Chelsea goes to see Victor and tells him she has noticed the tension between him and Bo. She says Bo won’t tell her what is going on but she is sure he won’t either. Daniel walks in and asks her what she thinks she is doing. He tells her she is doing exactly what he told her not to do. She says if there is something going on between her grandfather and dad she wants to know what it is. He tells her it is none of her business. Daniel says all visitors including her have been barred from Victor. He explains another reason he wants her to stay out of this. He says Victor’s world is a dangerous place. Chelsea tells him she isn’t sure she likes him ordering her around and he says he doesn’t like her not listening to him. He gets a page and as he is leaving he tells her to stay away from Victor.

Bo and Hope talk. Hope tells him if he trusted her he would tell her what is wrong with him. Bo gets a call and he tells Hope Phillip has been shot at the DiMera mansion, so he and Hope head over there.

Morgan is screaming that this is all her fault as the paramedics are working on Phillip. Kate walks in and starts crying when she sees Phillip. Bo and Hope come running in just as they are taking Phillip out. Kate asks Phillip why he was trying to protect Morgan. Eddie explains that he thought she was going for a gun that is why he shot at her. Morgan is about to go with them until Hope stops her. She takes her off alone to talk to her. Roman tells John he knows it would have benefited him to get rid of Phillip so he might have set this whole thing up.

EJ and John explain to Roman what happened. John says that Morgan came in upset and reached into her purse and Eddie thought she was reaching for a gun so he pulled his out and fired it. He said Phillip dove in front of Morgan and he was hit instead of her. End of story. Roman asks if there is evidence that Paul is dead. EJ stops John before he answers. John asks EJ what kind of case he would have if he pressed charges on Morgan. EJ think he would have a good case so John says let’s do that. Then he turns to Roman and says unless he doesn’t want that to happen and decide that this was just an unfortunate accident. Roman takes Eddie to check his gun permits and John thanks Eddie for his help.

John offers EJ and Ava a drink but EJ declines. He tells John he is going to need to know everything if he is going to represent him in this. EJ doesn’t want any surprises. John tells him there won’t be any. Ava says she wishes they could get that girl to believe them. She says she has been through what Morgan is going through now. EJ tells Ava to be worrying about her own affairs. He tells John that he is afraid that right now the spotlight is on him for what happened down at the docks and for what happened there today. John says they can shine the spotlight on someone else. EJ gets a call from the DA. And he says there is a new development and is waiting on a fax. When it gets there EJ says this confirms things, extradition has been denied.

They say they are going to celebrate. EJ shows John where Judge Fitzpatrick will be presiding over her case. Ava asks if he knows the judge. John says let’s just say he and Karen go way back. He tells Ava that she will be in good hands. Ava wants to know what is going on that she doesn’t know about. John tells her the less she knows the better. She asks about him and the judge. She asks if the judge has been dirty for a long time. John says let’s just say she knows how to thank someone who makes a generous campaign donation. Ava wants to show John how much she appreciates him.

Hope talks to Morgan about what happened. Hope tells her they will find out what happened to her father. She tells Bo and Hope that if she had a gun she would have shot John herself because she knows her father is dead and John killed him. Hope tells her there is no proof that John did anything to her father. Morgan tells them about stories her father use to tell her about people trying to smuggle things into customs. Hope wonders if maybe someone else may have threatened Paul other than John. Morgan tells them that he told her to stay away this one guy but it is weird because he isn’t dangerous. Hope asks who is it and she says Phillip.

Morgan calls Chelsea and tells her she wants to see Phillip but Chelsea tells her she doesn’t think his mother would like that but Morgan says she doesn’t care. She asks Chelsea to come pick her up. When Morgan hangs up she tells Hope she is ready to make her statement now. Hope tells her to write down everything that happened. Hope goes back in with Bo and asks him why this case is eating at him so much. When he refuses to talk about it she tells him that if he doesn’t tell her she is going to go to Abe and tell him he is withholding information. He tells her she can’t go to Abe. She tells him to just trust her but he says he has told her everything he can and storms out.

Kate is at the hospital and wonders how come they haven’t told her anything about Phillip’s condition. Daniel comes out and tells her he is in recovery. He says the bullet ruptured his abdominal aorta. He says he has lost a lot of blood but Kate doesn’t have the right type of blood and the blood bank is out of his type. Daniel asks Chelsea to go get Kate some water. Kate breaks down with Daniel and he hugs her to try and calm her down.

Kate goes in Victor’s room and talks to him about Phillip. As she talks his beepers start going off and then she tells him that Phillip was shot. She runs out the room screaming for someone to help her. They work on Victor and finally Daniel comes out saying they got him back. He tells Kate he wants to know what went on in that room. He blames himself for letting her go in the room with Victor in the first place. She asks Daniel how Phillip is doing and he says she is stable. He says they found a blood donor and he vows not to lose Victor or Phillip.

Later Daniel is coming out of Victor’s room and he bumps into Bo trying to go in. He won’t let Bo go in. Bo asks him how Phillip is doing and Daniel tells him he thinks he will be ok. Bo wants to talk to Phillip but Kate thinks he should be questioning John instead. Chelsea comes in with Morgan. Daniel tells them all that this has been a setback for Victor. He said Victor and Phillip are both in for a long night.

Hope walks up and Bo tells her what is going on with Phillip and Victor. She tells him she is sorry for pushing him so hard. She tells him she just wants to help. He tells her he appreciates that she he has to do this on his own.

Bo looks at Phillip through the blinds and thinks back to when Phillip came to visit him when he was in the hospital. He goes in the room and sits besides him. He tells him he is sorry he didn’t believe him and that he was so rough on him. He says he was scared he had done something that couldn’t be undone. He says he took a bullet. He says John Black may as well have shot him himself. He tells Phillip to hang in there and he will take care of this. Morgan walks in and says she will come back but Bo tells her it is ok and he leaves. She tells an unconscious Phillip that he saved her life. She says she doesn’t know what to say to him but thank you. She repeats that he saved her life and then she tells him she loves him for that.

John and Ava are together after and she is kissing him. They start to go at it again when he stops and Ava wants to know what’s wrong. He says he was thinking of Hollingsworth’s daughter. He says she lost control. He says if she would have had a weapon she would have tried to kill him. He says she has a lot of backbone trying to confront him like that. He says what bothers him is that if she can do that without knowing for sure what happened to her father, then just think of what she could do if she really knew what happened to her father.

Jan Barrett

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