Daniel says so much for locking down Victor’s room when Bo wants to talk to Victor. He tells Bo that when he gets visitors it puts too much stress on him. Victor asks Daniel to let him speak to his son. Reluctantly Daniel agrees but only for two minutes. Victor tells Bo he knows where they can get blood for Phillip. Bo starts talking about the evidence he hid. Victor tells him what he did was best for the family. Bo says he is sacrificing his career and his family though. Victor tells him the evidence is gone and no one will ever find out about the tape. Bo says he knows though and Hope knows something is going on too.

Daniel walks in and says Victor has to go down for some tests. Victor tells Bo he is sorry and then Bo leaves. Victor tells Daniel that he can get Phillip some blood. Daniel assures him they have all the blood he needs. Victor wants to see Phillip but Daniel says that is not going to happen.

Daniel goes out in the hall and asks Kate what she told Victor that almost killed him. He says he will not allow anyone to put his patients on the line. She says that wasn’t her intention. Chelsea interrupts the argument. Kate admits telling Victor about Phillip. When he gets upset she tells him they are talking about his son. Daniel says he is talking about his patient. Chelsea chews him out about how he talked to Kate. She wants him to apologize to her. Kate says that is ok she doesn’t want an apology from Daniel. She doesn’t want anything and she walks off. Chelsea scolds Daniel about how he treated Kate. He says he warned Kate but she didn’t listen and it caused Victor to go into cardiac arrest. Chelsea tells him all she wanted was him to be civil towards her grandmother and she storms off.

Ava says no fair. John asks what is. She says she is supposed to be celebrating her not being extradited and he isn’t paying her any attention. John tells her that he can’t get Paul’s daughter off his mind. He says Phillip taking a bullet wasn’t in the design of his plan. Ava tells him Phillip is going to be just fine. Ava says she could strangle Eddie because he was trained better. She says there are ways to avoid a shootout and he should have known better. John tells her he doesn’t want her to worry about it saying he still has an ace up his sleeve. John tells Ava to look at the mess in there. He says he will get Rolf to clean up the blood in there and then he will show her something that will take away her fears.

Morgan whispers to Phillip in the hospital that she is so sorry. She tells him she never felt this way before but she thinks she is falling in love with him. Cloe is at the door saying Ahem! She apologizes for interrupting. Morgan tells her he is doing better. Hope walks in and asks Morgan if she can talk to her leaving Cloe in the room with Phillip. She holds his hand and asks him how they ended up there. She swears she will always be his friend. She admits she is jealous but is trying not to be but when she heard he took the bullet for Morgan, she realized she should have done everything she could to keep him away from Morgan. She tells Phillip she will be praying for him and then kisses his hand. She tells him she will always be there for him.

Hope tells Morgan she needs to ask a few more questions. Morgan is too worried about Phillip but Hope tells her this is really important. Hope asks about the package that Morgan got from her father. She thinks something else could have been in there that Morgan didn’t see.

Morgan comes back in and Cloe tells her she doesn’t blame her for what happened. She says she wants Phillip to be happy and if she can make that happen then that is all that matters. When Cloe starts to leave she tells Morgan not to hurt Phillip.

John takes Ava to the dungeon. She asks him if this is the ace he said he had up his sleeve. He says it could be. She asks him what is in there. He hands her a key and tells her to open it and find out for herself. When she opens the door they show a man on a cot. It’s Paul Hollingsworth and he sits up on the side of the bed. John asks him if he remembers Ava. He looks at Ava and tells her that her boys roughed him up. John tells him he is just lucky that he wasn’t floating like a bloated rag doll in the Salem River.

Ava scolds John for not telling her about him having Paul down there all this time. John tells her he wasn’t sure he could trust her until now. Paul asks when he can get out of there. He says he needs to see Morgan. He needs to let her know he is ok. He says all she has right now is those two notes from him that John made him write to her. John mentions that the tape recording hasn’t surfaced yet and he wants to know what happened to it.

John calls his source at the police station and he is told that the tape hasn’t surfaced yet. Ava thinks Bo took it. When Paul says he needs to see Morgan John tells him they can’t frame Phillip for his murder is he is still breathing so he might want to be a little more helpful. Paul throws a fit saying after all he has done for John, all he is asking for is this one thing. John tells him about Morgan falling in love with Phillip. They tell him how Phillip took a bullet for Morgan and now in her eyes, Phillip is Morgan’s hero.

Hope tells Bo about her talk with Morgan. She tells him she asked Morgan about the contents about the package she got. She says her father told her he was going to give her proof of his innocence She says there is a gap in the chain of evidence. She accuses Bo of finding something else in that package. Bo is quiet. She says OMG there was something else in that package wasn’t there.

Nicole goes to the hospital and she and Cloe talk. They think Phillip would be shocked that they were being civil towards each other. Cloe tells Nicole about how Phillip took the bullet for Morgan and now he is her hero. Nicole asks if Phillip survives does she think they will have a chance together. Cloe says no, it just wasn’t meant to be for them. . Nicole remarks that she thinks they are becoming friends. Cloe tells her to not get too crazy. A nurse passes by and Cloe asks her if she can tell them anything about Phillip Kiriakis’s condition. The nurse says he is not her patient but she has been assigned to his brother’s case. Cloe asks who she means. The nurse says Lucas Roberts and walks away.

Meanwhile Morgan is by Phillip’s side daydreaming of her and Phillip dancing together. When his machine starts beeping she comes back to reality and asks him if he can hear her. She asks him to open his eyes. Morgan stares out the window thinking of Phillip as she smiles. Phillip is in the bed and suddenly his eyes start to open.

Daniel asks Chelsea if he can have a minute with Kate. She doesn’t want to but Kate tells her it is ok. Kate tells him that was quite a scene earlier. She says she thought he was going to have her escorted out of the hospital. He apologizes to Kate for how he treated her. She admits she shouldn’t have said anything to Victor. He tells her that he will fight like hell to save Victor and her son too. Later Daniel tells Chelsea that he talked to Kate and Kate understands. He says all is good now. Chelsea says her grandmother is a forgiving lady.

Ava leaves after telling Paul it was good to see her again. Paul asks what happened. John explains to him how Morgan went there accusing him of doing something with her father. Paul wants to know what was that moron thinking of to be shooting at his daughter. John tells Paul to have patience. He tells him when all this is over his daughter will have nothing to do with Kiriakis. John tells Paul he betrayed him. Paul claims it was a lapse in judgment and he will make it up to him. John tells him he should be grateful because he gave him a second shot of life.

Bo and Hope are talking when a cop comes in and tells Hope they just got an anonymous email that he thought she might want to see. Bo ask what the email says. She reads it out loud to him. “What happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case looks like a police cover up, don’t you think?”

Jan Barrett

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