. He says he understands he is looking for a girl named Mel. The guy asks Max what he wants with Melanie. He wants to know where she is. He asks Max if it is true that he is an American racecar driver. He says he hears that people in that profession make a lot of money. He says as you Americans like to say, this is your lucky day. He says he will stop looking for Mel but only if he will pay him what she owes him. Max says he doesn’t like it when someone threatens his friends. Max tells him he doesn’t have a lot of money. The guy says if he doesn’t pay he may never see his girlfriend again. Max tells him Melanie is not his girlfriend. The guy doesn’t believe Max.

Trent is on the phone trying to reach his daughter but leaves another message for her to call him back .He sees Nick and joins him. He starts right away asking him questions about Max. He asks where Max is. Nick said he is out of town but Trent continues asking questions. Nick names a few places Max has gone but tells Trent his guess is as good as his as to where Max is now.

Nick is on his laptop surfing when he runs across The Party Girl’s blog. Video girl gushes about her party life. Nick says who are you? He thinks back to his conversation with Max about his sister and Nick says OMG.

Stephanie answers her phone and it is Nick. He tells her that Trent has been asking questions and he admitted to being Max’s father. He says also he knows how to find Max’s sister. She asks Nick if he found a way to find Melanie. He says yes, she is a Blogger. He tells her about the Premiere Party Girl and apparently she is pretty popular in the party crowd. Stephanie says the more she hears about this girl the more she thinks she is nothing but trouble and she probably isn’t worth it. The phone goes dead so she hangs up. 

EJ is on the floor playing with the kids when Sami walks in and she says she is looking for something. EJ invites her to join them. She hesitates and then decides to sit down with them. While they are playing with the kids Sami admits she has been hard to deal with lately and she says there has been a lot going on with Lucas and it is hard because she really thought things was going to work out but it doesn’t look that way now. She says she is sorry for how she has been. He tells her that he knows he isn’t the easiest person to live with either. She tells him that his threatening to take Johnny away from her sent her over the edge. She tells him she would never take Johnny away from him. She says this has been great and she just hopes they can find a way to get along and be friends again. He tells her but she knows what the problem is, Lucas!

Cloe and Nicole talk about how they sent Lucas to a Maximum Security Prison and he got beat up. Cloe says they just can’t send him back there. Meanwhile Roman is in the room with Lucas asking what the hell happened. Lucas tells him he did what he asked him to do and they almost killed him for it. Lucas fills Roman in about his cover being broken and how one minute he was talking about moving 50 keys to LA Harbor and the next minute someone jumped him and started kicking him in the head. Lucas looks at Roman and says he doesn’t have to go back to prison, right? He asks if he is a free man now. Just then Cloe walks in and asks if he is.

Nicole tells Lucas he looks like hell. They want to know what is going on and Roman tells him he doesn’t see why he can’t tell them. Roman leaves and Lucas fills Cloe and Nicole in on what happened. Nicole tells him he is a really nice guy and then leaves. Lucas says that was weird. Cloe starts to get a nurse for Lucas when he tells her he is ok. He tells her he is 10 times better now that she is there. He says he has been thinking about her ever since he left. She says she has been thinking about him too.

EJ and Sami argue over how she changed once Lucas got out of jail. She says nothing has changed. She says Lucas is back in prison so he isn’t even in this equation anymore. Her phone rings and it is Roman telling he needs to talk to her about Lucas. He asks her to meet him at the hospital and he will give her the details when she gets there.

Cloe comes out the room and tells Nicole Lucas is going to be ok. Nicole tells her she wants to talk to her about her relationship with Lucas. She tells her that she doesn’t think she will be happy with Lucas as long as Sami is in the picture. She says she should turn and walk away. Nicole’s phone rings and when she answers it is Trent asking if she found out anything about Max. She says she is still working on it and he tells her to work harder.

Lucas tells Roman he doesn’t know where to call home anymore. Lucas tells him he loves his daughter with all his heart but after everything that has happened he doesn’t know if they can work it out. Roman tells him the question is does Lucas want to be with Sami.

Nicole goes to see EJ and she tells him she needs his legal advice. She tells him that Lucas did some snooping around for the Feds and his cover was blown and the bad guys beat him within an inch of his life. She changes the subject back to why she came. She asks him how she protects herself from a blackmailer. She admits that Trent is blackmailing her. EJ asks what Trent has on her. She says something pretty big. She says she needs his help to burn Trent before he burns her. EJ asks her to tell him everything. She tells him how she and Trent got married and back then how he was so good to her.

She says he treated her like a lady and made her feel special and she wasn’t use to that. She says part of the reason she is the way she is today is because of the way Trent treated her. She says she packed her bags and left him thinking she would never see him again. EJ tells her that Trent is a well respected man so no one would look down on her for being married to him. She says he doesn’t understand. She never filed for a divorce. She says she and Trent are still married.

EJ asks her how come she didn’t tell him this before. She says she didn’t know until he came back to town. He tells her if this gets out her divorce with Victor would be completely null and void. He wants to know what Trent is blackmailing her for, money. She says no he has his own money. She says he wants small favors from her but the one thing she regrets is he forced her to stay away from him.

Sami gets to the hospital and Roman tells Lucas he will let him give Sami the good news. Lucas tells her as soon as he is released from the hospital he is coming home. He explains to him about what he did and now he will be a free man. She tells him but still he risked his life so they could be together. Lucas tells her that is not why he did it. That is not the reason at all. He says he did it for the kids. Sami asks him if they can just move forward. She asks if he wants them to have a future together. He says he doesn’t know what he wants right now. He doesn’t want to act like nothing bad has happened between them. She tells him maybe he can’t forget but she knows he can forgive. She says there has to be a way for them to start over.

Sami asks Lucas what he thinks about them getting back together but Lucas says it’s always been hard for them. He tells her he doesn’t have the energy to talk about this any more. She asks him if he is saying they are through. He says he doesn’t know.. Maybe they need some time apart like a couple of months or something. He asks her to leave and let him rest. She runs out the room crying.

Jan Barrett

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